Sunday, November 22, 2015

Naughty King (A Sexy Manhattan Fairytale: Part One) by Michelle Valentine


The King Always Gets His Way. 

Women, business, pleasure: When I want it, I get it. 
I’m never denied. 
Including her. 
I will break her. 
I will show her who the king of this city really is. 
The Feisty Princess of Manhattan will learn I am not a man that can be tempted. 
No matter how damn bad I want her in my bed. 

Book one in a three part erotic romance series from NY Times and USA Today bestselling author Michelle A. Valentine (Rock the Heart, Phenomenal X, Wicked White, Demon at My Door). 

Naughty King (A Sexy Manhattan Fairytale: Part One) 
Feisty Princess (A Sexy Manhattan Fairytale: Part Two) 
Dirty Royals (A Sexy Manhattan Fairytale: Part Three) -- Coming Soon 


In Naughty King we meet Alexander King and Margo Buchanan, both have a plan in place and nothing will deter either of them.  Alexander is going to take over Margo's father's company and sell it off piece by piece and make millions.  Margo is going to infiltrate Alexander's business and find a way to stop him from taking over her rightful spot as head of Buchanan industries.  Neither will be stopped, neither will give up or will they.

This book is a short and sweet Novella that is a 3 part series, so it's a little hard to review and not give away too much of the book.  King is a pompous a-hole who as time goes on you kind of understand and he can become endearing, then you have Margo who is smart, sassy and takes no crap but if we are being honest puts up the same walls as King does in a different way.  Margo's father in a desperate move to save his company makes part of the deal with King that his daughter has a job.  King knows what is he trying and he will meet him head on.  Margo will be his assistant, how far can he push her before she gives in and gives up.  Margo is set on making things right with her fathers company and she will take whatever King gives her and more to get what she wants.

I love Michelle, I love her books and this was no different.  I am giving 4 stars to Naughty King and can't wait to get on to Feisty Princess.

This review was prepared by Heather McLaughlin.

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