Thursday, July 4, 2013



Are you a fan of the Naughty & Nice Book Blog?

Are you attending the Naughty Mafia Rocks Las Vegas Book Signing?

Would you like to have a breakfast date with your favorite author?

If you answered YES to those 3 questions, boy do we have a contest for YOU!!!!!

The Naughty & Nice Book Blog is thrilled to announce Waking Up in Vegas Breakfast Contest!!

Hi Our Loyal NNBB Followers!

You'll be happy to know we've decided to make the contest a little simpler for our fans. Instead of having y'all get creative we're going to have you do a lot of clicking. When we first designed the contest I had the most time to coordinate everything, since both Jennelyn and Heather work full time. In the mean time, I started a business, and it took off much quicker than I thought it would. My schedule has become extremely busy between family, school, and work. I no longer have the extra time to go through the entries. This should be good news for  y'all because Rafflecopters are much easier to enter. I apologize for the change. Hopefully this makes it easier on everyone. We're looking forward to a great time at breakfast.

Good Luck!

The Good Stuff:

What is the prize?

Each winner will be matched with the author their submission was entered under for a breakfast hosted by the Naughty & Nice Book Blog. The FIVE (5) contest Winners will be the guests of the Naughty & Nice Book Blog. Each winner will be matched with the author listed on the Rafflecopter. You can enter the Rafflecopter for each author, but you can ONLY win once. Details will be provided to the contest winners.

In order to qualify, you MUST first and foremost, follow the Naughty & Nice Book Blog. The contest will end July 26th. You can earn an entry everyday by retweeting. You MUST do the first three (3) entries in order to qualify for more entries. How well do you know their books? There are trivia questions about the books written by each author. You will get points for answering correctly. GOOD LUCK!!!

Who are the authors?

Aleatha Romig
Molly McAdams
Kelly Elliott
Michelle Leighton

Gina  L. Maxwell

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