Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Flying by Megan Hart ~ Review

By Megan Hart


Ever hear of wanderlust? 
Every other weekend, Stella buys a ticket on the next flight out of town and leaves her life behind. Home is a place with too many memories, and departure is the sweetest possible distraction. 
As soon as she arrives at her destination, Stella visits the airport bar. She orders a drink and waits for the right guy to come along. A bored businessman, a backpacker, a baggage handler just off shift. If he's into a hot, no-strings hookup, he's perfect. Each time is a thrilling escape from reality that gives the term layover a whole new meaning. 
When Stella meets the enigmatic Matthew in Chicago one weekend, she hits some serious turbulence. Something about him tells her she's not the only one running from the past. The connection between them is explosive, and for the first time, one taste is not enough for Stella. But returning to find a gorgeous man waiting for her is the easy part—facing the reason she's there is a whole other matter…. 
Life is full of regrets. The would’ve, should’ve, could’ves can bury you alive. People develop their coping mechanisms. Some people convince themselves they are happy while others know they are only masking the pain of a past they can’t change.
Stella has regrets, but the last thing she regrets is who she becomes when she’s flying. Weekend trips to be someone other than the woman getting through her days taking care of her teenage son and touching up other people’s pictures, who she’s not even sure she likes anymore. Stella the single-mom has somewhat irrational fears, which control her life.
The woman flying doesn’t entertain these fears. She’s fearless, and she knows what she wants and how to get it. As a flier she’s used to getting what she wants. Her name varies as much as her hair color. There are no expectations of a relationship or getting to know each other. She’s not in this to care about somebody else, no she’s in this to forget who she is.
By chance one day it’s Stella that walks into an airport bar after a flight delay, and it’s Stella who meets Matthew. Stella let’s a few of the rules slip, but she still leaves. But soon, she finds herself heading back to Chicago, harboring a secret hope that in spite of all of the reasons she shouldn’t be able to find Matthew again she will. By fates or circumstance Matthew is there, almost like he was waiting for her.
Stella and Matthew’s relationship isn’t easy. They live in two different states. He has an ex-wife with no boundaries. Stella’s not sure she really wants to date. She doesn’t want to play games, but Matthew, well, Matthew plays a few. When Stella stops flying and starts trying to invest in the relationships with people around her, like her son and Matthew, it’s not easy. And the discoveries she makes break her a little more. Matthew isn’t exactly supportive, he can be a bit of an asshole.
But there’s a reason the saying “The truth will set you free,” resonates so much. Once Matthew shares his truth, he’s not such an asshole. That doesn’t mean his assholeish behavior gets a free pass. Stella knows that she can’t allow their relationship to progress the way it is. Just when you think all of the headway Stella has made is going to go up in smoke, Megan Hart pulls out an ending that makes you believe that someone so broken and struggling to make it through life could start to really live again.
Preorder your copy today! There is no doubt why Megan Hart is one of my favorite authors and why I order her books as soon as I know about them. (Even though she hasn't given us Jack and Sarah's story yet.)
Reviewed by Liz

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