Tuesday, November 5, 2013

COVER REVEAL - Life's Next Chapter by Sarah Goodman

Dr. Kate Caldwell strives to be the best in everything she does. Except her best wasn't good enough for her ex-husband, Keith. Keith crashed her dream of a fairy tale life when she caught him cheating on her. Kate is determined to focus on her new project and to give her twin daughters a normal, happy childhood. Kate has plans to remodel the veterinary clinic her Granddaddy passed down to her. She hires an architecture and design firm to remodel the out dated clinic and her horse boarding stable. What Kate doesn't realize is that her Life's Next Chapter will be mere yards away, remodeling her clinic.

Luke Ashton is the general contractor for his cousin’s company, Ashton Architecture and Design. Luke has been assigned to remodel Dr. Caldwell’s clinic. Luke doesn't realize his latest project involves a beautiful woman. Luke finds himself working longer hours around her property to get to know Kate more. Luke is extremely handsome, with his striking green eyes, rugged physique, and a body that would make any woman weak in the knees, and he certainly turns Kate’s head. 

Kate and Luke feel the chemistry and tension between them, but both are skeptical about moving forward. Kate is terrified to let anyone into her life, let alone her heart. Luke has a past that easily scares women away. He’s struggled since he was eighteen, when unexpected circumstances turned him into a man. Luke is also a veteran with nightmares that follow him all day—every day.

Do Kate and Luke give into one another’s baggage and avoid each other, like their heads tell them, or do they fight for the happily ever after they both want? When ‘life’ gives them more battles to fight, will they be strong enough to fight for each other?
“Luke, my life story is crazy and complicated, why would you want to attempt this?” – Kate

“Sunshine, we can’t erase our past, but we sure as hell can turn the page in your story together and create our own crazy happy life.” - Luke

Does Life’s Next Chapter give Kate her fairy tale ever after, or will it be the chapter she quickly skips through?.

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