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BELIEVE by Kelly Elliott (Review)


Brad and Amanda are finally living the life they dreamed for themselves. However, Brad still carries the guilt from missing out on Amanda’s first pregnancy with their daughter, Maegan, and has been unable to forgive himself. The ultimate blessing to right the memories of his past is given to him when they learn they are pregnant again. Another baby means a second chance for Brad to try and forgive himself for the pain he caused the woman he loves and to show her how much she means to him.

Will this Christmas bring the healing that Brad needs to move on and let go of the guilt? Or will an unexpected visit from his parents cause a rift in his family?

Christmas is a time for love, healing, miracles, and second chances. There is only one thing Brad needs this Christmas, and that is to just….

18+ Contains adult language and content

Believe is a novella in the Wanted series. This is from Brad and Amanda's point of view and gives us a little glimpse into their world.

*SIDE NOTE* This is a Novella in the Wanted series. It doesn't have to be read before the fourth and last book Cherished, but somethings in Cherished will make a bit more sense if you read the novella but it is NOT necessary to read the Novella before you read Cherished. Time wise...the Novella is in-between both books.****


I think the title of this story is so fitting.  Believe is a Christmas Novella which gives us a glimpse into Brad and Amanda's first Christmas as a family.  Things have not been easy for Brad and Amanda.  Every marriage has bumps in the road, but when Brad developed an addiction to cocaine, he made the biggest mistake of his life.  Brad had missed a good part of his wife's pregnancy with their daughter Maegan.  Amanda believed in their love for one another and they worked things out.  

Brad has been sober for over a year and he regrets that the missed out on things with Amanda while she was pregnant. He regrets that he allowed his mother to treat Amanda poorly.  Amanda and Brad haven't seen or spoken to Brad's parents in months.  Brad's parents have never seen their only grandchild.  Can Brad and Amanda find it in their hearts to forgive his mother for what she has done.  Will the Christmas spirit help heal the damage that has been caused?   

Brad and Amanda been trying to conceive their second child, but have been unsuccessful.  But we all know what they say.  All we have to do it BELIEVE.  Brad and Amanda believed in their love for one another,  they believed that they could overcome any obstacle that was thrown in their way.  Maybe all they needed was a little Christmas Spirit on their side when it came to conceiving their second child.

We get a peak at how the Wanted Gang spent their Christmas.  I loved how they started a tradition to spend the holidays together.  I enjoyed reading about the little kids, and how the families seem to continue to grow.

It was nice to get to know Brad and Amanda a little more.  The two of them truly deserved to be happy.  Loving someone can be tough, nobody said it was going to easy.  You can only love the one you are with unconditional and believe in each other.

I am looking forward to CHERISHED, but I have to say, I am going to sad to see this series end.  I feel like I am actually friends with this group and I don't want to say good bye to them.

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