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Life's Perfect Plan by Sarah Goodman


"First comes love…then comes marriage…then comes a baby in a baby carriage.” We’ve all heard this saying. In fact, Elizabeth lived and planned her life by this children’s nursery rhyme. What happens when life doesn't go according to plan? What happens when the life you created falls apart? How do you pick up the pieces? When do you finally realize what life handed you is indeed perfect, even if it was never part of your plan?

Elizabeth “Beth” Thomas is a thirty year old senior associate at a law firm. Married to her college sweetheart, Grant, they have traveled, built their dream home, and are ready to become parents. They struggle with infertility. Grant wants a normal life again. He wants to go back to the way it was before trying to have a baby consumed their lives. Once they agree to go back to a “normal” life, life hands over a different plan for Beth.

Beth struggles with loss and heartache. She leans on her family, her two best friends, and her doctor. What Elizabeth doesn't see is that her life is going according to plan, only it took a different route to get there.

 "Sometimes we plan our perfect life, but life tends to give us life's perfect plan.”


Is there such a thing as a "life's perfect plan"?  Yes, most little girls dream about having a husband, a baby, and beautiful house with a white picket fence.  Do those things really make a perfect life? 

Elizabeth "Beth" had a gorgeous husband Grant, a beautiful home, but she lacks one thing that she wants the most, a baby...  Beth and Grant had been trying to have a baby for years, and the countless attempts to conceive were wearing on Grant.  Grant would give anything for Beth to carry his child.  Grant wants to take a brake from the cycles of fertility drugs and just enjoy having "normal sex"; sex that isn't scheduled. Grant wants to enjoy his wife.  Beth wants to try one last time, so Grant agrees. 

When an opportunity arises, Beth cannot pass it up.  Beth doesn't inform Grant of her plans, since he is away for the weekend with the boys.  Should Beth have told Grant?  If Beth had told Grant, would things have been different?  Life is full of "what ifs"...  If Beth had done things differently, would her life's plan still been perfect?

After a tragic event occurs and ruins Beth's "perfect plan", her life is turned upside down.  God had a different plan for Beth, the only question is, would Beth be able to accept God's new life plan?

Life is full of the unexpected.  People leave and enter our lives unexpectedly all the time.  When Jacob enters Beth's life, her plan was about to change, again.

Throughout the book, I was drawn to Jacob.  I was standing on the sidelines routing for Jacob.  Jacob came into Beth's life at the imperfect "perfect" time.  The relationship that developed between Jacob and Beth was heartwarming.  At times, I thought Jacob came on a little strong, considering he had only known her a brief time, but who I am to judge when someone falls in love.

Jacob was Beth's knight in shining armor.  Jacob loved and cherished Beth.  He stood by Beth when she needed someone the most.  Jacob loved Beth unconditionally.  He was totally swoon worthy!! Beth struggled with opening her heart and allowing herself to be loved by Jacob.  By loving Jacob, would that diminish the love she has for Grant?  Could Beth open herself to the possibilities of a life without Grant, and a new life with Jacob?  Could Beth learn to love again? 

This story will make you stop and think of life and what is really important.  Don't take anything for granted, because it can all change in a blink of an eye...  There is no such thing as a "life's perfect plan"!  Life is full of unforeseen obstacles, we can only hope that we can make it through them and learn from life.

I would recommend Life's Perfect Plan.  There were times in the book that I was crying tears of sadness, as well as tears of joy.  Beth is a firecracker to say the least and I think the character development was very good.  I think Sara did a great job with her debut novel.  Keep up the good work.  I will give you a hint.  There is one scene that no matter how many times I read it, I cried...  The scene was very touching.....

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