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Two lives…as close to perfect as they can be.
Camryn Townsend has everything she’s always dreamed of…an amazing family, supportive friends, and the perfect job. Everything a girl could want. Or is it? A trip back to her childhood home threatens to unravel her web of perfection.
Her problem…she’s in love with her best friend and she’s too scared to sacrifice their friendship for a love she’s always wanted.
Jamie Banks’ life is the epitome of perfection. His company is thriving, his band is on the cusp of stardom, and the girl he loves is returning home.
His problem…the girl he loves has been his best friend for as long as he can remember and he’s not sure he’s ready to sacrifice his best friend for a lover. Pursuing a relationship with the possibility of losing her has him second-guessing everything he knows.
Unspoken words are the only thing standing in their way.



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H.P. Davenport does a wonderful job with her debut novel. She takes us on an emotional journey where friends are afraid to cross that imaginary line. Once that line is crossed there is no turning back. The twists and turns at every corner will definitely keep you on your toes, you won’t want to put this book down. Just when you think you have it all figured out BAM! Mind twist. This is a definite page turner. 

Camryn and Jamie have been best friends for as long as they can remember, along with Camryn’s brother Christian. Camryn is living on the west coast, while Jamie and her family are on the east coast. The job she loves brings her back home where she will be spending the summer. What more can she ask for than a summer with her family and close friends? For as long as she can remember, she has been in love with Jamie but has not acted on her feelings for him afraid of rejection. But can this be their summer? Will she finally have the courage to  open her heart to him? 

Jamie is living the good life. The band is great, business is booming, he has his family and his circle of friends. There is just one thing missing that could make it all perfect. He has been in love with Camryn forever but has never told a soul. He just doesn’t want to cross those lines and ruin what they have in case she doesn’t feel the same way he does. But how long can he go on with keeping those feelings to himself? How long can he continue to lie to himself? 

When lines get crossed and they are finally on the same page, Jamie and Camryn must learn how to balance their newfound relationship with their old friendship. Just when they feel they have been put in a good place, they are taken a few notches back when something horrific happens. Can Camryn and Jamie face the tragic moment together while learning their new relationship? Will they be able to overcome their situation together? Or will it be their downfall? Will they give up on what they have? Are their feelings for one another strong enough to hold them together? 

I loved Camryn’s strong, fun, and loveable personality. There was nothing that she couldn’t do and that could bring her down. In the end, she always rose from it all. Camryn got along with everyone and she never let anything get in her way.  Jamie evened her out and challenged her every truly showed how much he adored her. How passionate he was towards his work. I loved how their families were so familiar with one another and how they all stood by one another. They supported each other through everything. H.P. does a wonderful job with the characters and making us feel everything they are going through. I laughed, cried and i swooned right along with them. She also did a great job broaching a very touchy situation. This is one you don’t want to miss out on. 

this review was done by Jenn. I received an advanced copy for my honest review. 


He leans down and moves his mouth over mine, devouring its softness. Slowly, I lift my arms around his neck, running my hands through his thick hair. I tug on his hair, not wanting this kiss to end.
When he pulls back, he leaves my mouth burning with fire. 
With a wicked grin on his face, he points to the shower. “I have to get out of here before I have my way with you. Your brother is out there waiting. Go get a shower, cool off, do what you have to do to calm yourself down. But if I hear moaning, I am gonna be all over you whether your brother is here or not.”
I chuckle knowing what he is insinuating. Before he can move, I bite his lower lip, sucking it into my mouth. I release his bottom lip and place a soft kiss on it. “Mr. Banks, I will have you know, if I plan on moaning, it would be because you made me, it won’t be self-induced.”
I push myself off the counter, walking over to turn on the shower. When I look over my shoulder Jamie is standing there, his jaw clenched, his eyes slightly narrowed.
I am going to give him a show and drive him crazy. He thought he was cute when we were younger when he jumped naked into the pool at my birthday party, I am going to have a little fun with him today.
I pull the hem of tank top up and over my head, leaving me standing there topless. My back is facing Jamie, so he can’t see my breasts. I slowly peel my sleep shorts off of my body, one leg at a time and toss them in his direction. When I turn around his muscle flicks angrily in his jaw. I fix my eyes on his. “Do you like what you see, Mr. Banks?” Knowing that he is going to lose his shit, I quickly get in the shower and shut the curtain behind me.
Peeking around the shower curtain, I squeal at the intrusion into my personal space as Jamie smirks at me saying so quietly that I’m not entirely sure I heard him, “You think you’re funny, don’t you? Two can play at this game. You better pray the next time I see you naked, your brother isn’t in the next room. Cause if he is, he will hear what you sound like when I’m making you come with my mouth.” He reaches out and pauses mid-air as he’s about to stroke my breast. Instinctively, I lean toward his touch wanting his hand there, wanting him in here, knowing my brother is literally steps away from me grabbing him and pulling him into the shower with me. Inhaling a breath, never breaking eye contact with him, I moan, quiet enough that no one hears but he heard. Smirking at me with lust-filled eyes, he pulls his hand back, retreating the hand that was so close to the water beading on my nipple that my skin feels his absence and he never even touched me.
And he stalks out of the bathroom. Just like that.
Holy. Shit. I need to make this a cold shower after what he just said to me, after how he almost touched me. A smile spreads across my face as I hear the bathroom door shut. One for Cami, One for Jamie.
Why did I invite my brother with us again?

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