Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Complete Groupie Trilogy
By Ginger Voight

      When Andy Foster met the sexy front man of an up-and-coming rock band, the most she could imagine was a steamy stolen night of passion. But her attraction to Giovanni Carnevale hit her like a bolt of lightning. Soon she was traipsing all over the country, an unintentional groupie, finding herself thrust into his path even when she knew it was a very bad idea. Over four years their romance would face indiscretions, crazed stalkers and the interloping paparazzi, keeping these star-crossed lovers circling around a happily ever after they could never quite catch. In the beloved "Groupie" trilogy by Ginger Voight, three books tell the passionate and angst-driven tale of Andy and Vanni. Now, "Groupie," "Rock Star" and "Mogul" are available in one volume that tells their story from that first meeting in Philadelphia to an explosive conclusion on the opposite coast. This is your backstage pass to find out why readers, reviewers and book bloggers have fallen for a love story that was never supposed to happen.


WARNING: This review may contain spoilers!

       I read these books in preparation for the coming release of Fierce, the first book in Ginger’s new series. The Groupie series had me on an emotional roller coaster. There were times I seriously couldn’t stand Vanni or Andy for putting up with his shit! Then there were the super sweet times. Then he would go back to being the ass I wanted to kick.

     We’re introduce to Andy as she travels to meet an up & coming band that her best friend has discovered.  Andy is a normal girl from Tennessee. She is a full figured gal with 42DD assets, which she isn’t afraid to use.  She is secure in who she is and what she wants. There has been heartbreak in her life, but she doesn’t dwell. The moment she sets eyes on Vanni she is attracted to him. He has a magnetism that pulls women in & doesn’t let them go, even when common sense says otherwise. As much as Andy wants to listen to her head she knows she won't.

      Vanni is the embodiment of a rock star. Vanni flirts with Andy, but then again Vanni flirts with everybody. He has talent and the stage presence to back it up. Unfortunately, he is so narrow sighted that he doesn’t consider anyone else in his path.
     We see Andy & Vanni’s relationship develop through text messages and email. He seems to really care about Andy. She is more than a booty call. That is until Andy realizes he has moved in with his girlfriend. He forgot to mention the girlfriend detail. That is Andy’s first broken heart courtesy of Vanni. She can only distance herself so much because she has become involved in promoting his band, Dreaming in Blue as a way into writing for the music business, and friends with the other band members.

    Andy picks up the pieces and carries on with her life. She can’t deny the effect Vanni has on her, but she damn sure isn’t going to put up with being second fiddle. Things aren’t always what they seem in Vanni’s world. When Andy finds out that Vanni really wasn’t stringing her along she gives him another chance.
This is where Andy & Vanni bond and form a  real relationship. They spend a magical Christmas together. Andy gives him her heart. She doesn’t listen to any of the warnings. Andy loves Vanni & wants to trust that Vanni loves her. Unfortunately this delivers her second Vanni heartbreak.

    Vanni is a complete scum bag through most of the story. He treats Andy like a secret to be kept away from his public persona. His band mates & friends become expendable. By the time he gets his act together and figures out that nothing else matters Andy is pulled in another direction. This sends Vanni into another tail spin.

    Andy doesn’t know what to do. She knows what she wants, but experience and circumstance seem to tell her she can’t. Being pulled in two directions made me really feel for Andy’s predicament. You know what her head is telling her. I couldn’t help but feel sorry for her heart because no matter what she loved Vanni. When fate intervenes it seems as if Andy has been given her answer.

    This when we really see Vanni taking stock himself and his actions. My heart almost broke for him when he realized how shitty he had really been to Andy. He knew he was a jerk, but when he examines everything he did to her & his friends I felt his disgust with himself. Once he makes the decision to give Andy everything he has their relationship is tested on an entirely different level.

    This trilogy is one of those that everything is how it seems & nothing is how it seems. It has been a week since I read the books. There are still moments that I get worked up thinking about it, especially Vanni. The story pulls you in. Andy is very relatable and down to earth. Vanni, well I’m not sure I can say he was likable through most of the story, but he manages to worm his way in despite his behavior. The secondary cast provides a good supporting story.

    I would definitely recommend the Groupie Trilogy. Stay tuned for my review of Fierce.

    I was received a free copy for my honest review.

Reviewed by Liz

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