Thursday, May 5, 2016

REVIEW TOUR ~ Fighting Fate (Fighting Series Book 7) by JB Salsbury

***BONUS CONTENT: The first two chapters of JB Salsbury's stand alone novel SPLIT included!

Axelle's broken.
I live to hold her together.

Killian McCreery only has two dreams . . .
Fight for the UFL.
And Axelle.

He's watched her give her time and her body to men who don't deserve to breathe her air. He's waited, worked hard to become the kind of man she deserves, hoping one day, when the time is right, he'd get the opportunity to make her happy. After a painful anniversary, he finally gets his chance.

But life has a way of sucker-punching its victims--striking when they least expect it in the most devastating ways.

Killian loves me.
But I screwed up. Big time.

Axelle Daniels appears to be the typical college student--parties, hangovers, and men. No one knows that inside she's a mess, and no amount of booze or meaningless relationships have managed to fill the cracks in her heart. But Killian knows. He's been there since the night it all began and has never left her side.

When she wakes up one morning to find the consequences of her actions have caught up to her, even Killian's white-knighthood can't save her now.

Fate is put to the test when, for the first time in their five-year friendship, they no longer have each other to lean on. When he becomes a UFL superstar, she hardly recognizes the man he used to be. And she no longer needs him to hold her together.

With the foundation of their friendship gone, they'll discover that even a love that is meant to be needs to be fought for and destiny is a choice.

Review by: CA Borgford
No date for me. Heather signed up for both of us. Release day is May 3rd

Axelle and Killian! My wait is over. I fell hard for these two when I met them early in the series and hoped that fate would indeed be on their side and we would see them fight for love. Wish granted! JB Salsbury continues to shine by demonstrating that the struggles to find yourself, see your worth, and let yourself love and be loved is a fight worth winning.

WOWZA, Fighting Fate packs a punch. Axelle and Killian have a one-of-a-kind undeniable love. The ties that bind them together become strained. Friendship, devotion, lust, and love give way to uncertainty. I felt it all. I cursed and cried. I pleaded with them through my iPad. I was a hot mess and loved every minute of it ~ not surprising given the talent of their creator. The structure and delivery of their story is intimate. Taking readers back to where it all began was vital. The journey is unsteady, shocking, passionate, and surprisingly tender.

The entire Fighting Series goes above and beyond reaching the reader with endless heart and well-chosen words. Salsbury pulls you into the ring of love, life, and family and makes you feel every jab, every kiss, every moment. Her stories are devastating, delicious and triumphant.

If you haven't read this series ... Do. It. Now.

Fighting Fate is the 7th book in JB Salsbury’s Fighting Series, it is a stand-alone and can be read as one but I strongly suggest you read the rest of the series because it is simply AMAZING every one of them are 5 stars in my book. I cannot tell you how much I looked forward to this book from book 2 when we met Axelle and Killian, they were young teenage friends but I knew from day one that they had something amazing. I am struggling with my review of this book. I have loved the series and I awaited this story forever and I fear my outlook on the book is so fresh that I feel I may not do it justice. I felt like their love story was going to be Epic and what I got was so much angst and discomfort that it took away from my experience. I have always said I don’t love Angst in a book but in my writing many, many reviews I find that I have to like it because most of my 5 stars have a good bit of angst. This book has it in spades and I know everything cannot be peaches and cream all of the time and this is a friends to lovers story so there needs to be trials and tribulations to get through to come out on top but if I am being 100% honest there was just too much. What I was not happy with: Axelle who I have simply adored from day one went from this cool awesome chick to a self-loathing young adult who didn’t have an ounce of self-confidence, this threw me through a loop. I didn’t anticipate this and while it is not my story to write I felt she took a little too long on her journey to find herself and even when she did she still used it a crutch to push those who loved her most away. I have thought Killian would always have a special place in my heart because he just was always there for all of the guys, for Axelle and he was just a complete stand-up guy. He was all that and more and I adore him but really could have smacked him upside his head for about 30% of the book. I am sorry I know this is a bit vague but I am trying extremely hard to write a spoiler free review. I wish a lot more of the story was of them together rather than apart. What I loved: Them, I loved Axelle and Killian and where they got to in the end. I loved that while it wasn’t perfect they stayed true to their friendship. While I wasn’t a fan of how she handled it I loved that Axelle did what she needed to do to get to the other side and realize she is exactly what Killian needed and wanted and what she felt she needed to change for herself not for anyone else. Killian is a man any woman would want, he was true and he was dedicated and he made mistakes but he always was honorable. I loved seeing old and new faces, I loved that Blake and Kill had a purpose in Axelle’s life and they loved her beyond reason even if she didn’t realize it they did. I love the mom that Layla is and I think she is an all-around amazing person. I guess in the end I would LOVE LOVE a novella of them, I would love it if we could get some of them together down the road with their happily ever after going on. This kills me with this series to do this because as I stated earlier they are all 5 star reads that I have read and re-read. But I have to take off a star, it is still a stellar story and JB can write like no one’s business but I have to give it a 4 star there was just a little too much apart and what happened when apart didn’t sit well with me, it is my personal opinion and others may love it. I still highly recommend the entire series, you will not regret a minute of reading.

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