Friday, February 1, 2013

"Lexi, Baby" by Lynda LeeAnne

Lynda LeeAnne definitely hit the ball out of the park with Lexi, Baby! I loved this story line and I instantly fell in love with Lexi and Landyn.

I read this book in one sitting and I could not put it down.  Lexi and Landyn (Lan) were high school sweethearts, with an unbelievable chemistry between them.  One mistake made by Landyn has shattered Lexi's heart.  A mistake that he can not take back, one that may have cost him his world.  Lexi was not perfect neither, she has made a few mistakes of her own, starting with keeping a secret that eventually would be revealed.  

Even though Landyn is cocky, arrogant and an ass at times, I loved him. He made me laugh with his cockiness, and made me cry with his vulnerability. Landyn is your typical alpha-male, strong, demanding, yet lovable at the same time.  I had to keep in mind while reading this book, that Lexi and Landyn were in high school when they fell in love, and we all make mistakes.  I had to remind myself that we grow from our mistakes, we just hope that we learn from them and do not make the same ones.  Lexi had to realize that and decide if she could forgive Landyn and move on and learn to trust him again. 

The supporting characters were great as well.  Trish, Lexi's best friend is hysterical.  Every girl needs a best friend like Trish. She tells it like it is and loves Lexi unconditionally and has stood by her side no matter what. Then there is Adam... Oh Adam.   He is a story in himself, one that I hope Lynda LeeAnne definitely builds on.  I would recommend this book to anyone you loves a realistic love story that you can relate to the characters and the situations that they find themselves in.   I look forward to more books from Lynda LeeAnne!!


  1. Another one of my favorites! I also read this in one sitting. I'm going to have to start getting all the books you recommend. I love your reviews!

    1. Thank you Amanda. Feel free to join The Fairy Book Club on facebook. I post tons of books, authors, contest, new releases, etc... on the group wall.