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Enrapture by Rachel Van Dyken

Enrapture by Rachel Van Dyken


Trace is everything.

My freaking world.

And I would do anything to keep her safe.

But, I can't protect her from every kind of evil..and I can no longer keep the past a secret...

We were left folders.

Each one filled with the sins of our pasts.

And Traces grandfather just asked us to read his.

There was no preparation.

And now I'm wondering if I should have let the love of my life read it at all, because some things can't be unsaid, some words stay with us forever.

I know, from this day forward, nothing will ever be the same.


I absolutely LOVED Enrapture. Keep in mind. This is a short story. So don't be getting all angry when you finish it in one sitting. It is not a novel, it is exactly what Rachel says it is, a short story....

In Enrapture, we get more of the back story of Joyce and Luca's love story. As we all know, Joyce and Luca are soul mates. They were destined to be together, but things didn't happen that way. Luca's brother, Frank had his hands in that. Frank knows that his wife is in love with this brother, but Frank did what he thought was best for the FAMILY... his mafia family. Luca knows every one's secrets. Luca had folders on everyone in the family. Secrets that nobody ever wanted revealed. Trace's grandmother kept a diary. A diary that is now in Trace's possession, but a few pages were missing. Pages that were in a folder that Trace now has the opportunity to read. Will she? Does she really want to know what happened between Luca and Joyce? Does she want to know what her grandfather's role was in keeping them apart? After all, Joyce and Frank were her grandparents. Did she want to see either one of them in a different light?
"Everyone has the capacity to make a bad choice. It's what you do after that bad choice is made that makes the man." ~ Nixon
Frank knows that his wife's heart belongs to another man. What Frank does is probably one the most unselfish things a man can do. Yes, we all were angry with Frank when he found out what he did to Luca and Joyce in Enchant. But he redeemed some respect from me after reading this story. Frank gave Joyce the best seven days she could ever imagine. Once broken and unable to love Frank the way she loved Luca, she was given two weeks. Fourteen days she would be Luca's 

"Joyce, this is our reality. This is what we do. The very same hands that make love to you choke the life out of another. There will never be a day when I won't miss you, when I won't think of you, dream of you, but this is the card we have been dealt, and we must handle it accordingly." ~ Luca
After those fourteen days come to an end, what will that mean for Luca and Joyce? How will this effect Joyce's relationship with Frank? Will Frank be able to forgive her actions while she was with Luca? Is their love strong enough? 
"What Frank broke... Luca helped fix, and what Luca fixed... Frank nurtured." Joyce

If you have not read this story, I suggest you do. It will fill in some blanks after reading Enchant. It will show a side of Luca that we never got to see.  A loving side. A side where all he wanted was a life with Joyce. But that decision was taken away from him. We also get a few questions answered that we were left with at the end of Elude, Sergio's book. 

This review was prepared by Heather. 

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