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BLOG TOUR --> Don't Let Go by Michelle Lynn Character Interview, Review & BONUS POV



We’d like to thank the both of you for stopping by Naughty and Nice Book Blog for this interview. 
Brady and Sadie, the two of you were both struggling with secrets.  How did you overcome your inability to open up and realize you could trust each other with the ghosts of your past?

Sadie glances to Brady and he nods for her to answer first.

Sadie: “I knew I had no choice.  He had to know my past before I could have sex with him. If I told him about how sexually active I had been, I needed him to understand why.  Which led to me revealing all my secrets to him.  Jessa really pushed me to understand that Brady was different and I could trust him.

Brady wraps his arm around her shoulder and pulls her into him before giving her a kiss on the head.  She smiles up at him and him her.

Brady:  As you know it took me a long time to tell Sadie.  Hell, she figured it out before I had the balls to do it myself.  Once she discovered the biggest one and she didn’t run, I knew I could trust her with everything else.

Brady, did it ever bother you knowing that Sadie has a “very” active sexual past?
He laughs.

Brady: “Bother me…would be a drastic understatement.  I understand why she turned to sex to find her comfort.  Hell, I’ve done it myself throughout the years.  I’m mostly pissed the way the guys treated her.  She deserved better than that.  Like I said before, as long as I’m her present and future, I can deal with it.

Sadie places her hand on his leg and he looks down at her.

Sadie: “I have the best now.”

Brady:  “Never forget it, baby.” He chuckles.

Sadie: “You either, mister.” She pokes him in the stomach and he bends down giving her a short kiss.

Brady: “Isn’t she the best?” He looks at a happy Sadie. “Love you.”

Sadie: “I love you, too.”

You two are so cute together...  

Brady, when you started to see that your relationship with Sadie was progressing and you were falling in love with her, didn’t you think that eventually Sadie was going to find out that Vince was your father?

Brady: “I had no idea their paths would ever cross.  Sure some people on campus knew the connection but that day I saw her leaving money.  I realized then, I wouldn’t be able to keep it forever.  At that point in my dad’s life though, he was drinking himself into an early grave.  I didn’t know which way it could go but the hope he’d get better diminished every day. Eventually, I knew she’d have to be tangled into the horrible web of having an addict as a part of your family but I wanted to spare her from it for as long as I could.”

Sadie gives him a light kiss on his shoulder to let him know she’s there for him.

Brady why couldn't you just tell Sadie the truth about him from the beginning?  Is that why you wanted Sadie to stay away from Grant, because you thought Grant would reveal your secret?

Brady: “Man, you guys are relentless.” He laughs. “I didn’t want Sadie to think I would turn out like my dad.  I’ve worked really hard to make sure I don’t end up on some bench.  Obviously when addiction runs in your blood, some people just expect you will ultimately have the problem as well.”

He takes a deep breath.

Brady: “As far as Grant. I knew he would never share my secret.  That was the fucked up part. I trusted him with my biggest secret and not my girl.  Grant disappointed me back in high school and I worried that somehow he would take Sadie away from me.  Grant and I were in a bad place for years but now things are better.”

He runs his hands through his hair, clearly relieved that question is over.

Why were you so ashamed of what your father had become?

Brady: “You do know Sadie’s here right?  Feel free to shoot some of these questions to her.” He grins. “Kidding aside, my dad went from being the most prestigious Dean on campus to the alcoholic bum living on park benches within months.  I heard the whispers and rumors about what he had become from not only students but faculty.  Who wants to tell the woman they love that their dad prefers to live on the streets so he can drink rather than living in their nice four bedroom house?”

Sorry Brady, I don't mean to be too aggressive with our questions, but inquiring minds want to know.  I laugh and lean in and whisper, "don't worry, we have some questions for Sadie as well. "

Brady: "Oh it's okay girls, I'm just joking!" 

Knowing that Vince had such a supportive family around him, why do you think he refused to accept any help?

Brady: “Yeah, he had me and Maura not to mention Grant but he went on a downward spiral after my mom left.  He couldn’t recover after that.  We all tried so many times to get him help.  I’m still not sure what made him finally agree to it but hell if I’m going to question him.  A counselor told me that every addict has their rock bottom and I guess he finally hit his that night.  At least I hope so.”

How is Vince doing now? 

A wide smile comes over his face.

Brady: “Finally, an easy question.  Really well.  He finished his month of rehab and now resides in a halfway house close by.  We visit him often.”

I am so happy to hear that Vince has been sober for a month.  That is really good news. 
I don't mean to be too intrusive with my questions.  After reading your story, I was left with some questions.  I promise, from here on out, the questions wont be tough. 

Brady, when you and Sadie were at Niagra Falls, you hung up with your sister, Maura and crawled into bed with Sadie and whispered behind her “God.. I hope you love me half as much as I love you. You’ll have to in order to deal with this bullshit.”  What did you mean by that?  

 He glances over to Sadie and they exchange a look before she bites her lower lip.

Brady: “You heard me?” he questions Sadie and she giggles, nodding her head. “You never told me.”

Sadie: “It didn’t matter.  I loved you and wanted to wait for you to tell me.”

Brady: “Well shit.  If I would have known you heard.” He shakes his head in amusement. “Anyway, I meant I hoped she loved me enough not to leave me when she found out my dad was an addict.  When someone you love is addicted to something, you no longer matter in their eyes.  My dad choose alcohol over me and my sister.  Constantly having to pick him up from the police station, hospital or anywhere else he ended up is a consistent worry.  You feel like you’re on the edge of your seat waiting for the dreadful call to come in.  As much as you try to help or do right, you can’t fix them.  I didn’t want her to have to deal with it but I prayed she understood enough to stick by me.”

Well, I think you got yourself a keeper sitting next to you.

Brady: "That I do Heather."

In Don’t Let Go, you admit that you had never written a love song.  Have you written one since you have fallen in love with Sadie?

Brady: “Of course, look at her.  How could someone not write a million songs about her?”

He grabs her hand and draws her over to him.  She blushes going willingly.

Sadie, the night at the country club, when you were dancing with your father and he blamed you for the death of your brother, why didn’t you tell your mother and Brady that was the “real” reason for you leaving their house that night?

Brady: “About time the heats off me.  Go ahead, babe.”

She playfully rolls her eyes his way.

Sadie: “I just wanted to leave.  I blamed myself for my brothers dying and when my dad confirmed he did as well, it took me back right after his death.  I knew in that instant, I needed to get away from him, his money and especially his control.  I think I was still processing it at the time.”

She hangs her head down still obviously upset about what happened to her brother.  Brady wraps his arms around her and pulls her into a hug.  After whispering something in her ear, Sadie sits up and wipes her eyes.

I'm sorry for the loss of your brother.  You need to know that you were not responsible for that honey... Shitty things happen in life and your brother wouldn't want you carrying around that guilt.
Sadie: "Thank you, Heather. Deep down I know he wouldn't want me to feel the guilt. It's a struggle for me to accept it but it's becoming easier everyday." She looks over at Brady and he gives her a reassuring smile.
How is your relationship with your parents?  Have you spoken to your father lately?

Sadie: “My mom and I are good.  Our relationship grows stronger every day but sadly…I haven’t talked to my dad since that night I left.”

Well, let’s talk about your grandmother Ida. She is a riot; quite the firecracker.  Is she still crushing on Brady?

They both laugh and Brady checks flush.  Sadie teasingly pats him on the knee and he smirks, rolling his eyes.
Sadie: “I don’t think she’ll ever stop.  I’ve recently had to tell her to stop pinching his ass.” Sadie starts uncontrollably laughing and Brady grins but appears uncomfortable. “Don’t be embarrassed baby, she loves you,"  Sadie says to Brady, still not able to quiet her laughing down.

OK, you know we need to discuss Kara.  I don't want to put you back on the hot seat Brady, but we have a few questions regarding her.
Do you think you should have been a little bit more blunt with Kara with regards to her being so clingy?

Brady: “Back to me again, huh?” He rubs his palms down his jeans, as though the questions are making him nervous.  “Yeah, I probably should’ve but I just thought she’d get past it when she saw how serious Sadie and I were.”

Some girls are crazy Brady.  Being blunt usually works best, with those types of girls.
Brady: "Yeah, you're right."

If the situation was reverse, how would you feel if a guy who you knew had feelings for Sadie was always hanging around and flirting with her and trying to drive a wedge between the two of you?

Brady: “Easiest question all day.  I would have kicked his ass.”

Well I guess it's a good thing Sadie didn't kick Kara's ass then, huh.
Sadie: "It almost got to that point.  Especially in the hospital."

How is Kara dealing with knowing that the two of you are happily in love? 

Sadie: She transferred out this semester.  I don’t know if it’s because of us or not but I’m just happy she’s gone.”

Brady: “I’m pretty sure it’s because of us, baby.  It was the best solution for all of us because I was either going to have to break up a girl fight and what guy ever wants to do that or I was going to have to tell Kara she couldn’t hang around anymore.”

He gives his signature wink to Sadie and she smiles at him.

Brady, looking back now on your relationship with Grant, do you wish you would have handled it differently?  In reality, Grant wasn’t to blame for your mother having an affair with his father.

Brady: “Yeah I handled the whole thing fucking wrong.  I was young and pissed.  My mom left me and my dad.  I in turn had to take care of my alcoholic father.  I might have blamed him for things outside of his control.  I’ve made amends to him, he knows how sorry I am.  The shittiest part is I should’ve been there for him.  He was going through a lot more pain then me.”

Sadie grabs his hand and squeezes it.

Sadie: “He knows Brady.  He accepted your apology.”

Brady nods his head but his face still shows apprehension over the topic.

Brady, how are you and Grant?  Are the two of you working on becoming friends again?
Brady perks up at the question.

Brady: “We’re back to where we were six years ago.  Not to sound corny but it’s like our fight never happened.”

That's good to hear.  Grant seems like a really nice guy.  The two of you were both going through some personal shit.  I am glad that the two of you have managed to work this out.

Sadie, I'll ask you a few questions and give Brady a chance to breathe. (I look at Brady and smile and wink at him.)
Sadie, how are all of you getting along living in the house together?

She laughs.

Sadie: “It’s interesting to say the least.  Even with the ups and downs, I like having everyone around, we’re like a big family.”

Brady: “A little more alone time wouldn’t be bad,” he tilts his head to Sadie.

Sadie: “No, it wouldn’t,” she grins, shaking her head at him. Obviously knowing what he is referring to.

Since all of the guys in the band have somehow or another walked in on the two of you having sex or about to.   Has Jessa managed to walk in on the two of you?  Or have you invested in locks on the doors. 

Brady and Sadie laugh.

Sadie: "No, she hasn't walked in on us yet. We've managed to be more careful now. Unfortunately, a house full of roommates doesn't allow a lot of spontaneity."

Brady: "Say the word baby and they're gone."

He gives her a wink.

Sadie: "You know as well as I do, that you would never kick them out." she smirks.

Brady: "Yeah, you're probably right. One day though, it will be all ours."

Brady takes Sadie's hand and brings it up to his lips to kiss her knuckles.

Sadie: "It doesn't bother me who I live with, as long as you're one of them."

Brady: "You never have to worry about that, I'm forever in your bed."

Awe, look at the love birds.  You two are too cute!

Sadie, do you think Jessa has feelings for Grant?

Sadie: “Hmm…a friend never tells but you’ll find out shortly.” She raises her eyebrows at Heather, smiling widely.

I raise my eyebrows back at Sadie.  Interesting, I guess I will just have to wait and see what the future holds for Jessa and Grant.
How are you doing in school this semester?  Have you decided if you are still going to take the year off after graduation before focusing on Graduate School?

Sadie: “A certain someone pulled a few strings for me,” she looks at Brady and he chuckles. “So, I’ll be attending Graduate School at Western in the fall.”

Where do you all see yourselves in five years?

Brady: “What do you think, baby?”

Sadie: “Happy?”

Brady: “Goes without saying.”

Sadie: “Married?”

Brady: “Of course.”

Sadie: “Kids?”

Brady: “Without question.”

Sadie: “Together?”

Brady: “Always.”

I am so happy that the two of you found each other and managed to overcome your pasts, and have such a promising future together.  I can definitely feel the love between the two of you.

We're going to wrap this interview up. But before we do, we are going to have a little fun.  I want you to both tell us something about each other that we don’t know.  It can be anything.  (Sadie  looks to Brady and shakes her head)  Oh boy, this is going to be interesting…  Sadie probably knows too many secrets about Brady…  I wonder what she is going to tell us?

Brady: “Sadie has mastered the dirty talk in bed.  Even out doing me most of the time.” She smacks his arm and he grabs her hand to pull her into him.  “It’s okay, baby, it’s hot.” He laughs and Sadie narrows her eyes to him.

Sadie: “Brady likes more chick flicks than I do.” She tilts her head to him as though saying gotcha back.

Brady: “Hey, you just made the ladies love me even more,” he hollers in laughter.

Sadie: “They can have you,” she jokes and joins in his laughter.

Brady: “I told you, I’m a one woman guy and you’re her.” He picks her up and places her on his lap.

Well that's a wrap folks.  I want to thank the two of you for stopping by and answering our questions.  Brady, I didn't mean to have you on the hot seat for most of the interview.  I appreciate your honesty and I am sure the ladies are swooning over you just a little more than they were before we started today.  I sure know I am. (I say jokingly and smile at him.) 

I wish you both nothing but the best in your new endeavors and I am excited to see what the future hold for the two of you, as well as Grant, Jessa and the rest of the band. 

Brady: "Thank you Heather.  This was fun.  Yeah, you'll be seeing a lot more of us soon."  he winks.

Sadie:  "It was a pleasure, Heather.  I loved seeing Brady squirming." she laughs.


Sadie Miller is attempting to change her ways and hide somewhere no one knows her former self.  She only wants to finish her final year of college, obtain her degree and get out from her parent’s hold.  Then she meets Brady Carsen, the lead singer of the college town band, The Invisibles.  Although she tries to stay away, his persistence quickly wins her over and she realizes although he is everything she’s not used to, he might be exactly what she needs and more importantly wants. 

Unfortunately, Sadie’s troubled past at her last school left her with insecurities that make her question Brady’s true intentions.  While Brady is convinced Sadie is the one for him, he has his own secrets that he fears will be their undoing, destroying everything they have grown to become.

If they want to be together, they will have to stand united and fight the outside influences that are threatening to tear them apart.  Can they put the distrusts and apprehensions formed by their pasts behind them for good in order to secure their future?




I had the pleasure of being a beta reader for Michelle, so I got to meet Brady before the rest of the book world did.  I fell in love with Brady from the moment I met him. 

People looking from the outside in, thought that Sadie Miller had it all.  Sadie comes from a very wealthy family to say the least. Sadie used sex to help cope with the pain that she was feeling.  Sadie has a past that she is trying to leave behind when she transfers to a new college her junior year.  Sadie wants a new life, a fresh beginning where no one knows her past.  Sadie knows that using sex to cope was not helping ease the pain that she was feeling.  When she transfers school, she vows that she will not be intimate with anyone, she has a new found respect for herself.  While attending a house party with her roommate, Jessa she feels uncomfortable and wants to leave.  As she is leaving the party, she literally bumps into a hot guy and loses her balance.  He accuses her of being drunk, and doesn't want her to leave and drive home.  He convinces her to stay and watch his band perform, but while he is on stage, Sadie makes a run for it.
The hot guy that bumps into Sadie at the party is Brady Carsen.  Brady is immediately attracted to Sadie.  He can not keep his eyes off of her.   Brady needs to see Sadie again.  When he realizes that she left her iPod behind at the party, he uses that as his opportunity to see her again.   Brady wants to get to know Sadie, but Sadie is hesitant and keeps pushing Brady away.  She knows that she won't be able to give him what he wants.  Sadie does not want a relationship and she will not have sex with anyone.  
Brady will not take no for an answer and pursues Sadie.  There is just something about this girl that he is drawn to.  The chemistry between the two of them is off the charts.  Sadie thinks that Brady deserves better than her.  Sadie has a past, one that she doesn't think that Brady will be able to accept.  Little does Sadie know, Brady has a past as well.  Both Sadie and Brady have secrets that they are keeping.  Will Sadie trust Brady with her past?  Will Brady tell Sadie the secret that he is keeping from her?
Sadie built a wall around her heart, and little by little, Brady is chipping it away.  Will Brady be able to convince Sadie to let him in?   Brady fell hard for Sadie.  Brady knew how he felt about Sadie, but wasn't sure Sadie felt the same way. 
"God...I hope you love me half as much as I love you.  You'll have to in order to deal with this bullshit." ~ Brady
After a night with her family at the country club, her past is thrown in her face, when her father blames her for a tragic event that occurred.  Will Sadie be able to face the demons of her past?  Does Sadie blame herself?  Can Sadie ever forgive her father for her accusations?  Does Sadie's mother feel the same way?  Sadie needs to let go of the past in order to move on with her future.  Brady needs to tell Sadie about his past, so he can move on with their future.  Will Sadie still love Brady when his secret is revealed?  You'll have to read the book to find out for yourself.

Throughout the book we meet several sub-characters.  Jessa, Sadie's roommate, Brady's band mates, and Grant, Brady's best friend who he hasn't spoken to in years.  Grant knows the secret that Brady is keeping from Sadie, but he never reveals it.  He feels as though that is Brady's story to tell.  Grant seems like a genuine nice guy and sparks fly between he and Jessa when they meet at a frat party that Brady and his band are performing at.
 I have to say, that I absolutely loved this cast of characters.  I think the connection between all of them felt very real.  I felt as though I could have been friends with them.  Michelle did a fabulous job with Don't Let Go.  I not only read it once, I read it twice. Each time I read it, I fell more in love with Brady.  He is so charming, respectful and loving.  He loved Sadie unconditionally.  I am looking forward to reading Grant's story in October as well as what is in store for the rest of the group.

“Hey, Brady,” the soft, whispery voice diverts my attention away from the water bottle in my hand.

“Hey,” I respond back to the small brunette who is fidgeting with her fingers. She glances to her friends and then back toward me. Following her line of vision, I notice the group of girls huddled together on the opposite side of the room, smiling over at us.

 “So…” she hesitates, with her eyes locked on the ground. “Are you guys playing tonight?”

She’s cute and appears innocent. I should just tell her now that someone else beat her to me. Although I haven’t spoken one word to the blonde that has consumed my every thought for the last three weeks, she has already claimed me. I can’t sleep, eat, or hell, even walk around campus without thinking about those lost eyes.

“We’re on next, Carsen,” our drummer says and pats me on the back while making his way to the stage. He stops abruptly and walks backward toward us. “I’m Trey,” he says using his best flirtatious tone.

 “Allison,” she shakes his hand and I notice a white gauze bandage on his forearm. He must’ve stopped by the tattoo parlor on his way here. I swear he spends more time there than our house.

Trey looks at me and I give him a discreet nod, confirming that he can go ahead and move in. Trey would normally never interfere with my game but he knows I have no interest. Last week, I finally told him about the blonde and he’s been helping me try to find her. I’m starting to get scared though that I’m becoming a stalker.

As Trey squeezes between me and the brunette, I scoot over and prop my foot against the wall while taking a swig of my water. I hate this place but they pay us well, giving us half of the door cover charges plus a cooler of beer for the guys. It still surprises me that the place hasn’t been raided or condemned. The crowd is a mix of hardcore punk and just the regular rockers that I usually see at our shows. Scanning over the array of colored heads with piercings on every body part, my eyes land on a bleach blonde with a pixie cut. Her head bops from side to side as she jumps up and down to the band. A small smile spreads across my lips as I admire the way she’s lost in the music before my eyes continue across the room. When I see the blonde next to her, my mouth grows dry and my heart rate increases as though I just ran a marathon. Out of all the places I could run into her, I never would’ve thought it’d be here.

I want to stomp through the crowd, knocking everyone over until I reach her. But my feet feel like lead, weighing me to the floor while my eyes remain on her. She still has those lost eyes, but tonight she looks uncomfortable too. This group can’t be her usual crowd; it must have something to do with the pixie girl next to her. My assumption is confirmed when the pixie girl buys two beers from the douche in the corner. She hands one over to my girl and they both open them up. I chuckle when I see her cringe from the taste and then politely hold it in her hands.

She starts scanning the crowd and when her eyes reach mine, my breath stops, praying she can feel everything inside of me. My heart feels like a dagger just stabbed the beating muscle when she keeps looking around, not even giving me a second glance. The other guys are noticeably looking her up and down in appreciation of her body as they walk by. I need to make sure these assholes know it’s mine. My feet start walking toward her without ever thinking about what I’m going to say. As the guys and girls call out to me, I ignore them, keeping my sights only on her.

Just as I get within five steps, she turns toward the door and begins pushing her way through the crowd. Shit! Desperate to not lose her, I attempt to catch up but she’s rushing out of this place at warp speed. I can’t blame her though; this place is a shithole. If I didn’t have to play, I wouldn’t be here either. Right when I’m about to lose sight of her, a pink purse flies into the air before crashing to the ground. The shitheads continue to trample over it and I stand there debating whether or not to pick it up when a wave of blonde hair suddenly falls into my arms. She jumps up and straightens herself out before I get a chance to really feel how soft I know her skin must be.

She bends down frantically, trying to pick up her stuff, and I attempt to help her while racking my brain to figure out how to get her to stay. I wish I could abandon this whole show tonight and take her out, but I won’t disappoint the guys. Lately, they’re all that I have. At this point, I have her lipstick, some mirror thing, and a few random receipts in my hand. Then I spot them and a wide smile crosses my lips.

“Here you go.” I hold the ring around my finger, as though teasing her with them. When her hand stretches out to grab them, I clasp my hand shut. “I don’t think you need them.”

I pray this works. It’s my only option, even if she thinks I’m a dipshit for holding her keys hostage. She stands up and I wrap my hand around her upper arm, discovering that her skin is as soft as silk. She looks at me and her revealing emerald eyes catch me off guard. They’re so big and bright up close, but there’s a shitload of sadness in them as well. Her lips form a firm, tight line before she demands, “Why are you holding me up and can I have my keys now?” Man, she’s even hotter when she’s angry.

“Sorry, I don’t let people drive drunk.” I push the keys in my pocket and I can’t help but smirk watching her eyes follow my hand. When she finally looks back up at my face, I can tell she likes what she sees. Maybe there’s hope for me yet.

“I’m not drunk,” she spurts out.

“That’s what they all say,” I respond.

“What do you want me to do to prove it? Walk a line? Say the alphabet?” she asks, not sounding as amused as I am right now. “ Z, Y, X…” she actually starts to rattle off the alphabet backwards. I bite the inside of my cheek to keep from laughing. If I laugh, she’s sure to leave but man is she adorable.

“You really aren’t drunk?” I ask in mock disbelief.

“No, some jerk knocked me down.”
“Really?” I pretend to search her eyes for signs of intoxication, but I’m really just admiring the freckles of brown in them. “Sorry, I just assumed since you were fumbling backwards.” I purposely let my eyes roam up and down her body, enjoying every inch I see. “I figured you swayed over from the frat party down the street.”

“No, I was here with my roommate, I had a couple sips of a beer, and if you could hand me my keys, I would like to leave now,” she says, her demeanor turning shy.

“You’re leaving before the final band?” I ask, still not giving up her keys. Maybe I should entice her to go after them herself, but then she’d feel how excited I’m already becoming.

“Yes, I have an early morning,” she says with her hand out. Now all I need her to do is start tapping her toe on the ground.

"I’ll give these back to you on one condition.” I dig them out of my jeans and dangle them in front of her. Her eyes remain on them like a dog watching its bone. I feel like such an asshole doing this, but I’ve waited too long to actually speak with her.

“How about you just give them to me and call it a night?” she says, but I’m starting to hear some enjoyment in her tone now.

“What’s the fun in that? I want you to stay for the last band. It’s my band, The Invisibles.” I smile down to her, praying like hell it works.


"Brady. Brady Carsen,” I tell her. Commit that name to memory, honey.

"Listen, Brady. I’m not the kind of girl you’re looking for. So I thank you for stopping my fall and helping me pick up my things, but why don’t you just give me my keys. You can go up and play and I’ll go home.”

“Kind of girl I’m looking for?” I ask, raising my eyebrows. “Just stay and afterwards we can get to know each other better.” Oh shit, she’s going to think I only want to fuck her. I have to fix this somehow. Before I can say anything though, she surprises me by agreeing to stay, and I can’t help the cheesy smile that I’m sure is spread across my face. I finally hand her the keys.

“You’re going to love it,” I tell her and grab her small, delicate hand, tugging her back the way we came.
I stop her right where she won’t get trampled and I’ll have a good line of vision as well. Sometimes the shows can get pretty intense and I’d hate myself if something happened to this beautiful creature. “Stay here. I’ll come back for you after the show,” I lean in and whisper in her ear, smelling her sweet, light scent. I close my eyes, trying to embed it into my senses. I turn around before she notices my obsessive behavior, but quickly realize that I forgot one major bit of information.

“I never caught your name.”

“Sadie Miller,” her soft, soothing voice reveals and it kills me already that she could’ve told me a fake name.

“It’s nice to meet you, Sadie. Enjoy the show.” With a turn of my heels, I walk away from her. Every step is excruciating, but I can’t help being elated that I finally found her…or she found me. Regardless, I’m not letting her go.

Michelle Lynn has always been a reader, but her passion has become a full-blown addiction since her husband bought her a Kindle for Mother's Day. She's pretty sure that he regrets this on a regular basis. Especially when she has it propped up next to the stove while she cooks, which often results in a burnt dinner. Or when he loses sleep because the glow from the screen wakes him up when he rolls over at three in the morning. He does agree, however, that she uses this gift more than any other he has ever gotten her. She joking counters that, because of some of the steamy novels she reads, he also benefits more from this gift than any other he has gotten her. ;) 
Michelle moved around the Midwest most of her life, transferring from school to school before settling down in the outskirts of Chicago ten years ago, where she now resides with her husband and two kids. She developed a love of reading at a young age, which helped lay the foundation for her passion to write. With the encouragement of her family, she finally sat down and wrote one of the many stories that have been floating around in her head. When she isn’t reading or writing, she can be found playing with her kids, talking to her mom on the phone, or hanging out with her family and friends. But after chasing around twin preschoolers all day, she always cherishes her relaxation time after putting the kids to bed.

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  1. I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! Thanks for the amazing review Heather, not to mention everything else! You're such a kind and loving person!!! :)

  2. (Heather) It is my pleasure. Thank you for writing such an amazing story and allowing me to love Brady and Sadie. I am soo happy that our paths crossed and we became friends !!!!