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On behalf of Naughty and Nice Book Blog, I would like to thank all of you for stopping by.  I have to say, I feel like I am cheating on my Jefferson by fan-girling over Layton and Reed, but the two of you are GORGEOUS!! I have before my eyes, one HOT LOOKING cowboy and BUILT TO KILL plant hugger.

We’re going to start off with Layton.

That day you rode up on your horse, what were your first thoughts of Whitley when you saw her on the side of the road?
Leaning back smiling Layton glances over at Whitley. “My first thought was what in the hell was she doing all dressed up and yelling at her car. My second thought was how captivated I was by her eyes. The moment I looked into her eyes I think I instantly knew I was going to fall in love with her.”

Layton, after Whitley told you what she thought of you and Misty, were you angry with her?  Did the thought ever cross your mind that Whitley was just a tad bit jealous that night?

Shaking his head Layton smiles slightly, “No. I was never angry with her because she was speaking the truth.  I was confused by her reaction though.”
Were you surprised that Whitley extended the olive branch to you after the way she treated you at the bar?
“No. I knew immediately that she had a kind heart so I wasn’t surprised at all.”

We all got a kick out of the fact that Whitley told you about the bet she had going with Courtney and that the book had her quite turned on.  Layton, we have to know.  Did you pleasure yourself when you hung up the phone knowing that Whitley could possibly pleasure herself that night with the vibrator?

Throwing his back in laughter and then looking at a laughing Whitley, Layton says, “Um. Well damn. Let’s not hold anything back there, Heather.  If you must know, I did have a moment of…um…release in the shower.”
I thought so…  You tried to act like what she was telling you didn’t affect you, but I thought otherwise.  I am glad that you were honest.  I hope I wasn’t being too intrusive.

“Heather you can ask me anything you want sweetheart.”

You shouldn't have said that.  I won't be held responsible for what questions come out of my mouth.  (I wiggle my eyebrows at Layton.)
It was obvious to the readers that Olivia was quite jealous of Whitley the moment she met her.  Layton, do you think you would have picked up on that if Reed hadn’t pointed it out to you?
“I’m sure I would have at some point. Hell I might have known from the very beginning and just didn’t realize it.”

Let’s talk about the night when Whitley and Courtney met you and Reed in Austin.  What were you thinking Layton by asking the two of them out to dinner and then having them meet you at the Hot Dog Food Cart?  Even Reed didn’t understand your thinking that night?

Whitley, Courtney, and Reed all start laughing as Layton looks around at each of them then back to Heather. “What in the hell. You too? I thought it was a great place to go. Everyone who goes to Austin has to go to a food trailer and Honky Tonk Hotdog was a great place.
Reed laughs louder and says, “I will never forget Whit’s face when she was walking up to the food trailer lot!”
“Shut the hell up, Reed.” Layton said as he punched Reed in the arm.     
I am from Philadelphia and we have hot dog carts on every street corner in Center City.  I have to be honest, I have NEVER had a guy ask me to meet him for dinner, and he took me to a hot dog cart.  Maybe the Honky Tonk Hotdog is a great place to go to. But this was the first time you were going out with Whitley. Come on Layton, I thought you would have opted for something a little bit nicer. I have to side with Reed here.
Laughing Layton holds up his hands in defense and says, “I think I made up for it on the honeymoon.” He glances over at Whitley and smiles, “Did I make up for our first unofficial date?”

Smiling Whitley says, “Oh you most certainly made up for it.”

After the two of you finally decided to give into your feelings for one another, you two seemed to hit it off.  The chemistry between the two of you was obvious.  At one moment, did the two of you decide to take the leap of faith and see where things could go?
“I knew the moment I saw Whitley sitting in Mitch’s truck I wasn’t going to fight my feelings for her any longer. The thought of her leaving…it just tore me apart.”

Whitley reached over and took Layton’s hand in her hand as she smiled. “I think for me it was when we were in the deer stand. I knew for certain that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with this man.”

Layton, why would you dance with Olivia? We get you are a nice guy, but you had to know that is was totally not the right thing to do.

Layton shrugs his shoulder and says, "I don't know. I guess I knew what my feelings were for Whitley and I wasn't thinking anything about the dance other than to just shut up Olivia. I wasn't thinking what it would look like to Whit."

Layton when you were driving on the ranch and Whitley told you the story of how she heard of the small town of Llano and that she knew a man named Fast-Track Jack.  When you put the pieces together, what were your thoughts when you found out that she knew your father?

Looking down at the ground taking in a deep breath and then looking up and letting it out slowly, Layton smiles and said, “At first I was in shock. I couldn’t believe it but then I realized the only way Whitley found her way to me was because of my father. That seemed to just make everything…more special if that makes any sense.”

Layton, do you believe in your heart that your father sent Whitley to you?
Nodding his head and looking at Whitley Layton smiles and says, “Yes. Yes I really do.”

Your father’s attorney delivered letters addressed to the both of you.  Have you read them?

“No. Not yet, but I will someday. My father had asked in his paperwork for me not to read the letter until I was going to be a father and I intend on following his wishes.”

Layton, why do you think Mitch has keep it a secret from you for years that he has been in contact with your father?
“I wish I knew. His only reason to me was because my father asked him not to let me know but I’m not buying it.”

Do you feel betrayed by Mitch?

Looking away for a quick second and then back at Heather Layton barely says, “Yes. Very much so.”

When your brother Mike was killed in action, did your father attend his funeral?
“I didn’t find out about it until after he passed away but yes, he was at the funeral. I had no idea he was there but then again I was in pretty bad shape at the time.”

Do you still have dreams where your brother, Mike speaks to you?

“Yes.” Layton says smiling. “And my parents.”

Layton, we know you are a southern gentlemen, so we need to know.  Did you ask Whitley’s father permission to marry her?
Looking at Whitley as she laughed and winked at him Layton says, “I most certainly did.  I actually flew up there and asked him in person. It was the most terrifying day of my life. That man scares the hell out of me.”

Whitley busts out laughing harder as Layton shakes his head slowly. “I’m serious. He threatened me at least three times in one sentence. Who does that but a father who loves his daughter deeply? I admire his love for his family”.

Whitley, you were in a very abusive relationship for years with Roger, did you ever once think to seek help or get out of the relationship?

Looking quickly at Layton and then back at Heather, Whitley clears her throat. “Um…no I didn’t. A part of me thought the problem wasn’t Roger…it was me.”

Why didn’t you tell anyone what was going on in your relationship with Roger?
“Why does anyone keep secrets? Scared? Embarrassed? Pretending that part of my life didn’t exist.” Taking a deep breath and quickly letting it out she says in a whisper, “If only I had…”

I understand what you mean.  I was once in a situation and I only confided in my best friend.  I didn’t want anyone else to know what was going on in my relationship.  To be honest, I didn’t tell anyone because I was embarrassed.  I didn’t want everyone to look at me as if I was weak or stupid.  So I totally understand why you did what you did.
“Yes, that’s exactly it.”

After you finally got the courage to leave Roger, you kept telling yourself that you were not looking for a relationship and you didn’t trust men.  What made you pick Layton to take that gamble on?
Looking towards Layton, and seeming to be lost in his eyes for a few seconds, Whitley smiles. “Because he’s Layton. He’s my best friend.”

“Hey!” Courtney says.

Whitley smiles and shakes her head, “Sorry Court, after you of course.”

“Thank you.” Courtney says with a smile.

“I really had no intentions of falling in love again but when it happens it just happens. Sometimes we don’t have a choice in the matter. We just have to learn to follow our hearts sometimes and with Layton, my heart was screaming for me to listen to it instead of my head. So I did.”

Whitley, what were your first thoughts of Layton when you met him?
“Oh Lord. I thought he was arrogant, incredibly sexy, and the way he could make me laugh even when I didn’t want to. I instantly felt a connection to him. It was kind of weird and scary but exciting at the same time.”

This question is for the two of you, do you believe in love at first sight?
“Yes!” Both Layton and Whitley say at the same time.

When Layton proposed to you, were you shocked at how romantic he could be?  

Shaking her head Whitley gives Layton a cute little crooked smile and says, “No. I wasn’t shocked at all. He’s incredibly romantic.”

So are we going to be meeting a baby Morris in the near future?

“I certainly hope so.” Whitley says with a giggle.

“We’ve been very busy working on it.” Layton says as Courtney rolls her eyes and says, “Gross.”
Let’s turn our attention to Courtney,

You are a straight forward kind of girl.  You pull no punches. That is one of the many reasons, why I love you.  You remind me of someone I know … (I clear my throat and smile) 

You have a great relationship with Whitley.  What made you give your best friend a vibrator?  Did you think she would be on a dry spell after leaving Roger?
“Wait. What?” Reed says as he leans forward and looks between Whit and Courtney.

“Just let it go, Reed. Let it go.” Layton says with a laugh.

Courtney finally stops laughing and leans back and let’s out a sigh. “Isn’t that what any good friend would do? I mean come on…she needed it probably more than anyone I know and with how she was swearing off men. I knew she would need it sooner or later. Ain’t that right Whit? Thing came in handy on more than one occasion.”

“Fuck off, Court.”  Whitley says as she gives Courtney a shut up look.

“Okay wait….Why am I the only person who doesn’t know any of this?” Reed says confused.

Courtney turns and says, “Cause you were probably playing with plants at the time.”

Reed smiles at Courtney and rolls his eyes.

Courtney, you just had to go there with the plant hugging comments. Poor Reed just can’t catch a break with you. 

Reed, you never know, maybe if you and Courtney can get your shit together, you can have a little fun with one of her vibrators.
“Oh yeah, and I have a very impressive collection of vibrators I might add.” Courtney says as she looks at Reed.

Reed’s mouth drops open as he looks at Courtney.
Here let me help you out with that. (I lean forward and place my index finger under Reed's chin to help close his mouth.)

Were you shocked when Whitley told you about her relationship with Roger?
"I’d had my suspicions for a few months. I wasn’t completely shocked but I was shocked by how bad it really was for her. I still kick myself for not asking her when I first suspected it.”

Whitley shakes her head and looks at Courtney, “Oh no Court. Please don’t feel guilty. It’s over now babe and everything turned out like it should have.”

Whitley was withdrawing from her friendship with you and her relationship with her family when she was with Roger.  Did you ever stop to think why Whitley was doing this?

“Of course I did. I even talked to my mother and younger sister about it. Everyone said that’s just what couples do when they fall in love. They spend all their time together but…but my gut was telling me something was wrong.”

Courtney looks down at the floor as Whitley reaches for her hand and holds it.

Courtney, you seem like a girl that knows what she wants.

Why didn’t you just tell Reed how you felt and see where things went?
Giving Heather a weak smile she says, “If things were only that easy.”

Reed has apologized time and time again to you for the things that he said to Mitch when he was drunk.  Do you honestly believe in your heart that Reed thinks that way of you?

“No. I know he doesn’t think way of me.”

I have a ton of questions that I want to ask you about your relationship with Mitch and your feelings for Reed.  But I know you are not going to be able to answer them today, so I will have to wait patiently for your story to unfold in Broken Dreams.

Laughing Courtney nods her head as she looks at Reed and smiles.

Reed you seem to stolen the hearts of many of the readers.  I think you are a total sweetheart.  Yeah, you were an ass when you were drunk and spouting off non-sense about Courtney to Mitch.  It was obvious that you were jealous and were just trying to keep Mitch away from Courtney.

After you realized that Courtney was in the room and heard everything you said, what was going through your mind? 
“I’d never hated myself more than I did in that moment. I was wishing I had the power to turn back time.”

Reed, after you and Mitch fought on the day of Layton’s wedding, why did you lie to Courtney and tell her that the fight was your fault?
Reed shrugs his shoulder and gives a weak smile. “I didn’t see the need in getting her upset over it by saying it was Mitch who started it. I was trying to keep her from being hurt.”

Courtney, all I can say is I hope you can work out whatever it is that you need to, because Reed is a sweetheart and I pray that someone doesn’t swoop in and win his heart before you decide if you are willing to open your heart to him.
Looking at each other, Reed and Courtney seem to share a moment before looking away.

I see the way the two of you have been looking at each other during this interview...  I am not blind, I've got my eye on you two.
Well, it looks like we are out of time.  I want to thank all of you for stopping by Naughty and Nice Book Blog and we look forward to seeing what the future holds for Courtney and Reed in Broken Dreams.  


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