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Safe Word by Teresa Mummert Review

Safe Word by Terasa Mummert

    A chance meeting with a stranger can turn your entire world upside down.
When Colton 'Colt' Bishop enters a bar in New York City, he has a plan. His job is to find an easy target and take her back to his place for a few days. He is working his way up the crime ladder doing a job he never wanted.

    Lily Hilton has it all, but is hiding from a troublesome past. When she enters a bar downtown, and runs into her old high school crush, her entire world is turned upside down. She is determined to make him notice her, but that plan may work better than she expects. Colton does not hesitate to take Lily home and use her as his new pawn, but their past begins to catch up with them as their secrets unravel and he must decide what is more important to him, protecting Lily or himself.

This review contains spoilers.

      Colt is a not so bad guy living a bad guy’s life. He kidnaps women and holds them for ransom for his “bosses.” It was the job that was open after he got out of prison. Life isn’t kind to former cops gone bad. While scooping out his next job he is engaged in conversation with a beautiful woman. She is with someone, not a target, so he tries to dismiss her.

      Lily doesn’t want to be dismissed. She chose this bar for a reason. That reason is Cole. Lily wants to find the one person who always made her feel safe. Right now she needs protection as much as she ever did because her abusive step-father is getting out of prison and he is looking for her.

    When Colt figures out that the mysterious woman is a Rose, the girl who disappeared from his life as a teenager, he tries to get away from her. He doesn’t want her mixed up in his life. Like most heroines she doesn’t listen and follows him. It would have been a really short book otherwise. Unfortunately, Colt & Lily run into his bosses outside the bar. Lily becomes their next victim.

     The book takes place over the time Colt holds Lily captive. He is trying to come up with a solution that gets them out of this mess alive. Colt wants to keep his distance from Lily. He fights his attraction. He gives in at the wrong time, and gets caught in a compromising position. His bosses tell him to dispose of the problem. The problem being Lily.

    Colt decides to hide Lily while doing the next job he has been assigned. At the same time he is trying to track down her step-father. He knows he loves Lily, but this can’t end well. The step-father beats her ex fiancée to death. Then the only female friend Colt has goes missing after he hides Lily at his parent’s old house, which brings us to the “BIG REVEAL.”

     In the end we find out that Colt was set up as an undercover agent to bust a crime ring. He and Lily get separated during the bust. The big catch is he is so far undercover the only way out is to die. Colt gets sent to prison to commit suicide. Lily is entered into the witness protection program.

    Four years later each has assumed a new identity. Colt is determined to find her using the only information he has, her new name and occupation. He is still undercover with a few days before his next assignment starts to check out his latest lead on Lily. He does find her. They decide to get married, and go on to his next mission.

    I was left with a lot of unanswered questions. Why did Rose/Lily stay away so long? Even with her new identity she was a teacher in a nice school, wasn’t like she was on the run. Why did she stay in New York if she was that afraid of her step-father? Why didn’t she ever contact Cole before the bar? How did Cole not recognize the love of his life? How did Cole find out her new name in the witness protection program? How are his government bosses going to like them getting married? They’ve sent him to prison twice already.

    The story that was there was average. I think if some of the unanswered questions had been answered it would have felt like a more complete story.

Review by Liz

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