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Kylie Wolfe and guitarist Wyatt McRae have been bad for each other for the last several years, but it’s impossible for them to end their toxic push and pull. Not when their attraction is constantly fueled by lust and proximity—she’s her older brother’s Lucas’s assistant and Wyatt is his best friend and band mate.

So when Your Toxic Sequel makes a move to record a new album in Nashville, Kylie decides to make the latest break with Wyatt official by getting the hell out of town. She’ll spend a week in New Orleans. A week to immerse herself in the Mardi Gras scene. One week to not think about the last time she was in New Orleans, seven years ago with Wyatt. Seven days where she won’t have to see Wyatt every day just to fall ridiculously in love with him all over again—where, if she wants to, she can have a normal, no strings attached fling that won’t end in heartbreak.

Too bad Wyatt ruins everything by showing up, as gorgeous and demanding and goddamn awful for her as ever.

Wyatt refuses to let Kylie give up on him. Not without reminding her why they both fell so far and hard in the first place. Not without making her savor the good memories and what could be their last chance with each other.


    We were introduced to Kylie Wolfe and Wyatt McCrae in Devoured. It was pretty obvious they had a complicated relationship, or lack of one. Savor You takes place during the same time as Devoured. Kylie decides to take a vacation to avoid falling into the same old trap with Wyatt.

    Wyatt and Kylie have been off and on for eight years, but never really in a relationship. Their complex relationship started when Wyatt discovers Kylie’s secret. She confides in him and gives him her heart. Unfortunately, Wyatt broke Kylie’s heart not long after they hook up for the first time. This begins the cycle of getting together, but never in an official relationship, and going their separate ways.

    Based on the number of blackbird tattoos Kylie has this has happened 18 times. We don’t get very much detail on each tattoo, which was a little disappointing. Ms. Snow takes us on a road trip with Wyatt, Kylie, Cal, and Heidi to retrace the first trip they took before everything went south eight years ago. Wyatt takes Kylie to each place where something significant happened between them.

    Wyatt knows what he wants. He wants a real relationship with Kylie. He knows he is fucked up. He knows he has issues. He is ready to deal with them. Only one person has ever mattered more than Kylie. He has always been there for Brenna. Brenna was the first reason to come between them. He wants Kylie, but he needs to be there for Brenna. Wyatt knows he has enough love for both of them, it just took him a long time to figure it out.

    Kylie isn't so ready to forget. She has always loved Wyatt, even when she married someone else. The tough girl on the outside is a marshmallow for Wyatt. She knows she can’t keep doing this back and forth with Wyatt. Their last split was the final straw with him. Wyatt left her for someone else when she needed him the most. She is giving herself this one last trip down memory lane with Wyatt before she ends this for good.

    I wanted to bite my nails while reading this book. I wanted to tell Kylie to give Wyatt another chance and I wanted to scream at Wyatt to get a clue and tell the woman how he really feels.  You could tell how hard they were both trying, but for different reasons. I liked Kylie and Wyatt, even when they were being unreasonable. Their story was sad in parts. My heart broke for Kylie, but even more for Wyatt. He was the total jackass bad boy trying to make good.

    I liked Devoured, but I can honestly say I liked Savor You even more. As much as I enjoyed Wyatt and Kylie, I wanted this to be their happily ever after. They've been through enough, eight years of enough. Considering this is volume one, I don't think I will get my wish.

I was provided an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Reviewed by Liz

Note: This is a spin-off from the Devoured series.
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