Monday, June 8, 2015

The Missionary by Jack Wilder


Ex-Navy SEAL Stone Pressfield has a bad feeling about the proposed church missions trip to Manila, Philippines. The college-age church group plans to go to Manila and help victims of the sex-trafficking industry. Stone's lingering nightmare memories about the sex-trafficking industry have him warning church leaders that the trip is a bad idea. He knows all too well that it could end in violence, and those involved aren't to be trifled with.

When beautiful Wren Morgan goes missing, he has a sick feeling that he knows exactly who took her, and for what purpose. The problem is, Wren isn't just any other student. She's someone he's close to, someone he cares about. Now she's in the hands of cruel, evil men, and Stone is the only one who can rescue her before the unthinkable happens.


When I started to read this book it scared me, it was the present, if I had to describe the first Chapter in one word it would be WOW!
Stone Pressfield ex Navy Seal, present day guitarist and singer within a Church Youth Group, Here he meets Wren Morgan a college student and Youth Group Leader.
The youth group decides to help out in Manila to help young people who have been caught up in human trafficking. Stone is against it off course as he believes that its not smart to send in young high school and college kids to help out. Its a bad idea!!
Stone has been to Manilla before as a Seal, a place where it all went to hell in a hand basket, Stone has seen the files of beaten, drug addicted and sexual slavery, victims who became part of the South Pacific sex trade.
Stone had been there to try and rescue a Senators daughter and lost half his men and the reason why he left the Seals, through injury. The scenes are graphic in Stone’s mind while travelling to Manilla.
Wren is one of the college students who head off to Manilla, Stone off course is the unofficial security. Things turn from bad to worse when Wren is taken by one of the groups for human trafficking to be a sex slave.
Stone and Wren fall for each other and the path isn’t easy to get out of Manilla with a girl that the traders want. Its a hellish ride but neither give up hope and push forward to freedom.
But does Freedom come at a price?
While reading this story it brought home the horrors of what can happen in human trafficking, while this book makes you cry, its a great story of loss, hope, love and freeman.
This is the first book I have read by Jack Wilder, kudos to you Jack


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