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BLOG TOUR ~ Untamed by S.C. Stephens (Review and Q &A with SC Stephens)


The spotlight doesn't only shine. Sometimes it burns.

Being the bad-boy bassist for the world's hottest band has earned Griffin Hancock some perks: a big house, a fast car, and most importantly his incredible wife, Anna. The one thing it hasn't brought him is the spotlight. Anna tells him to be patient, that his talent will win out. But Griffin is through waiting for permission to shine.

Without warning, Griffin makes a shocking decision and takes the gamble of a lifetime. Suddenly he's caught up in a new level of lights, cameras, and chaos. One that pushes his relationship with Anna to its limits. Anna has always found his unpredictable behavior sexy, but lately he's seen an ache in her eyes--and it has his soul in knots. Just as the recognition Griffin seeks is finally within reach, the thing he loves most in life could be slipping through his fingers...


Sometimes in life, you really do not know what you have and how lucky you really are until something is gone. Griffin learns the hard way. 

I always wondered what it would be like to be the bass player or the guitar guy or even the drummer in a band when all attention was usually aimed at the lead singer. Did it bother them? One of the reasons why I Loved "Untamed" so much is because it actually goes through the struggles of what those guys think about. It takes a lot of restraint and sticking together, like a family. But when all those things really get to you and you start to hit rock bottom, thinking your better than the rest of those guys, things really start to go downhill. 

I love all the struggles Griffin goes through in this book, trying anything and everything to prove he doesn't need those guys and the band, with Anna right beside him all the way.... Until she realizes he's lying about so many things. S C Stephens really had me hooked line and sinker with this one. I fell in love all over again with all the characters, could not put this book down even if I tried. 

I would highly recommend. This definitely gets five stars from me!!!!

This review was prepared by Jeanine McDonald. An ARC was received in exchange for an honest review.


I fell in love with Griffin and his sense of humor in Thoughtless, Effortless and Reckless. You never knew what would come out of his mouth. He has ZERO filter. We never knew what would come out of his mouth. As we read the series, we held breathe waiting to see what Griffin would say. 

Griffin found love with Ana, Kiera's sister when he was least expecting it. Ana loved Griffin, flaws and all. I was a little shocked when I read the blurb for Untamed. I have to be honest, I never envisioned this journey for Griffin. I never thought he would be the "Why does Kellan get all the attention" type of guy. To me, he seemed like he was on cloud nine with his expecting wife and his daughter, Gibson. 

At times reading this book, I felt like I was watching the Brady Bunch, with Marsha and Jan. Rather than hearing Marsha Marsha Marsha, I was hearing, Why Not Me, Why Not Me, Why Not Me.  Griffin feels as though he deserves more. He felt as though he was better than the recognition he was getting as a member of the D-Bags. Sometimes we all think the grass is greener on the other side. But is it truly? 

When Griffin decides to go out on his own, he leaves the band. But was that the right decision, or will it come back and bite him in the ass?  Will he lose everything? Will he be able to make it on his own? If he leaves the band, how will that effect his relationship with the guys?  How will this effect his and Ana's relationship. 

Sometimes we have to hit rock bottom before we realize we made a mistake. Will Griffin man up and acknowledge that he needs to band? What does the future hold for Griffin and the D-Bags? Will Ana stand by him and watch him burn his bridges? Will she continue to support the man she loves when she knows he is making the mistake in life?

I was on the edge of my seat during certain parts. Of course, Griffin had be laughing my ass off. Some of the things that come out his mouth are priceless. He truly to biggest ass I know and I can count on him to always bring a smile to my face. I have to say the thing that surprised me the most was....  Griffin has a sensitive side. I loved how we got to see that as well. He isn't all laughs and jokes, there were parts of the story that my heart melted for him. My heart broke for Ana to have to be along for this ride, but in reality, we all know that with Griffin, you never know what to expect. The only thing I know I am sure of if Ana's unconditional love for Griffin. Griffin may not have always made the right decisions, he may have lied a few times, but he truly loves Ana. Even though some of this decisions were asinine. He always tried to do what he thought was best for his family.  So for that, I commend him. 

This review was prepared by Heather. An ARC was received in exchange for an honest review.

S.C. Stephens Q&A

1. At what age did you discover writing? It wasn’t until my late twenties that I really had an interest in writing, and then, I could never seem to finish more than a scene or two. It wasn’t until 2009, when I started Thoughtless, that I finally finished a full-length novel. What made you want to pursue it as a career? Writing was just a hobby for me until Thoughtless and its sequel, Effortless, really began to take off. Even still, I never truly considered writing as a career until I was approached with a book deal. That was when it all started falling into place.  

2. What can you tell us about Griffin and Anna, that we won't find in the book?The book doesn’t cover the challenges they overcame early in their relationship—those are touched on in the original Thoughtless trilogy. They both had to let go of their wild pasts to truly embrace a committed relationship.

3. Did you listen to music while writing UNTAMED? If so, what are some of the bands and/or songs on your playlist.
I frequently listen to music when I write, especially when I’m writing about a band. The D-Bag’s sound is a lot like Linkin Park to me, so their music is all over my playlists. For Untamed, Until It’s GoneA Light That Never Comesand Final Masquerade were on constant repeat.

4. If you were in a rock band, what instrument would you want to play?
I have no musical talent whatsoever, so I would have to do something simple…like a cowbell. And I’d probably mess that up!


When Anna came back into the room, I was my usual self—just a half chub was trying to poke through my jeans. But even that faded when I saw the little miracle in my wife’s arms. “Daddy!” Gibson tossed her hands my way and leaned so hard in my direction that Anna had to struggle to hold on to her. Gibson’s little face scrunched with annoyed concentration while she fought against her mom. Then, with a pout that only a little kid could make adorable, she turned and scowled at Anna. “Want Daddy.” She said it as a command, not a request. Gibson was only around a year and a half, but she already knew what she wanted, and she fully expected to get her way. She was so much like me, it was scary.
Anna rolled her eyes but stepped closer so Gibson could reach me. When her little hands touched my skin, they suddenly became razor-like talons. Like an eagle securing a fish from the sea, Gibson clamped onto my forearm with a surprising amount of freakish strength. “Ow, shit! Relax, Gibs. I’m right here.”
Grunting, I pulled her into my side and examined what was left of my arm. I half expected to see a mutilated flap of skin hanging off the bone. Instead, all I saw were bright red streaks where she’d raked me. Anna winced. “Guess I need to cut her nails. Sorry.”
I shrugged. “The day isn’t truly awesome until a gorgeous girl has scratched me up. I wear my war wounds with pride.” Looking at the design she’d left behind, I added, “I might actually get this one tattooed on me. How cool would permanent shred marks be?”
Anna smiled, then shook her head. “No, if you want claw marks to tattoo, I’ll give you some good ones. Then every time you look at them, you can remember how you got them.”
“Damn…yeah, that’s a much better plan. Fuck, you have the best ideas.”
Gibson grabbed my nose and pulled my attention her way, where she liked it. Girl had a jealous streak a mile wide. Looking at her was like looking at a miniature version of me, if I were a girl. She had the same light blue eyes, same blond hair, although hers was a pristine platinum color while mine was a little dirtier. As it should be. She gave me a smile full of shiny white teeth, then spouted, “Fuck.”
Anna crossed her arms over her chest, but her expression was more amused than annoyed. “I think we’re at the point where we need to start watching our language.”
I looked past Gibson to Anna. “Watch my language? You might as well ask me to hop on one foot while reciting the alphabet backwards. I can’t police myself like that twenty-four-seven. I’m exhausted just thinking about it.”
Anna swished her hands at Gibson. “Well, she’s starting to copy you, and if we don’t put a stop to it now, she’s going to start calling people cocksuckers soon.”
I started laughing. “That…would be so awesome.”
Anna put her hands on her hips; true irritation was starting to edge out her amusement now. “No, it wouldn’t be.” She smiled. “Well, yeah, it kind of would be, but as parents, we have to put a stop to that kind of stuff.” She sighed. “Well, we should try anyway.”
Looking back at Gibson, I frowned. “I suppose I could try.” Even though I was sure she didn’t have a clue what we were talking about, Gibson laid her head on my shoulder, wrapped her arms around my neck, and patted my back like she was encouraging me. Yeah, if it would help Gibson, I would try to control my mouth. There wasn’t much I wouldn’t do for that little girl.

About the author:

S.C. Stephens is a #1 bestselling author who spends her every free moment creating stories that are packed with emotion and heavy on romance. In addition to writing, she enjoys spending lazy afternoons in the sun reading, listening to music, watching movies, and spending time with her friends and family. She and her two children reside in the Pacific Northwest. 

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