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Blog Tour Leave Me Breathless by Jodi Ellen Malpas

Leave Me Breathless by Jodi Ellen Malpas
Release Date: November 5, 2019
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Leave Me Breathless, an all-new standalone contemporary romance by #1 New York Times bestselling author, Jodi Ellen Malpas.

Ryan Willis has spent years in the protection business, a job that requires constant vigilance and quick thinking. His only chance to truly relax is at his secluded cabin in a small town where there are never any surprises. So when Ryan returns after an assignment and encounters a beautiful stranger, he isn't only surprised, he's also instantly intrigued.

Hannah Bright is a breath of fresh air, and Ryan is soon completely consumed, unable to stop from falling for her. As the two grow closer, his instinct tells him something is amiss. Yet nothing could prepare him for what he discovers when he starts digging into her past.
Hannah spends her days painting, running her arts and crafts store...and hiding too many secrets. It's why she won't let the ruggedly handsome bodyguard get too close. But their chemistry is undeniable, and Hannah quickly finds herself caught up in a whirlwind romance with Ryan. He is peace personified, a balm to her battered soul. Yet the gorgeous, captivating man who has swept Hannah off her feet doesn't even know who she really is. 

And the moment he finds out, both their lives are at risk.

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His pace doesn’t falter, and he enters the store, leaving the door open behind him. He grabs me with a gentle but possessive force, one hand on my nape, the other on my hip. And he looks me straight in the eye, breathes deeply. Then he drops his mouth to mine and gives me the tenderest of kisses. No tongue. No moans. No movement anywhere, except for his lips gently traveling across mine. My useless hands remain by my sides. I forget my name, who I am. The world as I know it ceases to exist, and it is so welcomed. So . . . unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. It’s the smallest of gestures, yet it’s also colossal. Does Ryan know that? Does he realize what he’s doing? He’s making no attempt to deepen the kiss; his hands aren’t moving or exploring. He’s just dotting my lips with his, over and over, lazily and softly. It’s dizzying. And despite his apparent lack of desire to push it to the next level, there is passion pouring from him, the air surrounding us electric. My mind blanks and I remain still in his hold, my eyes closed, my senses hijacked, as I savor the light pressure moving across my mouth. I can only ever remember my heart racing with fear and apprehension, yet since I’ve met Ryan it’s pounded with life and anticipation. Every near kiss we’ve had. Every moment of silence when we’re looking into each other’s eyes and the sexual tension between us ramps up another level. Every time we’re in physical contact. Every reason to avoid him is suddenly negated by my hunger for him. And then he breaks our kiss, breathing shallowly, as he keeps me in his hold. I stare at him, lost for words, and he drops one final, lingering peck on the corner of my mouth before he moves back. I quickly feel so very lost. His fingertip draws a delicate line down the bridge of my nose, slowing when he passes over the small bump. Then he turns on an inhale and leaves, pulling the door closed behind him. And I stare forward at nothing for a long time. I’ve been kissed into a trance. I move across my store to sit in the wicker chair in the corner, the pads of my fingers resting on my lips as I stare at the door. I hear his truck start. I hear it pull away. And then . . . silence. He just kissed me, and then he just left. Seriously, what the fucking hell? He said nothing. But everything I needed to hear. And now I’m left alone with just my screaming thoughts. Stay away from him. Run to him. I know what I want to do, but should I? Can I? I stand up and start to pace my shop, wringing my hands. I stop, feeling my lips, and then my nose. I look at the door. I hear his words. I don’t ever want to scare you. I’m not scared of him, not like that. I’m scared because he leaves me completely breathless.

About Jodi Ellen:
Jodi Ellen Malpas was born and raised in the Midlands town of Northampton, England, where she lives with her husband, boys, and a beagle. She is a self-professed daydreamer, a Converse and mojito addict, and she has a terrible weak spot for alpha males. Writing powerful love stories and creating addictive characters has become her passion—a passion she now shares with her devoted readers.
Her novels have hit bestseller lists for the New York Times, USA Today, Sunday Times, and various other international publications and can be read in more than twenty-four languages around the world.

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REVIEW TOUR ~ DIRTY LETTERS by Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward

A Contemporary Romance Novel
New York Times Bestselling Authors Vi Keeland & Penelope Ward

I’d never forgotten him—a man I’d yet to meet.

Griffin Quinn was my childhood pen pal, the British boy who couldn’t have been more different from me. Over the years, through hundreds of letters, we became best friends, sharing our deepest, darkest secrets and forming a connection I never thought could break.

Until one day it did.

Then, out of the blue, a new letter arrived. A scathing one—one with eight years of pent-up anger. I had no choice but to finally come clean as to why I stopped writing.

Griffin forgave me, and somehow we were able to rekindle our childhood connection. Only now we were adults, and that connection had grown to a spark. Our letters quickly went from fun to flirty to downright dirty, revealing our wildest fantasies. So it only made sense that we would take our relationship to the next level and see each other in person.

Only Griff didn’t want to meet. He asked that I trust him and said it was for the best. But I wanted more—more Griff, in the flesh—so I took a big chance and went looking for him. People have done crazier things for love.

 But what I found could change everything.

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Wow. Vi Keeland and Penelope ward did a fantastic job with this book. It’s a different type of book then what I’m used to reading and I wondered how they were going to execute it. And boy did they do a wonderful job. Vi and Penelope bring us the story about Griffin and Luca. I laughed at their antics, my heart broke many times and I definitely swooned a lot more than anticipated. The magnificent duo did a fantastic job bringing the characters to life. 

The became pen pals while they were in elementary school. They were just two ordinary kids living on two different sides of the world who become fast friends. They tell each other everything, until one day the writing suddenly stops.

As adults, Griffin and Luca live two different worlds. Griffin has achieved his dreams of becoming a famous musician, while Luca becomes a well known writer. When Griffin sends an angry letter to Luca questioning why she stops writing back. Luca decides to tell him her story, the raw truth to it all. They rekindle their friendship through letters. Their letters start off innocent, developing their friendship they once had to a bit more personal and dirtier. I don’t think I can think of a furby any other way now. LOL

Griffin chooses to not let Luca in on who he really is; telling her they can’t meet just yet. Luca decides to take a road trip to see Griffin, to see what he is really like.  With her therapist Doc at her side, they make their way across the country helping Luca get out of the bubble she built around herself. 

I love Luca. My heart definitely broke for her several times. I just wanted to go up and hug her. With the traumatic situation she went through, it changed her life. She fears crowds, but she embraced the change. She adjusted to it but it also made her feel so alone. I hated that for her. I was grateful for Doc. He treated her as if she was family while still helping her overcome her fears. Aside from Griffin, he was the one she could always count on. When Griffin came back in the picture, she knew what she wanted. And damn if she didn’t try to push her boundaries to make it work with him. Only if I had half the strength she has. 

Griffin, sigh. I fell in love with him. He pursued his dream of becoming a singer but realized he’s had to give up so much for it. It’s as if he has two personas. The singer Griffin and the true Griffin inside. I felt bad for him, I really did. The way he was with Luca, man oh man. He knew she would be the one for him and the patience he had with her? Swoon. He went at her pace, he moved so many things around to make her comfortable. It was always about Luca, never about him. If he could, he would give up singing for her. And I loved that about him. He truly did give her everything. 

You can feel the instant connection that Luca and Griffin have starting with their writing. Even before they let one another their connection was strong. It only grew stronger upon meeting.I admired the person Luca and Griffin were apart. But together they only brought out the best in one another. This is definitely a story you need to read to experience the emotions yourself. Go get your copy today and fall in love with Griffin and Luca. 


Vi Keeland is a #1 New York Times, #1 Wall Street Journal, and USA Today Bestselling author.   With millions of books sold, her titles have appeared in over a hundred Bestseller lists and are currently translated in twenty-five languages. She resides in New York with her husband and their three children where she is living out her own happily ever after with the boy she met at age six.


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Penelope Ward is a New York Times, USA Today and #1 Wall Street Journal bestselling author of contemporary romance.

She grew up in Boston with five older brothers and spent most of her twenties as a television news anchor. Penelope resides in Rhode Island with her husband, son, and beautiful daughter with autism.

With over two million books sold, she is a 21-time New York Times bestseller and the author of over twenty novels. Her books have been translated into over a dozen languages and can be found in bookstores around the world.


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Stealing Her by Rachel Van Dyken

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From the #1 New York Times bestselling author comes an unexpected love story of family, secrets, and the most intimate of deceptions.

Stealing Her, an all-new standalone contemporary romance by New York Times bestselling author, Rachel Van Dyken, is live!

Copy of Stealing Her Cover.jpg

My estranged twin brother, Julian, was always the wonder boy—and soon-to-be CEO of our ruthless father’s corporation. My mother and me? Left behind. Now, years after tearing our family apart, my father dares to ask me for a favor? Pretend to be Julian while he fights to survive a tragic accident. It can save the company. Nobody will be the wiser. It’ll be our secret.

I can play Dad’s favorite. I’ll do it for Julian. And for my mother, who’ll want for nothing.
But this double life comes with a beauty of a hitch: my very real feelings for Julian’s fiancĂ©e, Isobel. Not only am I betraying Julian, I’m deceiving a woman I love. She doesn’t suspect a thing. As lies compound, lines are crossed and loyalties tested, all I can ask myself is…what have I done?

Because sooner or later something’s got to give. There’s no way I’m giving up Isobel. But once the truth is exposed, it might not be my choice at all.

SH - AN.jpg

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Review by Kelly:

“What about you?” I countered with a serious expression. “Can I steal you?”

What a tangled web we weave. Twins, ripped apart and left to nothing but hate for the other. A cruel twist of fate leaves one on the brink of death and the other left with loyalty to his twin and a desire to help all of his family. He can do this. Do it to secure the company he knows his brother loves and to help his mother who slowly creeps towards death every day. He can bend to the evil king who has done nothing for him his entire life. 
Then he walks into his brothers apartment, assuming his role, and looks up to see her. His world stops turning. Isobel, his brothers fiancĂ©, who will soon become his whole heart...he has to lie to, to deceive, to fall for and then to walk away and give her back. This deal just became a whole lot harder because even if it is betrayal, all he wants to do is Steal Her. 

For the first time ever, I went into a Rachel VanDyken book worried. I read the blurb but it didn’t strike me as something that I would be able to lose myself in, something to love. The whole concept of twins and family and taking the others girl- this has never been my favorite. I’m am happy to say I was wrong. Never should have doubted, Rachel hasn’t failed me yet.  

Julian came across as a douche from the very first chapters. I wanted him to hurt like he was hurting her. As I dug deeper into it, my feelings changed, but only slightly. I understood more but he made his choices and now he has to live with the regret. Isobel was a character that I felt for and wanted to strangle at the same time. She lost so much and leaned on who she thought was her best friend, her soul mate and the one she could always trust to be there. But then he wasn’t. He changed, she changed. His father held the reins and she was now a kept woman. She didn’t fight like I wanted her to deep down. I loved Bridge from the very beginning. The familial responsibility that weighed him down from the time he was young to the current time where he does everything he can to help and provide for his mother. His mouth, his easy going personality and his reactions to Isobel all made me fall just a little bit more. It’s definitely a tangled web and a crazy ride to jump on but you’ll be glad you did.

About Rachel:
Rachel Van Dyken is the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today Bestselling author of regency and contemporary romances. When she's not writing you can find her drinking coffee at Starbucks and plotting her next book while watching The Bachelor.
She keeps her home in Idaho with her Husband, adorable son, and two snoring boxers! She loves to hear from readers!

Connect with Rachel:
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