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Thomas Jones has come to Vegas to win yet another account for his marketing company. But when he sits across from beautiful and sensual Brianna Falk to deliver his pitch, his desire to leave Vegas as quickly as possible is replaced by the need to get closer to her. Yet she resists his charm.
Brianna knows a date with Thomas could jeopardize her job, but he’s so maddening and insistent, she has a hard time denying him just one date. But that’s all it can be: one date. Because she has to protect her job and her secrets, even if it means giving up a chance at a life she never thought she’d have again. 


Intense! That’s all I have to say.  The intensity of this book is off the wall.  You can feel the intensity and the chemistry between Thomas and Brianna from across the room; it’ll send shivers down your spine.  Yes, this book will have your emotions thrown for a loop, and you will never know what hit you.  It’s a quick read you won’t want to put down.

Thomas first met Brianna outside on the busy street on Las Vegas while on his way to a business meeting.  She looked preoccupied so he thought he would be nice and save her from crashing into a newspaper stand.  She had such a sharp, businesslike exterior, but yet very feisty and sassy.  There was something about her he found her very attractive and sexy; something that ignited deep down inside of him; something he was lacking for so many years.  Then he watched her walk away never to see her again.

Thomas was shocked when he realized his business meeting was with Brianna, whom he just ran into on his way to the restaurant.  While trying to maintain his composure to snag the biggest contract, he couldn’t help wonder about Brianna.  There was something about her, something that made him interested, what was her story?  She was different.  He needed to keep this strictly business but he just couldn’t help but wonder, he just wanted more, just one more date to see where this would go.  This wasn’t like him. The last time he wanted more he got burned, bad.

Brianna definitely kept it strictly business as much as she could.  But Thomas was very persistent.  He was really good at his job and he knew exactly what he was talking about, there was no doubt about that.  He had an answer for everything. Thomas keeps insisting on taking Brianna out on a date to see if they have anything going on for them, but Brianna cannot take anything more than a business relationship.

Brianna pretty much had no choice to a “second meeting” when Thomas wants a tour of her hotel.  They hop into the cab and head to Thomas’ hotel for dinner when one thing leads to another.  It is at that moment, their passion for one another comes alive, that pent up connection is released and their feelings are poured out through that one long kiss.  The fire burns in them that they skipped dinner and head right into Thomas’ suite where they have fiery HOT sex.  They want each other soo badly; they don’t even make it to the bedroom!  Even I felt the intensity from the kiss to the sex part!  Once Brianna realizes what she has done, she runs away, fast without looking back.

What Brianna had done is not like her at all; it isn’t who she is.  She doesn’t know what came over her because she has never ever done or felt the need to do that ever before.  She is a responsible person and has three children to care for, who need her at home.  No one has been able to make her feel this way in a very long time, no one since Michael.  Not until now, not until Thomas.  There was something about Thomas that made her feel alive again, made her feel,  helped fill a void that felt missing since the day Michael died.

What did Thomas do to make her run?  He couldn’t wrap his head around it.  He had such a messed up past that he regretted every day of his life, but who didn’t have a messed up past?  You learn from it and you don’t make the same mistakes again. He was married and hated his ex-wife for what she did to him.  She played him for a fool, put false thoughts into his head, and turned him against the people he loved. And till this day, he hated himself for it; regretted himself for doing it.  He lived a miserable life because of it.  After all that she put him through, he deserved happiness in his life. He deserved someone to love him unconditionally.

There is just something about Brianna that Thomas cannot stay away.  He must get to know her more, so he goes to talk to her at her office.  They don’t start off by talking, but by having HOT desk sex. They the talking starts and they agree to start things off slowly.  After revealing the truth, Thomas does not run but accepts the fact that she is a widow with three children and accepts that fact and would love to get to know her more.  He is only in town for two more weeks and would like to see where things take them.  He is not making any promises but they will cross that bridge when they get there.  There is more to Thomas than it seems.  He a very caring person and will put the kids and Brianna’s safety and happiness before his very own.

Brianna grew up with a lot of insecurities and they have slowly come back to haunt her. At the start of her relationship with Thomas, she thought he was using her to get her to sign the contract. Now she is terrified he will leave at the end of his two weeks and move back to California; leaving her and the kids alone. He has slowly become a fixture in their lives that it will not only crush her heart, but also her children. She is so used to rejection and people leaving her, she honestly feels that Thomas will do that very soon. It seems that they may have moved a little too fast and she terrified of what will happen. 

Will Thomas pick up and leave Las Vegas for good leaving her and he kids? Will Thomas find happiness in Brianna and her family? Will Brianna be able to completely love Thomas? Will Thomas be able to let go of his past hurt and be happy again? Will Brianna finally stop running?

My heart broke for Brianna many, many times while reading this book.  She was at a tough place. She felt like she needed to move on for herself, but she felt like she couldn’t.  She was really torn and I could feel her emotions fighting herself on it.  She couldn’t do it to Michael and she couldn’t do it to her kids. But she needed it for herself.  She hated herself when she and Thomas first had passionate sex.  I hated that she felt that way.  She felt soo conflicted at the beginning of her feelings with Thomas, she just didn’t know what to do about them. But when she realized her feelings for Thomas were much deeper than a fling, she didn’t feel as guilty. She finally started to realize she deserved happiness too.  Thomas knew what he wanted from the beginning and he didn't stop till he got it.  Great job Diane! Looking forward to your next story in the series!

I received an ARC for my honest review.

This review was prepared by Jennelyn.



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