Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Wait for Me by Eleanor Green


Cooper Sterling has been in love with Briley Sheffield since fifth grade, when he asked her to marry him on wide-ruled paper crafted into the fold-and-tuck square. 

But life isn’t that neat and tidy. 

Years later, defending Briley from an attack lands Cooper in prison, powerless to protect her and unable to convince her to wait for him. 

When a failed engagement opens up the possibility of a relationship with Cooper, a mysterious envelope threatens to slam shut every door in Briley’s path. Now she must choose . . . risk the stability of friendship she has with Cooper, or put everything on hold and solve the mysteries of her family secrets.

Wait For Me is book 1 of a 2-book series, but can be read as a standalone.


In Wait for Me we me meet Briley and Cooper, they have been best friends since childhood. The book starts off Briley is engaged to a loser Blake who repeatedly cheats on her and Cooper is in jail for defending her after an attempted rape while they were out at a bar one night.  A night that Blake left her at the bar to leave with another woman, a night that Cooper took care of her all night while she was so sick from the drugs she was given prior to the attempted rape.  A night when everything in their lives changed.

Briley smartens up a few months prior to Cooper being released and leaves Blake.  She is heartbroken because how can she not keep him happy that he would need to go elsewhere. He says he loves her but he can't keep it in his pants.  How can she ever keep anyone happy, it's her, it has to be her fault she couldn't keep him interested.

Cooper has loved Briley his whole life, she is his world and he wishes she would look at him the way he looks at her.  So when he gets out of jail and she is there waiting for him he can't believe his eyes.  It's really her, she is really there to get him and he is so happy.  Later on that night he finds out the truth and he sets his plans into action.  Time to step up and get the girl and man does he try.

She is so blinded by their friendship she can't imagine being with Cooper like that.  She thinks it is crazy he is thinking about them being more then friends.  It has to be because he just got out of jail and hasn't been with a woman in awhile.  He attraction to him after seeing him has to be because she is lonely and hasn't been intimate with anyone in 4 months.  But the attraction is there, the jealousy of her bitch face supposed friend/neighbor who wants Cooper is there, so maybe just maybe it is more.  If it is more than it is time to run because that is what Briley does.

I had a hard time with this book at the onset, I felt it started off way too slow and was frustrated with Briley at many points wanted to smack her to tell her get your head out of your ass and see what is in front of you.  At times she did see but she denied what she was seeing, she was terrified of losing her anchor, she didn't want to ruin what they had but in the process of not wanting to ruin what they had she did because she broke Cooper's heart over and over and eventually what is a guy to do when someone constantly tells you it isn't happening, he distances himself with the hopes his distance will ease his pain but also make Briley realize what they could be.

One thing I can say is I loved Cooper, he was unwavering in his feelings, he knew what he wanted and he did everything he could to get her, even if it meant giving her the room she needed to see she did need and want him no matter what it did to his heart.  He hurt a lot of the book with her indecision and had a few times where he could have just thrown it and her away and he never did.  He held true to her.

I started off with this rating being a 2.5-3 star book, I really am not a huge fan of weak heroines, I like vulnerable, I like sad, I like happy and I like strong, I don't like whiney and weak.  In the end when it occurs to me this is actually a duet and the story wasn't finished there is more for Briley and Cooper I understand more of the reason it took sooo long for them to get their crap together.  

When Briley finally saw the light, I liked that Briley, I liked her confidence, I liked her happy it was a big change and it took the book on a much path for my liking.  Now knowing that there is still a conclusion to the story to come, I would say the book is a 3.5 star with the 2nd book having the opportunity to be a good 4.5-5 star if the author takes the 2nd in the path I am hoping for.  

This review was provided by Heather McLaughlin. An ARC was provided in exchange for an honest review.

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