Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Hope Burns (Hope #3) by Jaci Burton


A novel of small-town hearts and big dreams...

Molly Burnett dreads returning to her hometown of Hope for her sister’s wedding, especially knowing she’ll have to endure a weekend with the one man she never wants to see again. It’s only a couple of days, so Molly will try to forget her painful past with high school sweetheart Carter Richards. Because despite the bitter memories, she still can’t forget what they once meant to each other.

But when Molly is forced to extend her stay, Carter sees this as his second chance to do things right, to start over again with the only woman he’s ever loved. This time, he isn’t going to let Molly run. Together they’re going to confront the past and put it behind them, and hope for a future as bright as the flame that still burns hot between them.


Molly and Carter were so young and in love. They had their whole lives planned out with each other. Then something horrible happened and they broke up. Instead of dealing with life's struggles, Molly ran from them. For twelve years... Until she finally had to return home for her Sisters wedding. She was the Maid of Honor. And could not back out knowing she would see Carter.  I loved this story. There are some people out there who dwell on the negative and run from their past because they don't really know how to deal with it instead of just figuring it out and dealing with things as a couple. But they were young and running was the only thing Molly knew how to do to make her forget about what happened. 

I fell in love with Carter. After they were forced to spend some time together, He was so cautious with her knowing if he said the wrong thing in the slightest bit, she would be off running again and he would lose her, again. I highly recommend putting this on your to be read list!!!! It was an amazing story filled with heartache, love, amazing friendships, humor, and unexpected twist. 

This review was prepared by Jeanine McDonald.


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