Monday, January 18, 2016

18 by JA Huss


Eighteen is hard. 
And so is Mateo Alesci. 
Hard to read, hard to predict, hard in every way that counts. 
He wants things from me. 
Dirty things, nasty things, forbidden things. 
And I have to give in. 
His attention is completely inappropriate, but I can’t say no. 
The way he looks at me… the way he watches me through my bedroom window… the way he drags me deeper and deeper into his completely forbidden fantasy just… turns me on. 
He knows it turns me on. 
He holds all the power. He holds all the cards. He holds my entire future in his hands. 
And I have to give in. 
Because Mr. Alesci is my teacher. 
And I need everything he’s offering.


I loved how this book was based on a true story. It was so heartbreaking what Shannon has to go through. After her sister passes away and leaves Shannon with her asshole brother in law and her infant niece Olivia, she is 18 playing the role of Mom every night so her brother in law can "work".  Some scenes actually had me crying on and off throughout the book especially toward the end. That being said... HOLY HOT SEX scenes... When Shannon meets her night school teacher, Mateo,  he's hot, dangerous, stalkerish, unpredictable.. And she can't help but to get involved with him. Then there's Danny... I LOVED Danny! Danny and Shannon became friends quickly at school and he also had a lot of issues but he took care of Shannon whenever she needed him and he never expected anything in return. Mateo however, wants Shannon

No where near Danny because he's bad news... Is he? Or is Mateo the one she should be staying away from?? I read this book fairly quickly because I couldn't put it down. What happens toward the end literally had me cringing reading about what her brother in law actually does when he is "working" and where he has been leaving the baby while he does.... This was a great read.. It's very raw, emotional, kinky all wrapped into one. I'll definitely be adding this author to my list to watch out for!!!

This review was prepared by Jeanine. 

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