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(Heather) We would like to thank ya’ll for joining us here at Naughty and Nice Book Blog.  Jenn, Liz and I would like to welcome, Kelly Elliott, Gunner, Ellie, Jefferson, Ari, Josh and Heather.  We promise not to ask you any questions that will make you feel uncomfortable. We would like to get to know all of you a little better.

(Heather) We have watched all of you grow over the past 2.5 years.

Ellie, we think you have grown the most. When we first met you 2.5 years ago, you were very insecure with yourself.  We have watched you grow into a beautiful confident wife and mother.  How would you describe yourself now? 
Ellie looks toward Gunner and smiles, “I’m not so sure all of those insecurities are gone, but I have a wonderful husband, and a beautiful baby girl, so I feel very blessed. If I had to use one word to describe myself…that would be the word. Blessed,”

(Jenn) Gunner, you were very patient with Ellie when you first met her and started to develop feelings for her.  Is there anything that you wish you could have done differently if given the chance?
Gunner reaches for Ellie’s hand and kisses the back of it as he winks at her. “Nope…not a damn thing. Everything worked out the way it was supposed to.”

(Liz) Gunner, we have watched you mend your relationship with your parents.  How are things going?  Do they love being grandparents?
Gunner laughs and shakes his head. “Yeah, they love being grandparents. Alex is one lucky little girl,” Gunner glances toward Ellie. “And I think she’s gonna be spoiled rotten by my folks,” Ellie starts laughing and nods her head.

(Liz) Gunner, your grandparents have played such a huge role in your life, how has that affected the man that you are today?
“I wouldn’t be the man I am today if it wasn’t for my grandparents. I owe so much to them. They are my rock. I want to be just like them when I grow up!” Ellie laughs and says, “Yep! Me too!”
(Heather) After seeing your grandparents meeting your daughter, Alex for the first time, we all have fallen in love with your grandparents even more.  Alex is one lucky little girl to have great grandparents that love her so much…
Smiling Gunner nods his head. “Yeah, she is a very lucky little girl. The best part of it though is watching them both argue about who gets to hold her first. Gramps was meant to have to a little girl. Watching him with little bear…well…it’s probably one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen. I never even knew he could sing!” 

(Heather) Hmmm...  Gramps sings?  Who would have thought? Maybe we will be lucky enough to get to hear him sign for us one day.

(Jenn) This question is for Ellie and Jefferson.  Now that the two of you have children of your own, you have both grown and matured tremendously over the last 2.5 years, do you think you will be able to find it in your heart to forgive your mother?
Ellie looks at Jeff and gives him a weak smile. “I’m not sure. I guess we’ll cross that bridge when we need to.”
Jeff glances at Ari and says, “Yeah…it’s hard ya know? So many things happened and having a child of mine own, I just can’t imagine…” He takes a deep breath and smiles. “I like Ells answer…we’ll deal with it when or if we have to,”

(Heather) Now lets bring our attention to Ari and Jefferson…  I hate to bring this up, but the whole Rebecca situation was a complete and utter mess.  But I have to commend you, Ari for conducting yourself in a mature manner when you came face to face with Rebecca at the gym.  Many women in your position would have given Rebecca a beat down.

What was going through your mind when you saw her for the 1st time after knowing what she did to you and Jefferson?
Ari laughs and leans forward to look over toward Ellie. “Well, the first thing that went through my mind was that I was gonna kick her ass but, I have a pretty awesome BFF who helped me through that whole thing.”

(Liz) Gunner and Ellie, we saw that the two of you were having some difficulty conceiving a baby.  At any time, were either of you a little jealous that things were a little bit easier for Jefferson and Ari?
Gunner and Ellie both say at the same time, “No, never!” Ellie smiles at Gunner as they reach for each other’s hand. “I mean, I was disappointed. I would have loved to have had a baby sooner but it happened the way it happened for a reason. I don’t know…maybe I wasn’t ready yet. I needed to grow up a little more or Gunner and I needed this time together first.” Ellie shrugs her shoulders and looks at Gunner. “In the end…we were blessed with the most beautiful little girl in the world so, I’m pretty damn happy,”
“I feel the same way as Ellie. It was hard for watching her though. I knew she was stressed over it and worried about it but like she said. Maybe we needed that extra time together. All I know is…it sure was fun trying!” Ellie slaps Gunner’s shoulder and laughs. “Nice Gun…real nice!”

(Everyone laughs at Gunner's response)

(Liz) So, Ellie and Ari, how are the two of you handling motherhood?
Ari laughs and looks at Ellie. “I don’t know about Ells but I sometimes wonder how I lived before without Luke. I love being a mother. The whole process was amazing. I loved being pregnant, it was beyond anything I ever thought it would be,” Ari looks at Jeff and winks. “Yeah I loved you being pregnant too!” Jeff says with a laugh.
“Oh gross…come one y’all.” Ellie says as she shakes the image from her mind. “I’m like Ari; I can’t imagine my life before Alex. I feel…complete now,”

(Liz) Would the two of you like to have more children?
“Yep…I’d love to have at least one more,” Ellie says looking at Gunner with a smile. Ari smiles and nods her head, “Yeah…I’d love to have at least one more also. Three is my max number though,”
(Jenn) Ari, you said it best when you said "I don't think you can get to where you're truly meant to go unless you travel that one road… the one that's filled with sharp turns, steep hills, and nothing but potholes that you have to try and get around.  After you make it off the road, you find the one that is straight, smooth and filled with nothing but happiness." 

Is this how both you and Ellie feel now knowing what the two of you went through to be where the two of you are today?
Oh yeah. I mean…I don’t think anything in life comes easily. If it did, how would we ever learn anything? I believe you go through what life throws at you so that you grow and become stronger. I wouldn’t be the person I am today unless I traveled that first bumpy ass road,”
“I agree totally. Every moment in your life is a defining moment. It’s how you let that moment define you… that’s the key. You’re either going to see it as a lesson and a blessin’ or you’re going to see it as a failure. I choose to see them as lessons.

(Heather) Jefferson, the ladies love your sense of humor and your sarcastic comments, you and Ari and definitely made for each other.   Ari left you to handle the music for the wedding.  You chose "You Save Me" by Kenny Chesney as the song to dance to with Ari. 

Is it ironic that this is the exact same song that began to play on your iPod when you finally told Ari how you felt for her when she came looking for you on the ranch and found you under the oak tree?
Jeff looks at Ari and smiles. “I purposely picked that song because of that day under the oak tree. That day changed my life."
You have mentioned several times that Ari has "saved" you. 

Can you explain how you feel as though she has saved you?
Jeff’s eyes fill with tears as he looks at Ari. “I didn’t like where my life was going…the road I was going down. My life was empty without Ari in it. She literally saved me from being a person I knew I didn’t want to be. Without her love…I don’t know where I would be today,”
(Heather)  Thank you for sharing that with us.

(Liz) Lets bring our attention to Josh and Heather for the moment.
Josh, Josh, Josh.  You flew onto the scene recently and all of us have fallen in love with you.  We have to ask you this, because we are all dying to know.
What was going through your mind when you went to Heather's apartment and found her in a robe and Jerry in his boxers shorts? 
Josh looks at Heather and gives her a weak smile. “I was devastated and hurt…and confused,”
Josh, you claim that you loved Heather, why did you walk away from her?  
Josh looks down at the ground and shakes his head. “I don’t know…scared maybe?”
(Liz) Your saying you were scared, what were you scared of? That Heather didn’t feel the same way? Scared of being rejected from Heather?
Do you care to elaborate on that?
"I guess I was scared of the strong feelings that I felt for her and when I walked in and saw her and Jerry... I just couldn't do it anymore. I was scared of the strong feelings I had for her and I couldn't take any more rejection."
If the two of you had the opportunity to do it all over, do you think you would have handled things differently?
Heather glances and Josh and smiles. They both say “Yes” at the same time.
(Jenn) I have to ask Josh, this question that the readers are dying to know… Josh, what was your reasoning in staying with Lynda for 2 months after her car accident?  What was going through your mind knowing that you were in love with Heather, yet still in a relationship with Lynda?
Letting out a sigh Josh looks up at us, “I thought I was doing the right thing ya know? I mean, I felt guilty just walking away from her when she was so broken. I was never in love with Lynda but I did care about her and…I don’t know. Guilt probably played a role in there somewhere.”

(Heather)  Heather we would like to say how sorry we are for your loss of your parents.  You seem like you haven't quite gotten over their deaths.  Do you think you will ever be able to open your heart completely and allow yourself to love someone without having fear of losing them?
Tears build in Heather’s eyes as Josh reaches for her hand and kisses it. “Thank you. I’m sure everyone has some sense of fear of losing the person they love.

(Heather) OK, lets lighten the mood a little. We’re gonna have a little fun.  I want you each to tell us one thing about your significant other that we do not know yet.
"Oh! I'll go first!" Ari said as she looks over at Jeff and winks. "Don't you dare Ari..."
Ari laughs as she reaches over and kisses Jeff on the cheek.
"Well...Jeff absolutely LOVES for me to give him a manicure and pedicure. I'm just short of talking him into letting me paint his nails."
Jeff shakes his head at Ari.
"Well, Ari sleeps with a teddy bear....every night!"
"Oh.My.God. I can't believe you told that!"
Jeff's mouth drops open as he stares at Ari.
"What the hell just told everyone I like to get pedicures and manicures!"

(Heather) Jeff I never pictured you getting pampered. I sort of always pictured you as a rugged Texan. But I guess after getting your hands dirty on the ranch, you need to get a manicure. Can’t have you handling Ari with rough and ditry hands... (wink wink) I think it's rather sexy, to tell ya the truth.
Ellie starts laughing as she looks at Gunner. "Let's see...something about Gunner that y'all don't know about. He loves taking bubble baths. He takes one almost everyday."
Gunner starts laughing as he nods his head. "Yep...I do! I won't deny it. Let's see... okay something about Ells..." Gunner starts laughing and looks at Ellie.
"Ellie does this really weird dance every time before she goes into the garden. I crack up every time I see her do it."
Ellie slaps Gunner on the shoulder.
"That's my good vibe dance. I do my dance and it gives the garden good vibes to grow. I can't believe you think that's weird!"
"Ells, I hate to agree but that shit is weird sweets."
Ellie looks at Ari and rolls her eyes.
Josh and Heather look at each other and smile.
"You want to go first princess or should I?"
Heather blushes and shakes her head for Josh to go first.
"Let's see...Heather can't eat her cereal with milk. It gags her. She has to eat it dry."
Ari and Ellie start laughing!
"Oh my god I forgot all about that!" Ari says laughing.
Heather laughs and rolls her eyes.
"Okay...Josh can't use toothpaste if it's red."
Gunner and Jeff both look over at Josh.
"Why the hell not dude?" Jeff asks.
Josh shrugs his shoulders..."It reminds me of blood. I just can't do it."

(Jenn) Well that was quite interesting..  Who would have thought, Josh won't use toothpaste if it's red. (Everyone laughs and shakes their heads)

(Liz) Ari, you had to have known that we were not going to let you get out of here without discussing your mother's obsession with the late Katharine Hepburn.
She is always quoting Katharine Hepburn. What is your mother's fascination with the late Katerine Hepburn? Do you ever get tired of hearing them??
Ari smiles and shakes her head.
"She just loves Kate. Ever since I could remember my mother has just adored Katharine Hepburn. Do I ever get tired of hearing them?"
Ari looks around at everyone.
"This shit does not leave this room. No...I never do. That is my mom...a part of who she is. Life wouldn't be the same if she stopped quoting Kate."

(Jenn)  Ok gentlemen, Kelly has mentioned possibly telling us about your lives pre Ellie, Ari and Heather.  Are you scared of what she will tell the world?  What are your thoughts?
Gunner, Jeff and Josh all laugh. “Nah…I’m sure she just wants to share how we became friends and what our lives were like before we met the love of our lives. I’m not worried about it and I know Gunner and Josh’ aren’t either. I don’t think she would ever write anything to hurt Ells, Ari or Heather.

(Jenn) Kelly, this question is for you.  What gave you the idea of making the "man whores" in your books turn a new leaf in becoming a one woman man?
Obviously not all men sleep with as many women as Josh or Jeff did…sometimes they become “man whores” for a reason. I think most men are looking for that one special girl and some men just like to whore around…for lack of better words.  Maybe they are trying to erase someone from their minds or heart or fill a void with meaningless sex. What they’re looking for is that one person who will love and accept them for all of their faults. At least that’s what Jeff and Josh wanted….that one girl who the moment they looked at her or touched her…they knew she was the one they would lay their life down for.

(Liz) As the creator of these characters you generally put bit of yourself into them. How do you deal with that now that the characters are associated with other people?
It doesn’t really bother me.  I used some of my husband as my inspiration for Gunner and Jeff from the moment I sat down to start writing…I use a lot of my husband as my inspiration for some of Jeff.  I use Gary as my inspiration on some of Gunner and Josh….is Gunner Gary’s life story or based totally on Gary? No. Just like Jeff is not my husband’s story or based off my husband. I use bits and pieces of them to build the characters. The same with Ellie and Ari and Heather. There is a little bit of me in each of them. Especially in Saved. Ari’s miscarriage was written from my experience…Ellie’s trouble with conceiving…is written from my experience with that. There’s a lot of me in Saved. I think as I writer you can’t help but put in a little bit of you. Darrin would read Wanted and tell me “That sounds familiar.”  I think that is how the reader can connect with you. At least that’s my thoughts anyway.  Having a model/actor represent a character doesn’t take anything away from that character for me. It gives the readers a visual and a lot of readers like that. Some like the own vision that is in their head and I think that’s cool. That’s the great thing about reading…it takes each of us into another world….you can make that world totally how you want to with your own imagination as you read. The author is just giving you a gently ‘push’ into that world.

(Heather)  Well I would like to thank ya’ll for taking time out of your busy day to stop by Naughty and Nice Book Blog.  We love all of you and we look forward to seeing what drama unfold in the future. I am keeping my fingers crossed that everything works out with the two of you, as I direct my attention toward Josh and Heather.  We will have to wait and see…





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