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Title: Seamless
Series: By A Thread #3
Author: RL Griffin
Release Date: December 10, 2013


Professional, successful, survivor Stella has mastered the art of appearances and conquering what life throws at her. Time after time, she chooses to fight even though she's consistently poised to break. It's that fight to get her life back, to make things right, to survive that defines who she is. She's been loved, left, lost, blown up, shot, and exploited. Physically, she's almost completely put back together. Mentally, Stella's one step from a vindictive retaliation that may or may not be her best choice.

In Seamless, Stella has no choice but to step into the ring with someone who she once loved. It's a dirty fight that will take all she has. Will she do what it takes to win? Will she make it out alive?

You'll cheer her on until you realize all is not what it seems. Appearances can be deceiving.


I have been impatiently waiting for Seamless to release for what seems like forever. And now that it’s here, I’m sad that the time has come for the series to come to an end. I have been emotionally invested in Stella & George since By a Thread. I feel as if they both, including the rest of the gang have become a part of my family. RL just knows how to keep you at the edge of your seat, while toying with your emotions. You just never know how to predict where this book will take you. This book has been one big emotional rollercoaster ride that will have you not wanting to put the book down from the minute you start the book till you finish it.

You would think that after everything Stella was put through so far, she would be cut a little slack. But of course not. One would think losing the love of your life would be one of the worst things that you could endure. But I think the hardest, is having that person lie about it all, then come back to hurt you. Jamie, or whatever his name is, tried to hurt her loved ones, shaking Stella up pretty bad. She is determined to end Jamie once and for all before he hurts everyone she loves; especially George. She cannot lose her loved ones again. Losing George could end her. That is one of the biggest fears she has. There is no coming back from that. She was just starting to find her happiness again and making an improvement. Stella has grown so much and she has come a long way. How she has the strength to come this far? Who knows, but I commend her. George has even talked her into seeing a therapist to help her with some of her problems. But this will definitely set her back. Finding the bomb pretty much costs Stella her freedom again while the FBI does an investigation. There are patrols outside her house and the media won’t leave her alone. Her privacy is pretty much thrown out the window.
“Everywhere I go, people get hurt. I can’t have him hurt you.” ~ Stella
Stella would want nothing more than for Jamie to pay for everything that he put her through. She wants revenge. Nice, sweet, revenge. But for now she’s letting the FBI handle things the right way. She worked for the FBI before. Can she trust them to handle Jamie and let him face the justice he truly deserves? Or will he walk away free and clear? How much more will Jamie hurt her before justice is served?
“George, I worry that I’m a bit like a hurricane and if you’re in the path you’ll be destroyed.” She pulled back and looked into his eyes. “I can’t take you getting hurt because of me.” ~ Stella
George has been amazing and extremely supportive of Stella since day one. It truly shows how much he loves and adores her. He will do anything for her happiness. He is willing to end Jamie’s life for Stella. I instantly fell in love with George from the moment they met in the park. He never gave up on her. He was always by her side and never once pushed her, even when he knew she wasn’t ready. George always knew when Stella needed just someone to lean on. He is her constant, her rock and the one to put her together when her world falls apart. I admire George because not only does Stella depend on him, his family depends on him too. He runs the bar and he supports his entire family. They are not too keen on his relationship with Stella, but I’m glad he finally stood up to them.
“I want to be in the eye of the storm, holding your hand, and if you get sucked into it, I want to go with you.” ~ George
Stella’s world is being turned upside down again. She wants to end this fight and take matters into her own hands. Jamie must pay before someone she loves gets hurt. It’s a very risky move, but she feels it’s the only way for it all to end. She goes against everyone to do what she feels is right to protect everyone she loves. She confides in the one person who knows she can trust to help her. Her strength and her determination is very admirable. I love Stella for putting herself on the line like that. If everyone had half the strength Stella had, I think we’d all be in a better place. All Stella wants is her life back. To live a normal life, like a normal person, without all the drama.
“We’re loving each other, George. This is how I’m loving you. I want to protect you. I want to build some sort of storm cellar and keep you there so that you’ll be safe during all this madness. I’m poisonous. I destroy everything I touch. Don’t you see that?” ~ Stella
Her world is falling apart and she is going back to the old Stella. Her emotions are all over the place. She feels that George deserves someone better than her.  You will be able to feel exactly what she is feeling, I sure as heck did. I cried alongside Stella. RL did an amazing job capturing her emotions. She is starting to hit rock bottom and there is no coming back from it. No one can get her back from it. Not George, not even her closest friends. This is something she must figure out on her own.

I was however, disappointed in Stella when the inevitable happened. I thought I was clear of it happening and BAM! RL decides to throw a curveball in there. I knew it needed to and was going to happen. I was just didn’t want to see it. My poop list added a person! Patrick, Billy, Millie, & Jessie are amazing friends Stella could ever ask for. They are always there for her and they just know when to make you laugh. They made me feel as if I was a part of their group. In light of what was happening around her, they knew exactly how to make Stella feel better. 

After all that George and Stella have gone through, they deserve happiness with each other. Will their love be strong enough that they can find their way back to each other again? They did it once, can it happen again? Or will George give up on Stella? Will Stella find her way back to George? Will she be able to find her happiness once more? Can she put all this in the past and look forward to the future? I’m Team George & Stella all the way, so I’m rooting for their HEA.

I absolutely loved this booked! RL did an amazing job bringing this series to an end. However, I am saddened to say goodbye to the characters. I have gotten pretty attached to them. And I’m not just saying George and Stella, I grew attached to the entire gang. I highly recommend this book to everyone and I look forward to other books by RL. 

I was given an ARC  for my honest review. 
This review was done by Jennelyn.

About RL:

R.L. resides in the Atlanta area with her husband, son and two dogs. She was born and raised in the South. She attended Georgia Southern University and moved to Washington, D.C. to intern in the United States Senate during the impeachment trial. Falling in love with the city, she went to law school at American University, Washington College of Law. By a Thread is R.L.’s second book, but is the first in a series of books. 


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