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***1 Hour before the Interview***

Kristin’s internal thoughts… I’ve heard so much about this Lark man. I’m afraid I’m going to not be able to control myself when I see that lean sculpted body that was made for sinning. Get it together Kristin, I must get it together. I’m a professional. I’ve interviewed Tom Cruise for crying out loud. Deep breaths. I wonder why my body temperature is rising and I can’t stop sweating. Geez, Louise I must get myself together!!! How is Heather doing?

I pull out my phone to text Heather:

Kristin: I’m about to faint thinking about meeting Larky boy. What about you?

Heather: Girl, I’m about to drop it like it’s hot.

Kristin:  OMG! Me too! We ARE professionals. We cannot lose our self-respect over this man. What if I tackle him in front of Azurdee?

Heather: Keep it together Kristin. KEEP IT TOGETHER!  P-R-O-F-E-S-S-I-O-N-A-L!!!

Kristin: Okay…Professional. I can do this. Side Note: Just know I'm going to be having dirty dirty thoughts about Lark the entire time! Pssst…they may be without certain articles of clothing on. *wink* *wink*

Heather: KRISTIN!!! Shame on you!!!! Professional!!! 

Kristin: You’re right. You’re right. I’m off to finish up with hair and makeup.

***Walking into Interview with Heather***

Heather: “Really Kristin? Really? That is not being professional.”
*looks at Kristin with a not so very happy face*
*Kristin looks down at shirt*

Kristin:  “What?”

Heather: “You should not publicize you have a ‘Property of Lark’ t-shirt. Much less wear it to an interview.”

Kristin (sassily replies):  “We’ll see how composed you are when we interview Tristan in Undeniable Love. I believe you were the one after all who asked Kelly to get Tony Adams who is on the cover of Tristan’s book to hold up a sign that says, ‘I am Heather’s.”

*Heather Looks at Kristin with mouth open*

Heather (smack down tone): “You tried to talk Kelly into getting Tony to hold up 1 sign that said. ‘Lark and I are Kristin’s.’ You were out of control. You needed to share.”

*Both Heather and Kristin take their seat.*

Kristin (Mumbling): “I hate all that sharing is caring stuff. I’m grandfathered in from all that. When will people remember that?”

*Door creaks open and the dark haired breathtaking man enters. The wind blows just right. His muscles ripple underneath his shirt. Heather and Kristin both lick their lips at the same time. Music is playing in the minds of Kristin and Heather. All Kristin can think about is Lark going Boom ChicaWowWow with her. Screeching halt to the vision in front of them when Azurdee comes into the room. Ohhh, she’s beautiful. They take a seat in front of Heather and Kristin. Lark and Azurdee both stare at Kristin’s shirt*

Lark:  Um…wow. I like your shirt…I think. *Larks looks at Azurdee who raises her eyebrows*

Kristin (responds to Lark’s comment on shirt): “I knew you’d love it.”
*Kristin takes a fangirling moment sigh*

Heather:  “Kristin, why don’t we get to the interview part of this? You know, the part where we do our job perhaps.”

Kristin (gives man-getter smile): “Absolutely. So Lark…the ladies are going crazy for you. I’ve heard of this girl hashtagging #LarkIsMine, making a driver’s license that says she’s married to you, poems have been written from you. It’s crazy. Totally crazy. There’s even rumors that she had a shirt made with ‘Property of Lark’ on it. What do you think of all this attention?”

*Lark looks at Kristin’s shirt…again. Kristin thinks Lark is giving her the eyes of LOOOOOOVE*

Lark:  Honestly, it’s taken me by surprise…but I’m…flattered.

Kristin (Looks to Azurdee): “What do you think of that awesome chick who is doing all these things in the name of Lark?”

Azurdee: *Glances at Kristin’s shirt and then smiles at Kristin* I’m still trying to let the T-shirt soak in before I think about the other stuff.

Kristin: “Soooo….did you bring your motorcycle here today? Because if so I may faint right here on the spot and ask for a ride.”

Lark: *Laughs and shakes head* Sorry, Kristin. We brought Azurdee’s car.

Kristin: “Why don’t we cut right down to the nitty gritty….***Kristin leans in closer*** Are you guys still burning up the sheets with super hot nookie time?” 

*Heather smacks forehead *

Heather: “I have to apologize on behalf of my friend. Azurdee, your husband gets Kristin all hot and bothered.” 

*Heather looks over at Kristin and just shakes her head*

Kristin: “I’m sorry Azurdee. But Lark is the peanut butter to my PB&J Sandwich. He’s like the air to my lungs. The Zack Morris to my Saved By The Bell. The—“

Heather interrupts: “Kristin, we get it. We. Get. It.”

Kristin: “I wanted to make sure he was picking up what I was putting down!”

Heather: “Trust me, honey. You’d have to be blind and deaf not to pick up all you’ve been putting down.” *Turns to Lark while Kristin dreamily sighs*  “Lark, were you nervous knowing that Azurdee was a virgin?”

Lark: *Lark glances over to Kristin with a worried look on his face before turning his attention to Heather* I was yes. I wanted to make the night special for her and was terrified I wouldn’t be able to.

Heather: “I am sure you rose to the occasion and Azurdee was very pleased with your performance. What made you finally give into your feelings for Azurdee?”

Kristin interrupts: “He thought it was me. Like Ursula tricking Prince Eric with that seashell voice magic thing. I was duped.”

*Heather stomps on Kristin’s foot. Heather scowls at Kristin with that motherly look that says. Try. Me. Bring. It. Behave.*

Heather: “Let’s try this again shall we. I’m revoking my friend’s right to ask any more questions. Lark, what made you finally give into your feelings for Azurdee?”

Lark: *After staring at Kristin for a good minute with a shocked look on his face, Lark turns and takes Azurdee’s hand* I was tired of fighting how I truly felt about Azurdee. Deep in my heart I knew I loved her from the first moment I saw her.

*Kristin nonchalantly points to the ‘Property of Lark’ shirt as Lark keeps glancing at her and giving her a panty melting smile as Kelly Elliott says*

Kristin: “Is it getting hot in here? I really want him…Can I have him?” *Kristin starts fanning self*

Heather (giving raised eyebrow to Kristin): “Ignore her. So, Lark…what was different about Azurdee that made you want to have a relationship with her?”

Lark: *Lark winks at Kristin as Azurdee giggles. Lark looks at Azurdee and gives her the sweetest smile that makes her blush* She was the one. The one person I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.

Kristin (gives stink eye look back at Heather and ignores Heather’s earlier comment about not asking questions): “So, Larky baby…Do you mind if I call you Larky Baby? Why didn’t you tell Azurdee that you were still in the Marines when you saw your relationship progress?  Why did you continue to lie to her?  Why was your profession such a secret? Or did it have some to do with a girl that started with a Kri and ends with a stin?”

Lark: *Laughing Lark shakes his head* “Um…well let’s see. I didn’t tell her because my job was dangerous. The less she knew the better. It wasn’t just Azurdee, it was everyone. Only my brother Tristan knew. Azurdee finding out was an accident on my part. Sorry, Kristin. It wasn’t because of you darlin’.”

Kristin (very lowly for only Lark to hear): “I get it. Azurdee is here. No, worries. Conozco tu Corazon. No necessitas guardar tu Corazon con mi.”

*Kristin gives a wink to Lark. Cue Kelly Elliott panty melting smile from Michaeangelo’s, The David sitting across from Kristin.*

Heather: “I’m embarrassed you guys. Like really embarrassed. I’m chalking this up to my co-worker being star struck. She loves you two together, she really does. Let’s continue shall we? Azurdee, how did you feel knowing that Lark was lying to you?”

Azurdee: *Looks lovingly at Lark and smiled* “I don’t really look at it as he was lying to me. It’s not like he told me he worked for a marketing firm and went to work everyday pretending to be something he wasn’t. He was honest and upfront in the beginning when he told me he couldn’t tell me about it his job. I accepted that. It was hard, but I dealt with it.”

Heather: “Thinking back on those hurtful months, Azurdee. When you found out the reason why Lark broke up with you, did you understand why he made the decision that he did?”

Azurdee: “Oh yes. I mean those few months I would never want to redo, but I’d of done the same thing if the roles were reversed.”

*Kristin cannot stop dreamily looking at Lark while Heather channels her inner Oprah to get to the nitty gritty of it all.*

Heather: “Azurdee, knowing what you know now about Lark’s previous profession, do you think you would have still wanted to pursue a relationship with him?”

Azurdee: *Turning to Lark as they both smile at each other* No question about it. Yes. If he had wanted to stay in the Marines or go work for the CIA I would have stood by him and supported him. I just want to be with him, no matter what he does for a living.”

*Heather looks over to Kristin who is giving Lark the call-me sign*

Heather: “You really can’t blame her. She’s kind of precious with how obsessed she is. I hope no offense has been taken.”

Lark: *Laughing and holding up his hands* Nope none at all. It’s cute how she is kind of stalkerish in her own little way. I know she’s kidding though. She is kidding?” 

*Looks at Kristin* “You are kidding around…right?”

*Kristin dreamily sighs at Lark’s voice*

Azurdee: *Laughing harder as she smiles at Kristin* “She is precious yes.” *Winks at Lark* “Yes babe, she’s kidding.” *Glances at Kristin* “I think.”

Kristin: *gives Lark a wink and then glances at Azurdee. Conspiratorially she says because she knows Azurdee is in the room.* “Yes, yes. Of course.”

Kristin: (looks at Heather with an evil smile on her face): “Lark, please warn your brother Tristan about Heather. She’s already been claiming to be my sister-in-law.” *Kristin does crazy motion with her hand and points to Heather* “She’s just as bad as me…she just doesn’t have her full cray cray out today.”

Heather: “Really, really. You went there during a professional interview.”

Kristin: “Sure did, sis.” *Points to Heather* “She’s a feisty one. I’d send security with Tristan.” *Kristin leans in closer* “Trust me…I don’t have anything on her.”

Lark: *Looks between Heather and Kristin with a stunned but amused look*

Azurdee: “I think things just got a little more interesting.” *Raises eyebrows and looks at Heather*

*Kristin giggles and Heather blushes which results in a fist pump from Kristin*

Kristin: “Heather is making me act all serious and professional, so I guess I will ask a few questions concerning the two of you.  Lark, how's your relationship with Skip now?"

Lark: “Great, he is a good friend of mine. He’s been out to the ranch a number of times. Trying to talk him into settling down.”

*Lark glances over at Azurdee as she grins*
Kristin: “Azurdee, how's ranch life treating ya?"
 Azurdee: “Beautifully! I love it so much. There is nothing like living in the country. I wouldn’t trade it for the world.” 

*Kristin imagines it’s her hand Lark is squeezing and mentally adds they really are a cute couple…though she will never admit it out loud.*

Kristin: “What are your plans for the future Lark?”

Lark: *Smiles* “Happiness.”
*Cue that panty melting smile that fries all of Kristin’s synapsis and makes her momentarily stunned. Heather bumps her with her elbow.”

Kristin: “Owww!” *Glances at Heather who glances towards Lark and Azurdee to ask more questions.* Azurdee, how did you ever survive that awkward moment with your mother-in-law?”
 Azurdee: *Lark busts out laughing as Azurdee smacks him on the shoulder*
“I’m not really sure how I survived that to be honest with you.”

Kristin: *starts giggling thinking about it all over again.* “Azurdee, in that moment you were my hero.” *they smile at each other before Kristin turns to Lark. Oh holy tomale he is HOT* “I wanted to junk punch Jason when he ratted you out to's your relationship with Jason today? If you still need me to hunt him down…I will for you. Just say the word.”
*Kristin starts making air punching motions.*
Lark: *Laughs and shakes his head*
“It’s good. He’s actually engaged and we’ll be heading to his wedding here in a few months. Love can’t hide forever.” *Lark winks at Kristin*
Kristin: *starts fanning self and an image of her and Lark throwing a bottle in the water starting their journey of love surfaces. Kristin giggles and winks back.*
Kristin: “What part of the marines do you miss?”
Lark: “You know Kristin, I don’t know how to answer that. I loved the rush of my job but now I get a different rush and it’s just as fulfilling. I miss my buddies, I miss the adventure.” 
*Glances over to Azurdee and smiles sweetly* “My adventures now are so much better though. So much better.”
*Azurdee blushes and pulls her eyes from Lark and looks at Kristin and Heather*
*Kristin and Heather give a collective romantic sigh. The entire room can’t stop looking at Lark from his sweet words that put that little extra getty up in your step*

Heather: *Squares shoulder to channel her inner Diane Sawayer*Azurdee and Lark, what's your one regret in life?”

Azurdee: “No regrets. I think the lessons we learn in life, good and bad, are meant to happen for a reason. If we looked back on life and focused on our regrets we’d never learn to appreciate the good things.”
Lark: “I agree with Azurdee, one hundred percent.”

Kristin turns and nudges Heather.  She raises her eyebrow and says, “Go on.”  Heather looks at Kristin like she has lost her mind. Kristin says, “Inquiring minds want to know. You’re the professional here today.”  Heather give Kristin a death stare, and says, “Ok, if you insist.”

Heather: “Kristin wants to know, what is our favorite sex position?”

*Kristin holds up her hands*

Kristin: “Whoa, Whoa, Whoa! You said you wanted to know too. You said you would ask that question for me if I would ask for you with Tristan.”

*Heather’s grip tightens on her pen as she tries to remain calm. Her inner Diane Sawyer if fading.*

Lark: *Blushes as Azurdee giggles*
“Oh Kristin, there are so many to choose from. I’d have to say my favorite position is taking Azurdee from behind. Sexy as hell.”

*Hearing Lark say those words in person has Kristin and Heather melting in their seats.*

Heather:  “Well, since we are just putting it all out there. You know becoming BFF’s and all that I better go ahead and ask this one before my coworker continues to embarrass us. Have you had any more public sex since… you know… the garage?”

Lark: *Smiles as he looks at Azurdee and winks*
“That should be saved for a future story perhaps.”

Kristin: “Oh, I can’t wait!”

 Heather (clears throat and starts channeling her inner Barbara Walters this time): “Thank you both for taking the time to interview with Kristin and me. You truly are a beautiful couple.”

*Heather looks at Kristin with the force of a 1,000 slaps and motions with her eyes to Lark and Azurdee.*

Kristin (totally defeated blows out a big breath of air): “Yes, thank you for coming. You guys are an amazing couple. An unconditional love is so hard to find. *Idea pops in her head and Kristin magically perks up* “Just know Larky Baby, I’ll always be waiting for you. Because…I would do ANYTHING for love…just know that.”

Heather: “Please don’t respond to that. We’ll take care of your parking today. The studio is also going to send you a dinner voucher.”

Lark: *Stands up and shakes both Kristin and Heather’s hands before turning back to Kristin* “Kristin you are adorable and thanks for all the laughs.” *Looks to Heather* “Thank you so much for having us. It was a lot of fun.” *Turns to Azurdee and whispers* “Remind me to call Skip and have Kristin checked out.”

Azurdee: *Giggling and nodding her head* “Thank you, Heather and Kristin. It has been a lot of fun and one of the most interesting interviews yet.”

*Lark and Azurdee leave and Heather glances down at sheet of paper Kristin had in front of her that Lark and Azurdee could clearly see.*

Heather (shocked): “You didn’t???”

Kristin (Proudly responds): “Yeah, I did. I hashtagged #LarkIsMine for him to see.”
*Heather drops head on table. Kristin starts singing “Every Heartbeat” by Amy Grant wishing she had an Herbal Essence bottle of shampoo to sing with just like a commercial back in the day. Could Kristin be channeling the thoughts of the Unconditional Love Author…pssst….she goes by Kelly Elliott.*

Heather: “I need a drink.”

Kristin: “It’s on me tonight, sis. I’m on a total book hangover since Unconditional Love. One of my fave stories. Love me some Lark.”

Heather: “I love Tristan.”

Kristin: “I know you do. Those Williams boys have affected us. We’ll survive. We’ll have each other and we can always talk to our mother-in-law Joyce, Tristan and Lark’s mom.”

Heather: “We’ve got it bad. I cannot wait for Undeniable Love to come out this fall.”

*Kristin resumes singing  “Every Heartbeat”. Kristin puts arm around Heather as they make their way out of the room. Kristin is still singing and low and behold…Heather joins in too!*


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