Friday, February 1, 2013

"Taking Chances" by Molly McAdams

Molly McAdams left me speechless with Taking Chances.  This is by far my favorite book that I have ever read.   I could not put it down once I started it..  Taking Chances is not your typical book with a love triangle.  

Harper, Chase and Brandon will touch your heart and leave a mark on it for a very long time.  Harper is the daughter of a marine and has lived a VERY SHELTERED life.  Harper goes to San Diego to find out who she is and what she wants in life.  Little did she know, she would fall in love; not with just one guy, but with two. 

Both Chase and Brandon are the stereotypical "bad boys" with tattoos and are everything that her marine father does not want to her to be with.  Chase and Brandon are gentle giants, very good friends and both fall in love with Harper.   My heart broke for Harper knowing that she was torn between who she thought would "always" be there for her and who she was afraid to "take a chance" on.   

This book is definitely an emotional rollercoaster.  I cried several times while reading this book.  There were a few parts of this book that came as a complete shock to me but the biggest shock was one that I can honestly say, I never saw coming!!! I understand why the author did it, but I wish it didn't have to be that way. My heart broke!!! Damn you Molly McAdams for making me "ugly cry".   Once I pulled myself together and was able to continue reading, I was very pleased with the story went on.

I will scream it from the roof tops, EVERYONE MUST READ THIS BOOK !!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I have never been so affected by a book EVER. I cried so much my husband was starting to get concerned lol. By far the best book I've ever read.

  2. I completely shared your heartbreak and "ugly cry" moment. It was horrible...gasping for breath and blowing my nose and not being able to stop my sobbing HORRIBLE! I think I was a wreck for 2 days after reading this one.
    With that being said, wonderful post! and congrats on your blog!

  3. I have read this book six(6) times. It is my book, in between books. When I am not ready to move onto a new bookfriend, I always fall back on Chase!