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We’d like to thank all of you for taking time out of your busy schedules by stopping by Naughty and Nice Book Blog for this interview.

We’d like to start off by saying CONGRATULATIONS on the births of all of your children and the upcoming birth of your new baby, Gunner and Ellie. Your children are absolutely beautiful!

Gunner, we want to let you know that we are praying for Gramps. He is in everyone’s thoughts and prayers. When you see him, let him know that we send our love.

We are going to warn you, we have a TON of questions that we want answered. Any one of you could end up on the “hot seat”. (everyone looks at each other with wide eyes)

Let’s start with Heather. How did you control yourself around Victoria? She was totally inappropriate and might I say unprofessional in how she was with Josh in the hospital. I don’t think Jenn, Liz or I would have been able to control our tempers if we were in your position.

“Believe me, it took everything I had inside of me to not go off on her.”

“Oh… I wanted to vagina punch that bitch so many times.” Ari says as she pops her knuckles.

Josh, when you woke up, you felt an immediate connection with Heather. Can you explain what you were feeling?

Looking towards Heather Josh smiles. I can’t explain it; I just felt this connection with her. The moment I laid my eyes on her I felt something.”

Was it hard seeing Heather struggle with her feelings toward you, knowing that you didn’t remember that you were in a relationship with her?

“Yes. It about killed me, knowing that she was hurting and that I was a part of what caused her pain.”

Josh, at any time didn’t you think it was just a “little bit odd” that your nurse gave you a hand job in the elevator on the way to get scan performed?

Laughing, Josh shakes his head. Not with Victoria no…I didn’t find it odd at the time.”

Heather, how did you have the strength in you to not give up on the love you and Josh have, knowing how bad you were hurting that he didn’t remember you? Even with Victoria trying to swoop in you held your ground and never gave up.

Josh reaches for Heather’s hand as she smiles at him. “Giving up was never an option. A love like ours is worth fighting for. I’ll forever be faithful in my love for Josh.”

Heather, how shocked were you when you found out you were pregnant? I could only imagine the thoughts that were going through your mind, thinking OMG, how am I going to tell Josh, he doesn’t even remember me, let alone having HOT SEX with me on the lounge chair by the pool. (everyone lets out a little chuckle)

“I was pretty shocked. I also had a few moments where I was utterly scared to death that I was going to have to raise a child all alone. The last thing I wanted to do was make Josh feel trapped because we were having a child. But then he kissed me that same day I found out, and somehow I knew we were gonna be okay.”

Josh, what was going through your head, when you opened up your apartment door and saw Victoria standing there? Then after the stunt she pulled coming out of your bedroom in only your shirt. We as readers were like, when he is going to open up his eyes and see her for what she really is a BITCH!!!

Laughing, Josh shakes his head. “Well, honestly when I saw her standing there my first thought was ‘Oh shit!’. When she pulled the stunt that made Heather leave and everything came rushing back, I realized right then and there what an idiot I’d been. My only thought at the point was Heather. Finding her and telling her how much I loved and needed her and only her in my life.”

Your wedding was absolutely gorgeous. Heather you looked amazing.

Heather, did you feel as though your parents were there with you on your wedding day?

“Thank you so much! That was one of the happiest days of my life. Oh yes. I feel my parents with me all the time.”

Josh, when your father walked Heather down the aisle, I don’t think there was a dry eye there. Then your father asked Heather to dance the father/daughter dance with him. I think everyone was in tears yet again. Did you know he was going to do that?

Josh glances towards Heather and gives her a wink and smile.“I had no idea my father was planning on doing that. I was just as surprised as Heather was. My dad is one class act guy!”

Let’s take our attention to Brad and Amanda…

Brad congratulations on your sobriety. How are you doing? How is your relationship with your parents?

Brad’s smile fades slightly before he smiles again. Thank you, I’m doing great. I’ve actually never felt better. I haven’t spoken to my parents in a few months. Our relationship is pretty much over.”

Brad, what made you turn to cocaine to help cope?

Taking in a deep breath, Brad slowly lets it out as Amanda reaches for his hand. “I wish I had an easy answer for that question. Why does anyone turn to drugs or alcohol to cope? At the time I thought it helped. All it really did was mask the problem and cause more problems.”

Amanda, how are you and Brad doing?

Brad brings Amanda’s hand up to his lips and gently kisses her wrist. We’ve never been better. I’ve never been so happy in my entire life. Brad is an amazing husband and father.”

Brad, you seem to be surrounded by a wonderful group of friends, and of course, Amanda who offered you support every step of the way.

Glancing over towards everyone and then back to Amanda, Brad nods his head. Sometimes I’m overwhelmed by the love of my wife and my friends. I strongly believe I wouldn’t have been able to get through that period in my life without them. T hey’ll never know how much they saved me.”

How are you handling being parents to Maegan?

“Oh my god! She’s my whole life. She’s my everything… besides Amanda. I love being a father.”

Amanda giggles and says, “I never in my life thought I could love someone as much as I love and adore her. She is a ton of fun and I’m pretty sure she’s gonna have her daddy wrapped around her little finger!”

Brad throws his head back and laughs. “Yeah, yeah she is.”

We know boys will be boys, but your little romance contest, was hilarious!!

Brad, you chose SafetySuit’s Never Stop which I have to say is a great song, one of my personal favorites. What made you pick that song?

I picked it because I’ll never stop loving Amanda. I’ll never stop thanking God that she didn’t give up on me when she could have just walked away and never looked back. She is my only…and I’ll never stop loving her.”

Amanda quickly wipes away the tear that is rolling down her cheek.

Brad, you were quite confident that you won the romance contest with your song choice that was until Josh took center stage and professed his undying love for Heather. Josh, what made you pick Keith Urban’s Your Everything?

Smiling Josh says, That song sums up exactly how I feel for Heather. I want to be her everything.”

Pussy.” Gunner and Jeff say at the same time as Ellie and Ari hit them both on the arm.

Ya'll are too much. Can a guy ever have a romantic moment? If Gunner would have said that, we would have heard everyone swooning over how romantic Gunner is... (every one chuckles)

Josh, many of the readers feel as though you have out swooned Gunner in the romance department. Do you agree?

“Oh hell yeah I agree. I kicked his ass!”

Gunner leans forward and looks at Josh as he shakes his head. You only wish you little bastard. I taught you everything you know. You will never out romance me. Ever.”

“Alright boys…settle down.” Ellie says with a giggle as she pulls Gunner back into his seat.

Gunner, we are going to let you set the record straight and you have to answer honestly.. Did you faint when Ellie's labor started at the house?

"Heather, you've really put me in the hot seat haven't you?" Everyone laughs.

Ellie looks at Gunner as she giggles. Jeff leans forward and says, "Yeah Gunner...did you faint or trip dude?"

Gunner snaps his head over to Jeff and says, "Dude, you sure you want to go there? I can bring up some shit on you as well."

Jeff's smile fades as he looks at Heather and Liz. "He tripped."

So, it seems that Gunner may have some dirt on Jefferson. We'll leave this one alone, we don't want to start any fights here today.  We'll just try and believe that you "fell".  (I cough and snickers come from everyone on the stage)  Gunner just looks at me and shakes his head.

Gunner, we found out that you may have been quite the ladies man. We never would have imagined that you had a past with Victoria as well as Jessie. Do you think you should have told Ellie about Jessie, considering you know how she reacted toward her when she first saw the two of you at your grandfather’s farm?

Glancing quickly at Ellie, Gunner gives her a weak smile. Looking back now… yes, I do think I should have been completely honest with Ells. We won’t ever have that problem again.”

Ellie smiles and leans over to give Gunner a sweet soft kiss.

Do you think you should have told Ellie about Victoria when you saw all the trouble she was causing for Heather and Josh?

Gunner shakes his head and lets out a sigh. “Maybe I should have, but it was long before Ells ever came into my life and it was meaningless. I never dreamed Victoria would be so hell bent on causing so much drama.”

I have to say, as a wife, I would much rather hear things from my husband, then to hear things from the girl that he had slept with, especially when she is just saying things to be vindictive. Do you agree?

“I do agree. I never ever want to cause Ells pain. I guess I thought if I just ignored it, everything would be okay. Victoria would just move on. But, as we all know, that wasn’t the case.”

Gunner, Jeff, Josh and Brad gave you a run for your money with the song choice romance contest. Who do you think won?

Everyone starts laughing. As much as this pains me to say it… but Josh won it hands down.”

Jeff sits up a little straighter and points to Josh. “He only won because the little bastard pulled the whole getting married and having twins card! Ari cried. Do you know how hard it is to get her to cry?”

We all bust out laughing !!! How about this Jeff, we'll just blame it on the pregnancy hormones...

Jefferson, let’s discuss the “hairy beaver” shirt. Where the hell did you get that shirt from?

Jeff sits back and glances at Ari who is giving him ‘the look’. “Ah… I think we better move on to the next question, Heather.”

Oh, no you don't. You are not getting off that easy. You know I love you Jeff, but you got to give me something.. Just a hint..

Did you actually think that Ari would “let” you wear that shirt out in public?

Ari tilts her head and smiled at Jeff. Yeah babe. Did you think I’d ever let you wear that shirt?”

“I got it from Dew…and as far as wearing it,” Jeff glances over towards Ari. “Um…so let’s get back to Josh. I mean after all. The damn book was his story right?” Jeff looks at Ari and gives her a panty melting smile. “Baby, have I told you today how much I love you. You’re the light in my…”

“Cut the shit, Jeff.” Ari says with a sexy smile of her own.

“Yep...cutting it now.”

Ari, you have got to be the horniest woman I know when you are pregnant. Jeff definitely seems to be reaping the benefits of you being pregnant. Do the two of you want more children or is 2 enough?

Blushing Ari smiles bigger. “Yes. He does indeed reap the benefits. We’ve both talked about it and I think two is our magic number. I don’t think I can risk any more little Jeff Juniors running around the house! Now if I could figure out how to bottle that shit up, I could make a fortune!”

Ari, do you think Scott purposely flirted with you just to piss Jeff off?

Ari throws her head back and laughs while Jeff looks pissed.Yes! I think once he saw how Jeff reacted to it that was all she wrote! He made it his mission to piss Jeff off.”


Ok, one more question regarding Scott. Now that Scott has his eyes set on Jessie, do you think he and Jessie will be able to work things out?

Everyone looks around at each. Ellie clears her throat and tries to smile. “I guess we’ll have to wait and see. The only thing we can do is be here for both of them and just hope and pray they work things out.”

As if we thought any one of you would throw us a freaking bone. (everyone looks at each other and laughs)

Ellie and Jefferson, how is your relationship with your mother going since you reconciled with her? Does your mom love being a grandmother?

Both Jeff and Ellie smile bright and big. “I’ve never in my life felt so complete. Having my mother in our lives has just been…it’s just been…” Ellie’s voice trails off as she fights to hold back her tears. Gunner reaches for her hand and brings it up to his lips as he tells her he loves her.

Jeff clears his throat and winks at Ellie before saying, “It’s been a blessing! She and Ari made pies together the other day and just standing there in the kitchen watching them was probably one of the happiest moments of my life.”

Jeff smiles at Ellie. “She absolutely loves being a grandmother and we have some wonderful news to share but of course we can’t yet.”

I look at Liz and shake my head. "I think we need to spike their drinks next time, maybe they will spill some secrets to us."

Ellie starts laughing. “Oh how I wish we could tell y’all, but Kelly will get pretty upset with us. I’m sure she wants to share the news in Cherished.”

"OK, we'll just have to patiently wait for Cherished." (we fake sigh, and pout our lips, attempting to make Ellie feel just a tad bit guilty)

Where do you all see yourselves in five years?

Gunner smiles and says, I see us all sitting on one of our back porches, with our kids running around playing and fighting with each other. Drinking, laughing, talking about football, cows, horses…kids. If we can get Brad to quit his job and move out to Mason or Fredericksburg we’ll be all set!”

Brad laughs and shakes his head. “I totally see what Gunner sees for sure. I’m also hoping I see another baby or two in Amanda and mines future.”

Amanda blushing and nods her head. “So do I!”

Josh laughs and says, “No more babies for me and Heather. The twins keep us on our toes that’s for sure. I’m totally on board with what Gunner sees. I don’t see much in the way of change as far as careers go. I think we’re all pretty damn happy in what we do. I feel like we are each blessed beyond belief with each other and our families. I wouldn’t change a damn thing.”

Heather nods her head in agreement.

Ari sits up a little straighter and looks at Jeff. “I’d like to see Jeff and Scott get a little more into the world of horse racing. What they’ve dabbled in so far as been fun. We’ve even met a guy who lives in Llano who’s pretty big into that world."

Jeff lets out a laugh. Yeah. First we’ve got to get things straight with Scott and Jessie first.”

We asked for questions to be submitted by your fans, and here are a few that we received:

Ellie, how does it feel too have your best friend as her sister-in-law?

Smiling Ellie says, “It’s the best thing in the world! I’d be lost without her, Heather, Amanda and Jessie. Having Ari has my sister-in-law is just the icing on the cake.”

Josh, why did you put up with Linda’s shit for as long as you did?

"I wish I had an answer for you. I guess I felt a sense of obligation maybe at the time, but what I should have seen is that she just needed help and that I couldn’t give her the help she needed.”

Jeff, have you gotten over the guilt that you were feeling, when you lost your first child?

“I don’t honestly ever think I’ll ever not be one hundred percent guilt free.” Ari takes Jeff’s hand and kisses the back of it. I love you, Jeff.”

“I love you too, baby.”

Ellie, why stop at only having 2 children? Is there a special reason that you only want to have 2 children?

Ellie shrugs her shoulders and looks at Gunner. “No, no special reason. I think Gunner and I are thinking like the others…two just seems to be the perfect number. It’s a nice little size family.”

Heather, why didn’t you put your foot down when Josh went home from the hospital and Bitchtoria a/k/a Victoria would come and visit?

Heather lets out a sigh and looks at Josh. “That was such a strange moment in our lives. I wanted to tell her to take a hike but at the same time, I didn’t want to do anything to ruin what Josh and I were slowly getting back to. Does that make sense? I was just afraid to rock the boat. But knowing what I know now…oh yeah. I would have handled things a lot differently.”

Josh, some think that because you couldn’t tell Lynda or Victoria to leave you alone, some of the readers think you wouldn’t have stood by Heather’s side, if the situation was reversed. If it was Heather who had lost her memory, would you have remained “FAITHFUL”?

“Oh my god… yes. I would never leave Heather. Ever. I wasn’t ever in love with Lynda or Victoria…should I have handled things differently? Yes. But it’s life. We learn from our mistakes and by making those mistakes we grow from them. I think I learned a lot about myself during that time period. But yes…I will forever remain faithful to Heather and our children. They are my entire life.”

Heather leans over and kisses Josh softly and sweetly on his lips. They pull away from each other and both say at the same time, I love you infinity.”

I think you answered that question perfectly and straight from the heart. (I wink at Josh.)

Let's turn our attention to Kelly.  We want to thank you for sharing all of their stories with us.  You have done an amazing job in doing so.  Some of your fans had some questions that they wanted us to ask.

The 1st question is: How does Kelly keep track of the songs she picks for her inspiration?

"I write them all down in a notebook. I have notebooks for each book. "

How much of the bad girls are true 2 life and are they based on girls you met in high school or college?

"A few might have been inspired by one or two girls I knew in high school/college."
(Liz and Jenn mumble evil bitches under her breath at the same time)

Will Matt be in Cherished?
"Yes...Matt will be in Cherished."

Does Kelly plan on coming across the pond to the Emerald Isle or England and doing any book signings???

"I would LOVE to! I'm hoping within the next year to make my way over there."

Where do you get the names for the babies??

"I keep a list of names I want to use in the books. Sometimes i use names of people I know...half the time I don't realize I'm doing it though!"

I think we covered just about everything. Thank you again for stopping by and spending a little time with us.  We look forward to sitting down with ya'll again when we find out the outcome of Scott and Jessie when we read Cherished.

Is there anything else any of you would like to share?

“Well, I know I would just like to say thank you to all of the readers who have picked up the books and joined us in this incredible journey. It’s been amazing.” Ellie said with a smile.

Ari nods her head. “Yep. I’m with Ells on that one. I’m hoping life settles down at bit in Cherished but somehow I’m thinking Kelly has something up her sleeve.”

Rolling his eyes Jeff laughs. “Yeah…she for sure is up to something. I can’t wait to share more of our lives with everyone.  It’s been a crazy ride but I wouldn’t change a thing.  Well…except maybe more hot sex scenes.”

“I’d like to know if anyone would be willing to take Gus for a little while.  That little bastard is driving me crazy.” Gunner said with a sigh.

“Gunner!” Ellie says as she slaps Gunner on the leg.

"I’ve only got two words. More babies.” Brad says as he wiggles his eyebrows up and down. Amanda lets out a laugh.

Josh grabs Heather’s hand and smiles. “I just want to thank everyone for standing by us…especially when we’ve made mistakes.  Life is a learning process and I have a feeling we’re all going to be learning a lot more in Cherished.”

Heather nods her head. “Thank you girls for taking the time to interview us. It’s been a lot of fun!”

Thank you for coming by.  We feel like you are a part of our families.  We have watched all of you mature over the past few years.  You were 18 year old girls and 21 year old college guys, now look at you, you are all married and with children of your own.  We have been on this journey with you.  You have made us laugh, as well as cry.  We wish you nothing but the best and we look forward to seeing what is in store for ya'll in Cherished.
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