Tuesday, November 3, 2015

It’s Only Love (A Green Mountain Romance) by Marie Force

 Releases November 3, 2015


The new Green Mountain Romance from the New York Times bestselling author of And I Love Her.

Ella Abbott has long been secretly in love with Gavin Guthrie. A few recent encounters have only added to her infatuation, especially the kiss they shared at her sister’s wedding. It doesn’t matter to Ella that Gavin is in a bad place. He says there’s no hope for a future with him, that he has nothing to offer her. But all Ella cares about is the love she feels.

It’s been seven long years since Gavin lost his brother. He’d kept himself under control and moving forward until his brother’s beloved dog died and his brother’s widow re-married. Since then, he’s been drinking, fighting, and even getting arrested. It seems the only time his demons leave him alone is when Ella is around.

Gavin knows it wouldn’t be fair to drag Ella into his darkness, but when she inserts herself into his life, what choice does he have but to allow her to soothe his aching heart?


Loss, grief and guilt are tough emotions to move on from. No one feels that more acutely than Gavin Guthrie. I adored Gavin, in all his confusion and struggle I saw a man in pain and in love with equal measure. Marie Force does an amazing job at developing unique characters. In this case further developing Gavin’s backstory, while also showing us how intertwined his thoughts, feelings and relationships are with the sweet Ella.

Ella Abbott may be my favorite female character of the series so far. I was drawn to her quirky innocence, bravery, penchant for ice cream and her inner dialogue.  She is soft, yet strong. Decisive, yet open. She really is a perfect match for Gavin. Hanging pictures with Gavin is exactly what Ella needs. Things in Vermont heat up well past warm and cozy.

I can’t close a Green Mountain Romance without discussing the secondary characters. Butler, Vermont is filled to the brim with curious characters. They add many layers to the story while peaking my interest in what’s going on with them. Max if you’re reading this … I’m pulling for you. You intrigue me and I’m very ready for your story to unfold. The Abbott family is warm, welcoming and chaotic. The pace of this story is perfect. The structure and inclusion of quotes with each chapter is heart warming.  Another book by Force that should not be missed.

Review by CA Borgford.

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