Thursday, May 23, 2013

Getting to Know Aleatha Romig

Introducing Aleatha Romig
By Sharon, Friend & Beta Reader

I was first introduced to Aleatha Romig through her alter ego, a sweet, friendly, compassionate dental hygienist who has a way with adults and kids alike. Patients of all ages love her, so when she innocently mentioned a book I should read, I had no reason to suspect I had just been thrown onto an emotional roller coaster ride written by the antithesis of the woman who so gently and sweetly coaxed my son from his fear of anyone associated with oral hygiene.

Aleatha Romig is a driven woman, an incredible and talented author who one moment has her readers running to hide under the covers, weeping in despair and gnashing their teeth in anxiety, and the next moment throwing back the sheets, warm all over and panting, following heated pages of passion. And although she is not opposed to twisting the knife that she has stabbed in the reader’s heart, she is also passionately in love with her readers and very devoted to them. She spends countless hours reading blogs, commenting on face book posts, and interacting via email in order to stay connected with those who follow her writings. In addition, Aleatha is a great encourager to others, taking many new self-publishing authors under her wing and mentoring them.

Aleatha rarely sleeps and can be found at the computer in the wee hours of the night or morning. When writing her books, Aleatha has said that she lets her characters control the ride, often taking her and the reader on ups and downs that weren’t part of the original design. It’s not uncommon that the characters themselves demand a rewrite, and when that happens, Aleatha follows their lead, dumping thousands of words without hesitation.

It’s difficult to reconcile the compassionate dental hygienist, the sadistic author, and the encouraging mentor into one individual, the paradoxical Aleatha Romig, who in a very short period of time has created a fierce and loyal following who eagerly await her third book, Convicted.
By Sharon, Friend & Beta Reader

Aleatha joined me for a chat one afternoon while my children were napping. She was very relaxed, despite not having any wine, & easy to chat with about herself & her books. I tried to get her to spill some secrets, but she was too smart for that. She did give some great insight into her books & characters. 

Warning: Due to computer issues there are a few places where the sound does not match the image.

Aleatha's Upcoming Appearances

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June 15, 2013

Book Bash - Orlando FL
June 29, 2013

RWA Nationals - Atlanta, GA
"Readers for Life Literacy Autographing Event
July 17, 2013

Naughty Mafia Rocks Las Vegas
August 16 -20, 2013

Toronto Author Signing Event - Toronto Canada
October 5, 2013

Lovely Ladies & Naughty Book Events
Monroeville, PA
October 19, 2013

TBA - Richmond, VA
December 2013

Chicago Author Event
May 2, 2014

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  1. I was recommended Consequences to read by my hairdresser. I had a quick preview of it on amazon and thought I would not like it. How ever when I finished the book I was reading I downloaded it, And I can tell you I could not put the book down I read it in 24 hours. I have now read the second book and can't wait for number 3.