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Release Date May 27th

A woman traumatized by her past, beaten, battered, and unwilling to trust.

A man held captive by his greatest failure, lost, and self-destructive.

Letters that unexpectedly bind them together.

Is their bond strong enough to survive each other?

As a web of deceit is revealed, will they be able to determine what’s real, and what’s worth fighting for? Or will they crumble under the weight of secrets that cut too deep?

Can Miller forgive himself and move beyond his fear of failing the one he loves? 

Can Hadley accept the love she desperately wants but doesn’t believe she deserves?


“A lost woman can be found with soft hands. Truth will set you both free.”
Wow…What can I say…..KJ Bell has blown me away yet again.  I went in to this book blind, without reading the synopsis. I mean, I loved her other books and was anxiously waiting for another book to release, but boy I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. She did a fantastic job writing this book especially with the subject matter at hand. She just knows how to suck you in and captivate you, I was able to finish the book in one sitting. I’m going to have to warn you though, it is a very emotional book that will tug at your heart and cause and a few tears but will have you wanting to read it over again. I actually reread this book and I fell in love with the characters all over again, if not more the second time around.

Hadley Walker has had a very rough life and a rough childhood no child should have had to experience. She grew up with an abusive father and a mother who loved him too much to leave.  She had no friends growing up, except for one boy she met one day. No one truly loved her besides her mother. Hadley was orphaned at the age of eight and was put into the state system of foster care and issued a guardian. Her guardian took advantage of her and abused her physically, sexually and verbally, but he threatened her freedom if she spoke a word to anyone. He used his power against her. She turned to drugs and sex to numb the pain, even tried to end her own life. She trusted no one, not even herself, and planted giant walls up to protect herself.

Hadley decided to turn her life around in hopes to gain some distance from her guardian. She graduated from high school, college, even got a decent paying job for Jensen Marketing. Ballet is her true passion, however, dancing doesn’t pay the bills so she just keeps it as a hobby. As part of turning her life around, Hadley is seeing a therapist. She even opens herself up and becomes friends with Mac, a coworker at Jensen. There are holes in the night that her father had died and she wants to remember what happened. Maybe then, it can help her move on from her past.

Miller Genetti, the owner of Genetti Industries grew up with the love of a big family. He is very bold, outspoken, confident, sexy and can have any woman he wants. The complete opposite of Hadley’s quiet self. Hadley has been secretly stalking Miller since she has had her job at Jensen; sneaking glances at him in the lobby or even looking him up online. But little did she know, Miller has been doing some stalking of his own on her. There’s just something about Hadley that catches his eye. A moment in the elevator together proves that there is some kind of instant chemistry between the two of them. Something that completely scares Hadley and sends her running. 

Miller has been chasing a part of his past for years. He can’t seem to let a part of that go, it’s like he feels obligated to protect Theresa no matter the trouble she finds herself in. The guilt keeps him coming back. This time he is caught overseas for an unknown amount of time. People are encouraged to write to Miller to give him hope. Hadley is concerned for his well-being and would love to write to him, however, she is afraid of the reaction she will get from him. She isn’t used to opening up to anyone, so how will this affect her? She writes a letter, but doesn’t send it….

Miller has received a ton of letters, but one has caught his eye. The only letter he wants and he replies back. Hadley is shocked to hear back from him considering she did not send the letter to Miller in the first place. Miller is very direct and straight forward about what he wants with in his letter, kind of comes off arrogant, while Hadley is more reserved. She wants to slowly get to know him. But as much as Hadley should stay away from him, there’s something about Miller that makes her want to keep writing back. After her reply, he immediately regrets his first letter to her and he changes his tact with her. The letters get written back and forth and they get into a comfortable routine getting to know one another that they look forward to receiving the letters which then turn to texts. It’s actually a pretty amazing story of how two strangers who have seen each other from a distance get to know each other through letters and start to develop feelings. Even though Miller is far away, he is still able to provide Hadley with surprises, kind of making some dreams come true. To me, Miller came off as a complete rich jerk at first, but after these letter interactions, I started to fall in love with him more and more.
“Please, stop smothering the spark between us. I feel it, too, and have since the first time I discovered you watching me. Let it rage. Allow yourself to feel. I won’t hurt you, and I would never intentionally cause you pain or suffering. I want to know why you hurt, and I want to take it all away. Please, don’t fear me. Let me in. Allow me to heal your heart and soul.” ~ Miller 
Hadley is still afraid with Miller; afraid to let him in. Her feelings for him are growing stronger, the more she gets to know him and he knows it. He does as much as he can to reassure her that he will not hurt her but she’s been so broken there is no certainty that she can be fixed. Talking to Miller is very easy since he is away, how will things be when he comes home?  There are more secrets that Miller holds, that if Hadley finds out what it is she may not recover from the truth.
“You’re my star, my sunset, and my light at the end of the tunnel. Please, let me love you.”~ Miller
What will happen when Miller comes home? Will Hadley let her walls down and let Miller completely in? Will they continue to get to know each other? Or will they go their separate ways? What secrets are Miller holding from Hadley? What will happen to her when she finds out? Will she forgive Miller when she finds the truth? Will Hadley be able to find the truth about her past? Will she be able to move on and be happy again?
 “I won’t let my past keep me from my love. Your love healed me, like your letters promised.” ~Hadley
This was such an amazing book, I can’t say it enough. This book is one that will always stick with me, it’s definitely not one that is easy to forget. I love the fact that I was able to fall in love with the other characters in the story, not just Hadley and Miller. I felt a connection to every single one of them; I felt like I was part of the family. I can only wish I had the strength Hadley had to endure all that she had to live through, but it all seemed worth it though. And Miller…oh Miller…He stuck by her no matter what she decided to do, which I absolutely loved about him. He truly does love her. Mac was the amazing best friend any girl wishes to have. I would love to see a spin off book about him…hmmm…..

This was reviewed by Jenn. I received an ARC for my honest review. 

Excerpt 1

“Miss, are you coming?” Miller asked.
Hadley dragged her gaze from his neatly pressed trousers, stopping at his rugged and handsome face. Miller’s come-hither smile suggested he could make all of her fantasies come true. Not that she would ask him to.
She sought out the jagged scar that started in the middle of his chin and disappeared under his sharp jaw. It intrigued her. She had a similar one on her right cheek, faded and usually covered with foundation. His, thicker and more prominent, reflected a whisper of imperfection on an otherwise perfect male specimen. Only the stubble that typically shadowed his chin, hinted it bothered him. Hadley often wondered how he got it, but dared not ask. In truth, Hadley dared not speak to him, period.
“Miss,” Miller repeated, “are you coming?”
 Am I coming?
Of course, Miller meant into the elevator with him, but Hadley interpreted it with an alternate meaning. His question rang out literally—the way Hadley dreamt about the previous night, Miller making her come until she begged him to make love to her. Her trembling thighs had woken her from the tantalizing dream.

Excerpt 2

Dear Ms. Walker,
I know exactly who you are. You’re the beautiful and intriguing young woman who shakes like a leaf when I get near you, but watches me with heated intensity every morning when I arrive to work as though you would like to undress me.
I’m pleased to learn the little voice in your head won out and you decided to mail your letter. Perhaps with distance between us, I won’t intimidate you, and we can get to know each other properly. I would very much like to know more about you.
I am receiving many letters, but let me put your mind at ease. I’m not opening any of them. I’m not interested in words from strangers that are obviously looking for ten tiny minutes of fame. Yours, however, spiked my curiosity. I wasn’t sure if it was the same Hadley Walker that brightens my mornings until I smelled the delicate perfume on the outside of the envelope, and knew with certainty it was you.
You would like to know what I miss the most about home. I’m a man. Your answer, Ms. Walker, is sex. I’m accustomed to having a woman in my bed. There are no women here, and it’s lonely. Would you be willing to keep me company? Fucking through words can be very erotic. Chances are, you squirmed in your seat, shocked by what I’ve written. Your panties are wet, and you’re reading the above sentence over again. Perhaps you’re cursing me, but it won’t stop you from reading on. You said you’re drawn to me, and I am rather enamored with you as well. There is nothing for you to be “curious” about. It’s purely sexual attraction that draws you to me and me to you. I’ve wanted to have you since the first time I saw you watching me. The other morning when your big doe eyes peered up at me, and you knew I’d caught you, I wanted to drag you into the elevator and fuck you until you screamed my name so loud, the entire building heard you. I’ve thought about nothing else since. I saw in your eyes that you wanted me to make you come right there in the building lobby. I’m hard thinking about it.
What do you say, Ms. Walker, would you care to have letter sex with me? When I’m free of this shit hole, I promise to deliver the real thing, and then you can determine if I’m still mesmerizing.
Miller Genetti

About the Author

K J Bell currently lives in California with her husband and three children. As a mother of three, when she’s not writing, she’s usually carting one of her children to their various activities.
She enjoys reading, and music, and is equally addicted to both.
Writing is a passion she simply can’t live without.
She loves hearing from her readers and can be found on various social media sites


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