Friday, February 1, 2013

"Lost To You" by A.L. Jackson

One word can describe this book, AMAZING !!!! Lost To You is the prequel to A.L. Jackson's book, Take This Regret. I was excited while reading Lost To You to find out how Christian and Elizabeth's relationship developed, since I already knew the outcome from reading Take this Regret.

Christian comes from a wealthy family and is expected to lead the life that his parents have planned for him. I loved Christian, despite his cockiness and arrogance. Christian also had a softer side which he doesn't allow people to see. However, when he is paired with Elizabeth as a study partner, his walls begin to crumble and he allows Elizabeth to see the "real" Christian. The man that he wants to be, not the man that he is expected to be.

Elizabeth worked hard to secure scholarships and grants to attend Columbia University and she was not going to be side-tracked from her goal of going to law school by opening her heart to a guy. Little did she know that having Christian has her study partner would change her life.

While Christian and Elizabeth become best friends, they are both struggling with feelings that are developing between them. Christian and Elizabeth cherish their friendship, but their hearts want more. Sometimes you need you follow your heart, because LOVE has a different future planned for you.

I have read all of A.L. Jackson's books and I have to say that they are all AMAZING. She tells a story and you feel like you know the characters. She captivates you from the moment you open the book. I think the title Lost To You, is so fitting for this love story.

I would like to thank A.L. Jackson for allowing me to be one of the lucky ones to receive Lost To You prior to it being released on January 31st.

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