Sunday, February 10, 2013

I am sharing this for my friend, Author Kelly Elliott

Alright y'all.....I'm sitting here writing in Gunner's POV but I'm thinking about my trip to Florida with my BFF Ari.

One of the things Ari and I did on this trip was write a little intro for Saved. In this book I'm writing about something... that is very near and dear to my heart. Ari's youngest son Logan has Fragile X. I never knew about Fragile X until I met her. Ari inspires me every day,not only because she is a damn good friend, but she is a hell of a mother.

Matthew, Ari's little brother in the book, has Fragile X. My goal with this is to educate as many people as I can reach with Saved about Fragile X.

Sooo...with that'll notice that right before the book comes out I'm going to be posting more things about Fragile X. I want people to understand a little bit about it so that when they read it they will understand it and it will move them just a little more when they meet this sweet little man that I have fallen in love with. ♥

I wanted to take a moment though to say thank you to y'all. For your support, love, inspiration, laughs that y'all give me everyday and just your passion for this book. It means more to me than you will ever know! What started out as an idea has allowed me to make some truly wonderful new friends.

Kel ♥

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  1. I hated the ending because I don't know who this character Victoria is! I expected it to be Lynda if anyone. I hate the way the book ended and now I have to wait until Summer 2013. What the heck does that mean? If an author is going to have an additional book at least allow us to pre purchase it so I don't forget there is a 3rd book. It also allows me to hold off on reading the other books until I have the complete series. Looked for authors page but she doesnt have one on Amazon or a link in her books. Any idea when book 3 comes out?