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BLOG TOUR - Interview with Gang from the The Invisibles Series



Jenn, Liz, and I would like to thank all of you for stopping by Naughty and Nice Book Blog for this interview.  We had a lot of fun with Brady and Sadie last time.  So rather than just having Grant and Jessa, we decided to have the whole gang here.  Hold on to your seats, I have a feeling that it's going get a little exciting.  (We all look over at Rob, who seems to be a little pissed off at the moment.)

"We're going to start off with a few questions for Grant."

"Grant, after isolating yourself for years, what was it about Jessa that drew you in?"
He runs a hand through his hair, letting out a long breath. Then smiles over at Jessa and she at him. “Her…” He circles his hand around her face and body. “Her whole aura. It just screams I’ll protect your heart, just give me a chance.” Jessa leans over and kisses his cheek and he blushes slightly.

"Grant, have you confided in Jessa about the complete reason you don’t have a relationship with your dad?"
“You know Jessa, right? Do you think she wouldn’t pry it out of me?” He laughs and she pinches his arm in a joking manner. “Ouch!” Grant moves his arm.

“You know it’s for the best.” She raises her eyebrows at him bearing a smirk.
“I know, baby, I know.” Grant wraps his arm around her shoulders.

"Grant, what was your true reason for pursuing Jen in high school, knowing she had dated/was dating Brady?"
“Was dating.” Brady calls out and Grant leans over giving him an apologetic expression. Brady waves his hand at him to dismiss the comment he made as a joke.

“Yes, Brady was dating Jen. I was in a bad place back then. After losing my mom, and then Brady’s friendship. Moving in with Kara and her parents was doable, but they weren’t my family and I always felt like they were forced to take me in. I just wanted someone to love me. So, pretty much anybody that showed me some attention, got my attention back.” He looks down at Jessa and mouths ‘sorry’, but she wraps her arms around his waist, nuzzling closer.
"We appreciate your honesty.  It helps us understand why the two of you were no longer friends.  We knew there must have been more to the story, than just your father having an affair with his mother."

"Grant, how could you tell Jessa’s dad all your secrets, but found it so hard for you to tell Jessa?"
Another swipe of fingers through his hair. “Her dad is so intimidating.” Jessa laughs. “He is, baby, maybe not now so much, but then…” He takes another breath. “If I wanted him to like me, I had to tell him and it had to be everything. I know when I’m a father,” he places his hand on Jessa’s stomach, “I won’t take kindly if the guy in her life was keeping something from us. It was important to me that he like me, especially after what happened with Jason.”

"Grant, knowing your letters from your mom were coming to an end, did you feel like you were losing a part of her as well?"
Jessa grabs his hand, giving it a tight squeeze. “Yeah, it’s been hard. At first I thought maybe there were more letters somewhere. Like the one Mrs. Fletcher gave me, but they’re done, and I have to face it. I read her previous letters a lot to help me through. I miss my mom every day, but Jessa is my life line now.” He bends down and kisses her lips and she places her hand on the back of his head to keep him there for a few brief seconds. The room remains quiet, even Rob.

"Jessa, what was your first reaction to the letters from his mom?"
“I was terrified.” She looks at Grant and he gives her a reassuring smile. Obviously, they’ve discussed this previously. “How to compare with a mother, let alone one that’s passed away and left letters behind because she loved him that much? But, it’s different now.” They smile at each other again. “She’s a part of all of us.”

"Jessa, are you excited to become a mom? Has being pregnant brought back the insecurities in your relationship with Grant?"
“Oh excited doesn’t even cover it—”

Trey chimes in. “The girl is crazy, over the moon.” He leans back and winks his eye to her and she smiles.
“I can’t wait and it’s done the opposite with my insecurities. I know we’re the lucky ones. We made it through that shit to have this.” She takes his hand placing it on her belly with her hand on top. “Our own family, The Bishops.” They smile at each other.

“Ugh!” Everyone says in unison.

"Jessa, was the punk look just a form of rebellion and your recreation? She twists her little longer now brunette hair with her finger."
“No. I think it was in me all along. Just hard to show your true colors, when everyone around is the same. I was worried about being different. What happened with Jason, just let me say fuck it, I am who I am. This dark hair is because I can’t dye my hair with the baby. Maybe I’ll go red after the baby is born.” She cocks her eye to Grant.

“You’d look just as hot as you do now,” he assures her.

"Jessa, Grant had every reason to be upset about you staying in the house with Rob when Rob returned.  Why did you feel like he was being over possessive or unreasonable, asking you to come home with him? Why did you doubt Grant so quickly when you were confronted by Emily, guilty conscience maybe?"

“Okay, well one, I felt as though he didn’t trust me. I think with Rob being back, it just threw me for a loop. Looking back now, I should have taken his feelings into account, but it was only for a few hours. Two, I don’t take kindly to people telling me what to do.” She shrugs her shoulders.

“That’s an understatement,” Sadie adds.
“As far as Emily, she was always hanging around. I shouldn’t have doubted Grant, but it was our first fight, I didn’t put enough trust in him that he could handle the stress of it. I felt like maybe he would say she’s not worth all this shit. You’re probably right, between my own insecurities and knowing that I cheated on Rob, I thought maybe I’m getting my payback.” She looks at Grant and he pulls her in and kisses her head.

“It’s all done, though. We talk, not run, anymore.” Grant says and Jessa nods her head.

"Knowing tattoos are permanent, why did you agree to put your lips on Rob’s body?"
She glances his way and smiles before her eyes veer down to the spot. “He wanted it. I tried to convince him he didn’t, but telling Rob no, only makes him more determined. I wasn’t going to argue with him.”

"Jessa, do you feel like you used Rob as a stepping stone until you accepted your desire for Grant?"
“I guess I could see where some people think that, but I truthfully thought he might be the one. Grant just kind of snuck in and showed me what love is supposed to be.” She glances at Rob, giving him a sorrowful smile.

"Rob, what made you distance yourself from Jessa?"
“I knew she wanted more and I didn’t. Don’t get me wrong, I liked Jessa…a lot. But I wasn’t about to run down the alter and turn into Ward Cleaver. She seemed to want something I couldn’t give.” He reaches over and takes a swig of his beer.

"Rob, when you came back from being on the road and having no contact with anyone, why did you think Jessa would be waiting? What did you think when you found out that Jessa and 'Frat Boy' had gotten together?"

He lets out an annoyed huff. “In my mind we were still together. As far as her and him,” he nods his head Grant and Jessa’s way, “whatever, I guess.”

"You seem a little bitter that Jessa and Grant are together.  Did you really think that Jessa was going to sit around and wait for you for months when you didn’t have the decency to call her while you were on the road.  Typically, a man calls the girl that he is interested in." 
“Finally, I’m not in the hot seat,” Brady jokes and rubs his hands together, eagerly waiting for Rob’s response.

“Listen, I know you think I’m an ass and you’re right, I am. Just because I fucked up doesn’t mean that I want to see her playing house with someone else.” He casually leans back in his chair.
Heather and Jenn stare at Rob, and just shakes their heads.

"Grant, after sharing your first kiss with Jessa on New Year’s Eve, what were your thoughts when Rob kisses her and she walks away with him?"
“It hurt, like a stab to the gut with a little twist. I was pissed at myself, pissed at her, pissed at him. The worst part is, it made me want her more. With the last glance she gave me, I knew I couldn’t continue on. At least not the way I did before.” Grant gives Jessa a grin and her lips turn up in small smile.

“Fuck that. You have no reason to be pissed, I was her fucking boyfriend,” Rob says and Brady shushes him.

"Rob, I am really trying to like you, I really am.  But you’re killing me! I find it funny, that you want to call yourself Jessa’s 'boyfriend'.  (Heather does air quotes)  If you were her 'boyfriend', then why were you fucking Emily in the closet at the New Year's Eve Party.  The last time I checked, none of my boyfriends would have done that, and if they did, they would probably be dickless."

“I don’t know, Heather, I like your feisty attitude. Want to go find a closet?” Rob jokes with hollow laugh. “I already said, I fucked up. I know I treated her like shit and I apologized for it.” He tosses his beer in the trash can, reaching for another one. “I didn’t appreciate her, I know that. I’m probably the most undeserving jerk around.” He stares down into his lap and Sadie pats his knee. Surprisingly, he doesn’t say anything smart ass, but gives her a small very tight smile.

"Well, if I wasn’t happily married, I may have given your offer a thought."  I roll my eyes at him and everyone laughs.
"You know, when you aren’t being such a smartass, you can be a really nice guy.  Everyone makes mistakes.  At least you can admit that you messed up.  I am sure there is someone out there that will capture your heart and you will appreciate them.  Jessa just wasn’t the right girl."

Jenn tries to lighten the mood and take the attention off of Rob, who sits there with a somber look on this face.

"Okay, I think we will move onto Dex now, since Rob has been on the hot seat for a few questions."

"Dex, keeping in touch with Sam?"
“Yeah, she’s been back here a few times visiting, and I’m flying out by her in two weeks.” He doesn’t add anything more, but the room quietly overcomes with chuckles and giggles.

“Not to mention the damn phone calls and texts, you forgot to mention those.” Trey slaps him on the back just as Dex’s phone chimes.
"Sounds like someone may have captured Dex’s heart. Who would have imagined that?  I think Hell might have frozen over!"

"Dex, are you going to tell us what’s the deal with you and Sam?"

“We’re friends,” he states.
“Fuck buddies,” Trey says.

“Hey, that’s my sister,” Jessa chimes in, narrowing her eyes to Trey.
“Just stop it guys. Sam and I, we have fun together.” Dex puts finality to the discussion.

"Your friends here seem to be settling down. Heck even Trey here seems to be knotted up. Do you ever see yourself finding love?"

“I’m not looking for it, but if it happens, it happens. I’m having fun now, that’s for sure,” he answers.
“That’s what all of us hear, anyway.” Trey chuckles to himself. “Oh Dex!” he mimics Sam in a girly voice.  Every one in the room is laughing at Trey's comment.

"Sadie, were you surprised when Brady proposed?"
“Um,” she bites her lips nervously.

“Fuck No,” Trey blurts. “Look at that boy, he’s so fucking love sick and sappy that you know she knew."
“I didn’t know he was going to do it when he did, but I did realize it was coming,” she shyly looks up at Brady through her long eyelashes. “But it was beautiful.” She places her hand on his cheek and he smiles down at her.

"Brady, when do we get the story of the proposal?"
“I believe you get it in Let Me Love (Trey’s story), but I guess you’ll have to ask Michelle. I guarantee one thing, I totally outdid Grant,” he chuckles.

“Fuck that, I inked myself forever,” Grant says back.
“I guess we’ll let the readers be the judge of it then.” Brady leans back, grabbing Sadie’s hand, laughing to himself.

"Fight nice, now.  I’m sure both of you were very romantic when you popped the big question."

"Sadie, how excited is Grandma Ida about the engagement?"
“I’m a little afraid that she might race me down the aisle,” she laughs and everyone joins in. “Kidding aside, of course, she’s thrilled.

"Brady and Sadie, any kids in the future?"
They both laugh. “Of course,” Brady answers.

“No one would have thought Jessa and Grant would beat us to it, but as much as I can’t wait to be a Godmother to baby Bishop over there, I’m in no hurry for myself,” Sadie says.
“But it would be nice for the two of them to be close in age,” Brady adds, staring down at Sadie.

“Yes, it would,” she smiles up at him and him to her, making everyone in the room believe they are missing something.
“Shut the fuck up?” Trey hollers and Brady raises his eyebrows in question.

"Are you hinting around that there may be a baby in the 'very' near future?"

“We need a wedding first,” Brady says, technically not answering the question.

Heather says, "Brady, I thought we were close.  (Brady just shakes his head at her)  I didn’t put you on the hot seat this time around.  I thought you would appreciate that.  And yet, here you are still dodging our questions.  I guess we’ll have see what unfolds when we get Let Me Love (Trey’s story)."

"Trey, how does it feel to find someone you feel the possibility of a relationship with, only to be pushed away when she has to leave to take care of other commitments?"
“It fucking sucks.” He leans forward. “The whole fucking thing, sucks,” he exclaims.

"I am sure in time, you as well as the readers will find out what pulls Kailey away."

"Kailey seems to have you all twisted up. What is it about her that you can’t let go?"
“She’s the most alluring, adoring and stubborn creature, I’ve ever met. Since I’m all those things too, it works for us,” he laughs boisterously. “She’s just….just Kailey. When you know her, you’ll understand.”

“She truly is the sweetest thing,” Jessa says and Trey throws his arm around her shoulders agreeing.

"Trey, who’s in the picture that is beside bed in the drawer?"
“Do you really think Michelle would let me tell you?” he laughs. “You have to read my story!”

"We thought maybe we would get a little hint, or possibly catch you off guard and you would spill the beans."

Well that pretty much wraps things up here.  We want to thank you for taking time out of your day to stop by Naughty and Nice Book Blog.  We look forward to chatting with you in the future.  Feel free to stop by anytime !! 

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