Monday, September 9, 2013


Hey all! Since some winners did not claim their prizes and we gave notice to everyone, we picked new winners for the unclaimed prizes. Listed below are the new winners with the prize next to your name. If you are a winner please PM the blog FB page. If you won an eBook, please include your email address and if you prefer a kindle or a nook copy. If you won a signed paperback, please include your address. If you know the winner, please inform them that they won. As always, thank you for all the support that you have all given us. We cannot express how thankful we are. 


Jacklynn Sizemore-  1 Signed Paperback of Devoured by Emily Snow

 Suzy Clark- 1 Signed Paperback of When We Collide & Swag by A.L. Jackson

 Lilith Nyx- 1 Signed Paperback of Trying Not to Love You & Swag by Megan Smith

Rhonda Reinhart Routzon &   Sarah Rosario Signed Paperbacks by KJ Bell

Anna Granberg- 1 Signed Paperback of Collide & Pulse by Gail McHugh

 Amanda Roberts- 1 Signed Paperback of Choices of Fate by S. Simone Chavous

 DeeJay Sakata- 1 Signed Paperback of the Enforcer by Nikki Worrell

  Krissy Burns Holstein &  Amber Dawn Keefer  -  Signed Paperbacks of Leaving
 California by Ann Lyons (**2 Winners)

Jill Vaughan- eBook of Fear of Falling by S.L Jennings

Alison Gordon-  eBook of Unbreakable by Rebecca Shea

 Raeline Peterson- Signed Paperback of Reaching Out for You & Swag by Soaching Moose Author (**4 Winners, 1st name drawn will receive paperback)

 Stephanie Jacob,   Jody Zalabak Duffy & Sandy Conley-Grassini SWAG by Soaching Moose Author

 Debbie Jensen &  Destiney Rice eBooks of Love Lost by Love Belvin

Liezels Bookblog &  Jennifer Balmer - Signed Paperbacks of The Darkest Craving by Gena Showalter

 Angela Pratt - eBook of Unexpected & Swag by Dulaney –Glen

Kerry Brown- eBook of Finally & I Remember You by Author Scarlett Metal

 Johnnie-Marie Howard- eBook of The Mistaken by Nancy Saling Thompson

 Suzy Seabrook Minix - eBook of Nowhere to Hide by Nina D'Angelo

 Carmen Candy Cruz-  Signed Paperback of Saving Amy by Nicola Haken

Cynderella Duncan-  eBook packs of Saving Amy & Inevitable by Nicola Haken

 Brandi Heil Bieber - eBooks of Crashed by Danielle Elwood

 Lou Burkhart -  eBooks of Not at First by Phalla Rios

 Lea Je - eBook of Take Care, Sara by Lindy Zart

Angel McGuffey - eBooks of Bared Assets by M.L. Stephens

Michelle Huang - Swag Pack by RL Mathewson