Saturday, May 21, 2016

Act of Salvation by KC Lynn

Sometimes two broken pieces make a whole. 

He’s the one she’s always loved. 

She’s the one he could never have. 

A forbidden night of passion resulted in years of heartbreak when he walked away. Now she’s in danger and needs his help. 

Trust doesn’t come easy for FBI Agent Nick Stone, especially when it comes to love, but he’ll risk it all for Katelyn Slade. 

Including his heart. 

Bullets fly, betrayals are exposed, and the flames from their past ignite. 

His protection might be what saves her but in the end she will be his salvation. 

This is Book two in the Acts Of Honor series, the spin-off series to Men Of Honor. It’s Nick and Katelyn’s story and is told in dual POV, has an HEA with no cliffhanger and it can be read as a standalone. However, I highly recommend that you read the Men Of Honor series prior, as characters play recurring roles in both series. 

Warning: Due to mature subject matter, such as explicit sexual situations and coarse language, this story is not suitable for anyone under the age of 18.


Act of Salvation by KC Lynn is the 2nd book in the Acts of Honor Series, however it can be read as a stand- alone.  It is my recommendation that you read the Men of Honor Series prior to reading this book because most of the supporting characters are from that series and it will help with following the dynamics of their relationships/friendships.

What do you do when you've loved one man your whole life and no one compares and you can't move on.  What do you do when you love a woman so much you never think your worthy of her.  What do you do when you must face your past and move on with your future. How do you do this and make everything right when you have screwed up every personal relationship in your life.  You do it with love and commitment, you do it because that's what the person you love who has loved you no matter what deserves.  You face your demons and you face hers.  That's what Nick Stone does.  He comes out on top beautifully.

This is the story of Katelynn Slade and Nick Stone.  Katelynn is a Salon Owner and Stylist, Nick is one of the best FBI Agents in the country and they were childhood friends turned to one night of giving into their passion. Only for Nick to leave for the FBI and to never look back.

Katelynn's brother Kolan was best friends with Nick growing up and their parents were the worst kind of parents out there so that left Kolan being Katelynn's big brother, her protector, her parental figure and her provider.

Since he was working very hard to make money and save to get him and Katelynn out of town and away from their parents he had to enlist his best friend Nick to help with the taking care of Katelynn while he worked or fought in an underground fighting circuit to make money to take care of his little sister.

While growing up Katelynn was in love with Nick Stone, she knew it then and she knew it was real no matter how young she was.  She watched him go through all the girls at school but he was always different with her.

He knew she would eventually get to him because he cared for no one, he didn't get close to anyone in life because the person who should have loved him the most left him and he would never let anyone close enough to him again.  But Katelynn wiggled her way into his teenage heart.   After a hard night with Katelynn being irresponsible in his eyes and they got in a huge fight. A night where he was just accepted to the FBI and he knew he would be leaving soon and he was dealing with not wanting to leave her even if he promised he wouldn't care he just did and dealing with knowing he cared was too much.  She pushed and pushed til he gave in and they made love. He was her first and they both knew it but he wanted to give her what she deserved and he didn't want to leave it to chance with some other guy.

As he was leaving Kolan came home and they both said somethings they can't take back that forever altered their friendship. The next day without a word he leaves for the FBI and Katelynn is heart broken.  She knew what they had was a one time thing but she always thought he would still be there.

Years later Kolan needs help and Katelynn will do anything and I mean anything for her brother who gave her a good life.  She would certainly swallow her pride and also knowing she is breaking her own heart she contacts the one person she believes can help Kolan, she makes the call to Nick Stone after 7 years of silence after 7 years of heartbreak, and as soon as she hears his voice she is done.

KC Lynn is the queen of the second chance love story and she is the queen of the alpha male with lovable smart beautiful heroines. We met Nick in Beautifully Insightful, he is Ryder's partner.  We met Katelynn in the Men of Honor Series and this book brings them all together.

I will be so disappointed when we are finished with this wonderful group of people in KC's series.   You are so invested in their lives and futures that is what her writing does.  I have never read any of her books just once, and I've read every single one. 5 awesome stars.

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