Sunday, September 7, 2014

Nicole Edwards has a sweeter alter ego!

Nicole Edwards has a sweeter alter ego! 

Say What?

That's correct! Nicole Edwards, known world wide as the indie queen of ménage, with captivating 3rd person POV and love stories so hot they may melt your e-reader also has a "softer" side... Timberlyn Scott! As Timberlyn writes Contemporary-New Adult romance and focuses on M/F with not as much "erotic" flare as you see in Nicole's books, and Timberlyn does it all in heart grabbing, emotion steeling 1st person POV.

Why the second pen name you ask? Well, just as you can see it is two different writing styles and two different genres. Nicole felt it was best to separate the two so expectations would align with each pen name and its respected genre.

What does this mean for you the reader and Nicole Edwards fans? Simple, more great books from your favorite author and proof that "Naughty can be oh so nice"-Nicole Edwards. 

Timberlyn Scott's debut novel is available now!


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