Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Serenity Falls By Tiffany Aleman & Ashley Poch


Kenleigh Briggs suffered debilitating depression at the age of twelve after losing both parents in a tragic house fire. Her aunt assumed guardianship and forced Kenleigh to learn how to horseback ride. She soon developed a bond with the horses that helped her work out her depression.
Seven years later, young Kenleigh is now a sophomore at the University of Texas, San Antonio. During summer break, she arrives at Serenity Falls, a horse ranch devoted to helping children with disabilities learn to ride. She loves watching the kids build the same healing bonds with the horses that she did. She really finds satisfaction in paying it forward.

Wesley Adams, the son of the ranch’s owners, is a professional bull rider who lives in Dallas. With his blond hair, Caribbean blue eyes, and tattooed muscular body, he is epitome of every woman’s dream. Wesley is good guy, but he has a bit of a rowdy side.

Kenleigh has learned to take life head on. She no longer holds back, and seizes every opportunity that she has to make herself happy. Content with the way her life is going, Kenleigh never expected Wesley. He takes Kenleigh on the ride of her life, until tragedy strikes again. As Kenleigh and Wesley discover a love like they have never known, will they also discover the best parts of life they are missing?



Instead of waiting for him to close the distance between us, I take the lead. I place a hand on his chest walking him backwards through the spray of the shower, his back collides with the wall. Our clothes cling to us like a second skin. I can feel my hair sticking to the sides of my face. My eyes search his face. I watch as the water turns to light brown from mixing with the mud as it cascades down his face, caressing his perfectly shaped cheekbones, nose, lips, and jaw line. I grip his shirt tightly in my hands as I lean into him. His strong hands come up, cupping my face. My eyes flutter close at the contact. “I’m so sorry Kenleigh. You have no idea,” he mumbles peppering kisses all over my face. “Look at me please,” he whispers against my lips.

“I’m not a man who gets scared very often, but I was going crazy out there thinking that you and I were done. Especially when we just got started.” He leans down, resting his forehead against mine. He closes his eyes for a moment taking a deep breath. When he opens them he adds, “I don’t know what it is that we’re doing, but I like it. I feel free, liberated, happy when I’m with you. You make me want to be a better man. I can’t explain my feelings, but I know they’re growing stronger and stronger for you each day, and I do not want that feeling to go away.”

I’m stunned speechless by his confession. The more and more time we spend together I can feel myself falling for him more and more, but I didn’t know he was feeling it too. Tilting my head up, I whisper against his lips, “I feel it too.”

A tentative smile pulls at my lips as he flashes me the brightest smile I think I’ve ever seen. “Yeah? Really? I mean you don’t ha—”

“Just shut up and kiss me,” I say with a chuckle cutting him off.

His hands go to my ass lifting me off the bottom of the shower as he spins around pinning me against the wall. With a mischievous smile his lips descend on mine as he says, “Yes ma’am.”

Within seconds, his tongue invades my mouth seeking and exploring every inch. Our hands search each other’s bodies as we tear at each other’s clothes. In no time we’re naked and I’m gasping as he slips inside me. It takes no time for me to adjust to his size. My fingers thread through his hair, gently tugging it. I groan loudly as he increases his thrusts. My body sings with pleasure when he begins sucking and nipping my neck, collarbone, and that sweet spot behind my ear. I’m blinded by lust. Our sweat mixes in with the water as it glides down our bodies. “Wes…I’m so close…” I pant out.

"Fuck baby…just a little bit longer…” he murmurs in my ear.

He begins a ravenous pace, pounding into me as I meet him thrust for thrust. Just as I explode calling out his name, he pulls out, coming all over my stomach. I can’t help but look down. I’m completely entranced by the sight of his hot, white, thick cum pumping onto me. Still heaving deep breaths, I hear him say, “I’m sorry. I didn’t know what else to do. I got caught up in the moment and I didn’t know if you were on any type of bir—”

“Stop,” I say cutting him off yet again.

I look up from my stomach to him and back down in amazement before I reply, “That was the hottest thing I have ever seen.” A cocky grin tugs at the corners of his lips. I roll my eyes at him. “Shut up.” A chuckle escapes the both of us at the same time as he leans in and kisses me.

“What have I done to you?” He asks.

“I don’t know, but whatever it is, don’t stop,” I reply dropping my legs from around his waist. I look up meeting his eyes. “And just so you know, I’m on birth control. I have been for a long time.”

He arches an eyebrow silently asking me to explain further. “My periods.”

“All right. You don’t have to explain any further,” he says holding his hands up and shaking his head. “Let me help you get rinsed off,” he says huskily as he pulls me flush against him into the spray of the water. Before I can say anything a knock sounds on the door.

“When you two are done, I’d like a word with the both of you please.” Oh my gosh, Mrs. Sandy. My head drops to his chest as I screw my eyes shut tightly. Heat consumes my face from the embarrassment that I know is going to come when I have to face her.
 Serenity Falls ~Kenleigh & Wes


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