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Expected Release date: June 4, 2013

Book Title: Fierce (Book #1 in a Spinoff of The Groupie Trilogy – can be read as a standalone) 
Book Summary:

 In the first book in a spin-off series to her best-selling and highly rated 'GROUPIE' trilogy, author Ginger Voight introduces us to a new character named Jordi Hemphill.

All her life, Jordi Hemphill was told that she needed to change to fit in and be accepted. She talked too much, laughed too loud, and most definitely, indisputably and inexcusably weighed too much. In fact, she wore her size-20+ clothes without so much as an apology. She didn’t care to fit in. She didn’t want to be beautiful. Instead, she wanted to wear her hair in funky colors, she itched for tattoos and piercings, and dreamed of a life much bigger than working at the local Burger Palace for minimum wage. She had been born with the voice of a superstar, and something inside her told her it was OK to dream big, even if she had to do it in secret.

On her eighteenth birthday, she takes every last cent she has and buys a one-way ticket for Los Angeles. She is sure her talent will get her noticed by those more open-minded to see it. Then and only then will she show all the naysayers in her hometown that she was a somebody no matter what they say.

Unfortunately Los Angeles wasn't any more welcoming. Jordi didn't fit into their pop machine no matter how well she sang. Other pop princess had the "full package," whereas Jordi still needed to change if she wanted her dreams to come true. It took a plus-size TV producer to take a chance on her, casting her for a reality talent show called "Fierce," which put attitude and talent far above the traditional pop star 

Thanks to Giovanni Carnevale, the lead singer of "Dreaming in Blue" and “Fierce’s” rock star judge, Jordi gets a chance to fight for her place on a national stage.
But will America embrace this alternative diva? Or will they too expect her to conform in order to be accepted... to be loved? Despite the acceptance of new friends and supporters, old ghosts continue to haunt Jordi on her new journey. It will take handsome fellow contestant, Jace Riga, to finally help expose and exorcise the demons that drive her self-destruction.

"Fierce" continues the story introduced in the Ginger Voight novel, "Mogul," where Jordi joins a hodge-podge of other contestants to battle for the championship that dares every single hopeful to live large, to be FIERCE.

Ginger Voight, the author of the best-selling "Groupie" series, brings fame once again to the forefront with her new adult series, beginning with the novel, "Fierce." The characters you grew to love in the "Groupie" trilogy and "Love Plus One" are back to help the incomparable Jordi Hemphill carve a place for her as a pop princess despite the odds in this coming-of-age Rubenesque romance.



 Jordi appeared briefly in Mogul, the third book in the Groupie Trilogy. She is a contestant on a new talent show. Giovanni Carnevale is one of the judges. After some tough realizations about her place in her family and her home town she takes off for the greener pastures of LA.
   Unfortunately, in spite of having more fertilizer the pastures aren’t greener. Jordi feels more and more like a heifer as she faces rejection after rejection. Her roommate wants her to see the awesome person inside the shell. Yes, Jordi isn’t a single digit size. She knows it. Her mother has used Jordi’s weight as a convenient reason to hammer away at her self-esteem.

    No one from Jordi’s home town bothers to contact Jordi during the year she is away. When she goes back to film a piece about her life suddenly she is the adored daughter, best friend, and girlfriend of the town’s football star. The same high school football star who used her as a booty call. Jordi’s mother & “boyfriend” take over ruining, I mean running, her life. Forcing her pay for them to come to LA to be her cheering section. They’re more like the demoralization section. I wanted to cry for Jordi, and how the people who are supposed to love her treat her worse than dirt.

    Jordi does find a surrogate family amongst the contestants on the talent show, Fierce. She has true friends in these people who stand beside her on stage. Even the “beautiful” & socially normal contestants become her friends. They have no idea what her mother & doting “boyfriend” are doing to her behind closed doors.
The one person who sees past everything is her fellow contestant, Jace. Jace is a an amputee due to injuries he suffered while deployed. Jace is Jordi’s champion. He believes in her. He falls in love with her. They grow closer and closer to each other.

    The crappy people in her life know just what to do to keep her under their control when they feel her slipping from their leechy conniving grasp. Jordi finds herself in a hopeless situation. She sacrifices herself to save the man she loves. At the end of the book Jordi and Jace are forced apart. The end of the book is a cliffhanger. I hope Ginger is writing quickly. The waiting is why I have a love/hate relationship with series that are still being written.

    The bottom line is Jordi is a character worth investing in and getting to know.

     I was provided an ARC for an honest review.

Reviewed by Liz

About Ginger: (photo attached to email)
Ginger Voight is prolific author, freelance writer and optioned screenwriter. Her fiction is diverse, with novels like the edgy, coming-of-age drama DIRTY LITTLE SECRETS, and the fun family adventure for kids of all ages, COMIC SQUAD.
Having grown up reading different authors like Danielle Steel and Stephen King, Ginger has always been drawn more to story than to genre. This shows up in her various stories. Titles such as MY IMMORTAL and TASTE OF BLOOD are a delicious, heady mix of horror, suspense, and romance.
Genre romance, however, has held a special place in her heart, ever since she read her first Harlequin novel when she was only eleven. As a result, Ginger is making a name for herself writing romances of her own, starring women who look more like the average American woman rather than those traditionally represented in the size-biased American media. Her Rubenesque romances were created especially for those heroines with fuller figures, who can still get the man of their dreams if only they believe they can. Such titles include UNDER TEXAS SKIES, LOVE PLUS ONE, GROUPIE and PICTURE POSTCARDS.
Ginger was included in the best-selling book by Smith Magazine NOT QUITE WHAT I WAS PLANNING, featuring her six-word memoir.

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