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Heather Mc's TOP 5 Reads

Heather Mc's TOP 5 2015

Feel good goes to none other then Rachel Van Dyken with Consequences of Loving Colton. Rachel is one of my favorite authors, every book I've read I've loved for different reasons but this one made me laugh and laugh til I cried.  It was amazing and is a must read.  

Book I never expected to like let alone love.  From Within by JM Walker, it is a story of 3 friends turned unlikely love triangle of sorts which is not my thing at all, but it's everything I could ask for in a book.  They all love each other and there is every emotion you could dream that comes from this book.  

Best series of the year for me goes to Ms. Katy Evans and the Manwhore series and this is simply because everyone needs some Malcolm Saint in their life.  Rachel was an awesome heroine who wasn't wishy washy and owned herself, Malcolm was a God who turned for the one he loved.  

River Savage has completely taken me by storm with her Knights Rebels Series but this year my top of them is Affliction. Sy and Holly's story is about tragedy and triumph. About loss and finding yourself again. About love and forgiveness and learning to live with the person you've become.  I cried and laughed and loved these characters.  

To choose your top five books of the year that you have read when there are weeks that you've read 5 books alone it is so hard.  

To come up with your #1 is very hard.  Digging deep and deciding on one wasn't as hard as coming up with the other 4. 

Beautifully Insightful by KC Lynn was everything I want in a book. I will not ruin anything but to say I loved it. Emily Michaels was strong yet weak, insecure yet confident, beautiful and yet she had no clue.  She was amazing for what her life became and what she lived through and what she proved she could do to come out on top.  Ryder Jameson was the most amazing man and he loved her with everything he had.  I have read this book at least 10 times this year and I highly recommend the read. 


That is my top 5 for the 2015 year, this took me close to a month to truly chose and finalize.  I highly recommend any one of these books.

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