Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Make Me Stay by Jaci Burton


Having left his hometown of Hope years ago, only one thing could persuade architect Reid McCormack to come home for a lengthy stay—the challenge of renovating a historic building. But once the job is finished, he’ll be headed back to Boston, no matter how much he’s drawn to beautiful florist Samantha Reasor. 

Samantha watches over her elderly grandmother and pours a piece of herself into every floral creation she designs. Her crush on Reid has been blooming for a while now, but she’s reluctant to act on it. A temporary fling isn’t what she’s looking for, even if Reid is smoking hot and super sexy. She wants a real, permanent, forever kind of love. 

Two people with different goals couldn’t possibly work, and yet as their attraction grows into something deeper, maybe falling in love is the one thing Samantha and Reid can build a future on.



Reid came back to his hometown of Hope for about a month to work on the Mercantile building which has amazing office space on the top floor which he already fell in love with. He meets up with Sam almost immediately upon his return to Hope and they have dinner. Things progress pretty quickly between the two of them but Sam doesn't want to get too far gone and fall in love with Reid because she has her hands full with her Grand mother. Plus Reid is going back home to Boston is a few weeks and she doesn't want to get her heart broken. Sams grandmother just received awful news that she has the beginning stages of Alzheimer's so Sam's life is a mess right now and there's no way she wants to burden Reid by asking him to stay even though she wants to. She lets him go. This story has an awesome ending. I loved all the humor in this book too with Reid and all his brother and especially loved Reid's relationship with his new dog. Beings my own Grand mother had Alzheimer's this story really hit home for me. 

Having to take care of someone and literally watch them decline every single day, is a horrible thing to go through. I highly recommend this book! It was well written, I fell in love with all the characters and I'll be keeping a look out for the next book in the series!

This review was prepared by Jeanine McDonald.

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  1. I've read a bunch of Jaci Burton books. I'll look out for this one now. Thanks!