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REVIEWS ~ Destructive (Book #1) and Addictive (Book #2) (A Deadly Love Novel) by Jessica Prince

                                                          (BOOK #1)


Men cause nothing but pain.

I live my life by these five words. For me, they have always proven to be true. Men have only brought hurt and suffering my entire life, leaving nothing but devastation in their wake.

I fear them. I hate them.

Until him.

Gabriel forced his way into my life, ripping down the walls I’ve built around myself. He wants me, and he’ll stop at nothing to have me. I should be terrified of what he makes me feel. So why do I crave him anyway?

I see the red flags and warning signs, but I just can’t help myself. I’m his obsession. I thought he was my salvation. But now I know his love could destroy me.


I want to scream from the roof tops that you MUST ONE CLICK Destructive.  I wasn't sure what to expect when I read this book.  I have read Jessica Prince's other novels which were lighthearted and heartwarming.  Destructive is sooo not that type of novel.  Jessica really stepped out of her box when she wrote this masterpiece.  

Gabriel is a total ALPHA male and he has this sex appeal to him that will have you begging for more.  When he says jump, I want to jump.  There is just something totally hot about his personality.  Gabriel has a past, one that has made him into the person he is today.  His entire life had changed in a blink of an eye.  So when he had closed his heart of to the world he was quite shocked by his reaction to Marley.  Gabriel is controlling, but not too much, so when he sets his eyes on Marley, he is not going to take no for an answer.  

Marley has a past; a past that I would not wish on my worst enemy.  Marley's past is what keeps her from opening up with everyone.  Her two best friends don't even know what she went through.  She refuses to have anyone look at her with pity in their eyes.  She survived her past and has started a new life for herself.  When Gabriel walks through the door of the bar where she works at, her entire life was about to change.  Would that be for the better, or for the worst?  There was just something about Gabriel that she was drawn to.  She has never felt this way about someone.  She has never been attracted to anyone the way she is attracted to Gabriel.  This scares Marley. 

The chemistry between Marley and Gabriel is off the charts.  I could feel the emotions that they were going through.  Marley was struggling to keep her wall up, but brick by brick, Gabriel was working to remove that wall.  

There are so many twists and turns in this story.  When secrets are revealed, will Gabriel and Marley be able to get past them?  Gabriel knows that trust is a huge issue for Marley, will he be able to keep Marley's trust?  Will he be able to keep Marley's heart? Will Marley open herself up to Gabriel? Will she allow him to love her?  Will Gabriel be able to love Marley? Will their pasts play a role in their future?

I highly recommend Destructive.  I absolutely LOVED this book.  I could not put it down once I started it.  I tried to slow myself down from reading it cover to cover because I didn't want the story to end, however I failed miserably.  I read it in one sitting because I was dying to know what happened next.  

You will fall hard for Gabriel, and I mean hard !!!  I was left with a total book hangover and had to wait a few months to get the 2nd novel in the series, Addictive.  I have read Addictive as well, and I will be posting my review for that as well.  You have to read this series, trust me, you will not be disappointed. 

(BOOK #2)


*Gabriel and Marley's story concludes in Addictive*

The past always comes back to haunt you.

Well my past is worse than most, and it hasn’t come back solely to haunt me.
It’s returned to annihilate me and everyone I love.

Now I know our pasts are tied together.
I should have stayed away. I should have continued to run.
But I couldn’t.

Gabriel is my addiction. 

No matter how hard I fight it, I just can’t let him go.
My love for him is all consuming. I want him with everything I am.
He gave me light when I’ve lived in a world of nothing but darkness.

But the other shoe has finally dropped.
Our pasts have returned. 
And they’ve set out to destroy us both.


Everyone has a past. Some pasts are worse than others.  When Gabriel's past rears its ugly head, it effects Marley and his relationship.  Marley has been honest with Gabriel about her past.  She has shared with him things she has never shared with anyone.  So when Marley finds out that Gabriel has been hiding a part of his past that impacts them both, she is devastated, she feels deceived. Marley can't handle the information that she received, so Marley does what Marley does best, she runs.

"I fell in love with a man I didn't even know.  You can't change that.  You can't make it better.  And you can't make it hurt any less.  I opened myself up to you.  I confided in you, and I thought I was getting the same in return.  I spend years building up my defenses for this very reason, and I stupidly let you in and let myself believe you would help me heal.  And you crushed me." ~ Marley

Gabriel knows he messed up, that he should have told Marley as soon as he figured out that their paths had crossed.  But he didn't, now he has to deal with the consequences of his decisions.  Gabriel has lost Marley and he will stop at nothing to win her trust back.  He knows that Marley loves him, so won't allow her to walk away.  He will fight for her.  He is Gabriel Bertozzi, he always gets what he wants. 

"I'll keep pushing you until I have what I want.  Until you're naked underneath me with my cock buried so deep, you'll never be able to live without it again." ~ Gabriel

Marley is once again broken, destroyed.  She thought she could trust Gabriel, but when she learns that he has been keeping things from her, she realizes that she doesn't know the man she has fallen in love with.  Marley is Gabriel's life.  She has given him a reason to live. When he fell in love with her, she woken up a part of him that he thought died many years ago. Gabriel will stop at nothing to get Marley back.  Marley tries to stay away from Gabriel, but he has her heart.  No matter how hurt she is, her heart belongs to Gabriel.

"My heart and my body belong to Gabriel Bertozzi; every single part of me belongs to him. And it always will."  ~ Marley

In Destructive, you are a roller coaster and your emotions will be all over the place.  Gabriel and Marley's pasts both come back to haunt them and Gabriel has already lost people who he loved, and he vows that history will not repeat itself.  He will stop at nothing to keep Marley safe.  Gabriel is not proud of the things he has done in his past, but he will not allow his past to dictate his future.  His future is Marley.

"You're my obsession, Marley. Can't you see that?  I'm addicted to you in every way, and I absolutely fucking love it." ~ Gabriel

"I crave him just as much as he craves me, if not more. He's my addiction.  And I don't know if I can quit... or if I even want to." ~ Marley

Gabriel and Marley's journey was an emotional ride.  I felt the pain that Marley felt when she found out about Gabriel's past, how their pasts had crossed.  Jessica Prince made me feel the heartache that Marley was feeling.  I loved this story and with each turn of the page, Marley was not a push over, she knew she what she deserved, and I loved that about her. She was strong and after everything she had gone through, she was a survivor.  She was loyal to those that she loved and would stop at nothing to keep those that she loved safe, even if it meant sacrificing herself.  Will Gabriel be able to earn Marley's trust back?  Will their pasts destroy their future?  Will Marley's past come back to haunt her?  Will the demons from her past destroy her?  Will Gabriel be able to protect Marley from her past?  Will Gabriel and Marley's love be strong enough to get past this?  

Destructive and Addictive are must reads.  I absolutely LOVED these two books.  I am patiently waiting for Obsessive, and from what I have come to expect from Jessica Prince, she will not let me down.  

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