Friday, December 18, 2015

Playing With Her Heart: (A Seductive Nights spin-off novel) by Lauren Blakely

This is a STANDALONE full-length spin-off novel of the New York Times bestselling Seductive Nights series... 

He’s sexy, sophisticated, possessive...and my boss. 

I’m trying to resist him, I swear. I’m good at resisting, and at playing pretend too. It’s what I do for a living. But as he directs me in my first Broadway play, I’m having a harder time pretending that I don’t want him to take me. On the piano. In the limo. In the dressing room. Anywhere and everywhere. 
She fucking captivates me. She’s all innocent blond on the outside, but deep down she’s wildly sensual. I’m fighting hard to deny this desire for her. But it’s a losing battle. She’s beautiful, talented, and passionate, and the more I make her come undone and cry out my name, the deeper I fall for her. 
I swear I’m not playing with her heart, and I hope to hell she’s not toying with mine. Because I will do whatever it takes for her...


As you know, which I'm sure you do, if you follow Naughty and Nice Book Blog, I am a HUGE fan of Lauren Blakely. The Seductive Nights Series is AMAZING and I love all of the characters in that series. In Playing With Her Heart, we get Milo and Jill's story. We are introduced to Milo and Jill in the Seductive Nights Series. I was thrilled when I heard that they would be getting their own novel.

Milo Davis is a world renown director and has a few Tony Awards under his belt. Milo has had his heart broken thereby forcing him to live his life with certain rules. One being, NEVER DATE AN ACTRESS. That seemed to be working well for him until he met Jill McCormick, a young actress in New York City that landed the understudy and chorus member in a play that he is directing.

Lines are blurred when the two of them are alone together. Jill makes Milo want things that he hasn't in a very long time. Milo tries to keep his distance but he is drawn to her. Milo would push Jill away, send mixed signals, but then he would pull her back. At times I thought their relationship was like a roller coaster. 

Jill was somehow in love with someone who she met once years ago. In my opinion, that entire scenario sort of took away from Milo and Davis' story. I really didn't feel the connection with Jill while she pined over someone who had no idea she even liked him. To be honest, I thought it was very immature and juvenile. 

When Milo and Jill finally get their act together that was when I could not put the book down. Who would have thought, Milo Davis would be such a dirty talker. Milo knows what he wants and Jill had no problem accommodating him. 

Playing With Her Heart was a 3.5 star read for me.  

This review was prepared by Heather.

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