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They met by chance, and fell in love. But is it meant to be forever?
Callie and Justin are living their fairytale. They are so close to having the family they’ve always wanted when suddenly Callie finds herself fighting the insecurities that she’s been feeling all of her life. This time, the results could be deadly. Can Justin help heal her pain or will the stress drive them apart? Jay and Jane are trying to plan their future as they face the challenge of Tyler’s fight for the child he’s never known. Jolene becomes the pawn in a dangerous game until a tragic twist of fate forces Jane to finally confront the man she once loved. 

Their fates are set, their lives intertwined and their happiness in jeopardy. Can they all finally find their happily ever after?


Forever by Design is the final installment in the Design Series, and Elizabeth does a fantastic job of bringing the series to a close.  I’ve been following these characters since the beginning, so it was bittersweet to see it come to an end, but like the saying goes, “All good things must come to an end.”  I was able to watch the four; Callie, Justin, Jane, and Jay come together, and watch them grow, as individuals, as couples, and as families.  Elizabeth definitely takes you for a rollercoaster ride of emotions with this book; everything is completely unpredictable and throws you off guard.

Why can’t Tyler just leave them alone and move on with his life?  Why can’t he see that they are truly happy without him? Tyler pulls a custody stunt to try and get Jane back, but his plan back fires.  Instead of getting her back, Jane truly sees the man Tyler has become.  He isn’t the man who she fell in love with all those years ago; the same man who she gave up her family for.  This Tyler cares only about himself and getting back what he cannot have.  This stunt of his only gives Jane the strength to fight him on it because this time she realizes she is not alone; she has her family supporting her completely.

Jane has come a long way in life and had to overcome a lot of situations.  She has no relationship with her family because they cut her off when she walked away to start a life with Tyler.  Then Tyler left her when she ended up pregnant; she was left to raise Jolene alone.  She is grateful to have Callie in her life to help her get through the past several years.

Falling in love with Jay is like a dream come true for Jane.  Jay has accepted Jolene as his own daughter.  He has been nothing but supportive throughout this whole entire Tyler situation; you can’t even tell if the situation bothers him or not.  With everything going on, Jane and Jay have not even picked a wedding date.

Tyler gets into a major car accident, sending Jane right next to his side worrying about him.  Here you think this will put a big strain on Jane and Jay’s relationship, but it doesn’t.  Jay never leaves her side. Jay is right next to Jane, lending her a supporting shoulder when she needs it. As Tyler finally comes through and gets stronger, Jane makes him realize that she will never be with him again, she is in love with Jay and nothing with change that. When he finally sees what is in front of him and that they are truly happy together, he finally once and for all grows up, and gives it all up.

After all their waiting, Callie and Justin have a very handsome Ryder. But shortly after the baby is born, the old insecurities Callie has about herself comes back at her. She starts to doubt herself and the way she looks. Will the way she looks now after she has the baby change the way Justin feels about her?  She starts to withdraw herself from Justin a little, focuses all her attention to the baby, and doesn't listen to the doctor’s orders and starts working on getting her old body/self-back. This of course puts a strain on their marriage.
Will Justin be able to convince Callie that he loves her unconditionally? Will Callie begin to see that these old securities are just seeds that were planted in her head and they are not true?  Will Callie love herself for who she is and not because of what others think?

Finally being able to put Tyler behind them, Jane and Jay are able to focus on their lives before them. Jane gets a phone call from her parents whom she hasn't spoken to in years asking to reconcile.  Slowly wanting to reconnect with her parents, she feels as if the pieces of her life are slowly coming together.  Wanting to not wait any longer, they set a date for their wedding within the next month.  Since Jane planned Callie’s wedding, it was pretty easy for her to plan this one.

As the days to the wedding come closer, Jane can’t seem to get any happier. However, she reaches a tiny hiccup that causes some of her past insecurities to come flooding out. Callie tries her very best to reassure her that Jay is very much different and will never treat her that way and Jane knows deep in her heart that he will never do that to her but she can’t help but question the, “what if?” all because she was burned in the past.

Will Jane be able to tell Jay the truth? Will Jay run and leave her when Jane reveals the truth to her?  Will Jane be able to put her insecurities to rest once and for all, knowing she is deserving of Jay’s love?

I not only loved this book, but I loved this series.  Elizabeth outdoes herself each and every time.  I loved how the men were so supportive of the women, especially Jay in dealing with the whole Tyler situation and completely taking on the whole daddy role with Jolene.  It takes a real loving man to do that for someone; that kind of man is rare to find.  And I also loved the fact that knowing that Jane had no one around to help her, Callie took her in and was there for her and became the family that she needed; they've been inseparable ever since.  Great job Elizabeth!  I look forward to more books from you!

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