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Meet and Greet with Luke Ryann and Reese from The Bad Boy Reformed Series !!!!!!


Naughty and Nice Book Blog was fortunate to sit down with the infamous, Luke Ryann and his beautiful other half, Reese ..  (We'll leave it at that...  Don't want to give anything away.)

Reese, we would like to extend our sympathies to you for the loss of your father before we start the interview.

“Thank you. I appreciate it.”

Luke, when you found out that you would be working with Reese, what was the first thing that went through your mind?

Luke smirks. “Wanted to see her. Course I wasn’t expecting her to knock me on my ass with her beauty. I still pictured the young girl I remembered.”

The audience lets out an awe........

Did you find it hard keeping your identity from her when you began working at the gym?

“Yeah, that was tough for me. She figured it out eventually.”
“I should’ve known the moment I saw you,” Reese joins in.

Knowing that Reese is stubborn and would try to get involved, was that the only reason you lied to her about going to Brazil to train for an upcoming match?

“Absolutely. It wasn’t the best way to go about it, but hey,” he puts his arm around Reese. “In the end I got the girl.”

“You almost lost the girl.” She leans in and gives him a kiss.

You didn't know the reason behind Luke lying to you about him heading to Brazil for a fight.  But as the readers, we knew the truth. We grew to love and trust Luke. Especially given his past with you.  Reese, why couldn’t you trust Luke when he asked you to trust him?

“I should’ve trusted him,” she sighs. “I think with my past and watching my mother go through so many men, I feared I’d end up like her. I was afraid of being weak- of being a doormat.”

“You’re far from weak baby. You’re badass,” Luke whispers loud enough where I can hear him.

“I know.” Reese smiles confidently.

I don't mean to put you on the hot seat, but we have to discuss Sean. Why did you find comfort with Sean when you knew you were in love with Luke?

“Hmm…I knew this one was coming… Sean was there for me at a time I felt alone, and vulnerable.”

Luke squirms uncomfortably squeezing her hand. 

How sweet is he?  Heather asks the audience. A few ladies cheer and there are a few whistles.

“Honestly, I wish I could take it all back. It was all such a horrible misunderstanding. I feel terrible for what I did.”

"At least you got the man in the end," Heather says looking at both of them adoringly.

Reese, if Luke would have been honest with you from the beginning and advised you of the threat his father made against you, would you have trusted him to handle things as he deemed fit, or would you have tried to intervene?

She blushes. “I would’ve tried to intervene.”
“Thank you for being honest baby. I know that was hard for you to admit.”
She nudges Luke in the side, but she’s smiling.

As we saw your relationship build before our eyes, we the readers were rooting for Luke the entire time. Luke won our hearts over from the very beginning. Reese, what made you finally realize that your heart belong to Luke?

“Deep down I always knew. There was times I tried to push him away- ignore my feelings.” She looks at him, “but truthfully, I always knew.” It gets real quiet.

Luke, we all laughed at your timing for your proposal. There is nothing more romantic than the sounds of flushing toilets in the background, while the man of your dreams is professing his love to you.

You mentioned that you had already had the ring purchased. If the bet wasn’t proposed between you and Logan, when do you think you would have popped the question?

“I thought about marrying her well before all the drama happened. Knew she was the one. I think I would’ve asked her pretty quickly. I wasn’t gonna let her get away from me again.”

Reese, we have to ask you about your feelings for Logan. The two of you bickered like a brother and sister would to which I have to say, I found quite comical. What are your feelings on how Logan treated you while Luke was away? After knowing the truth, have you ever thought back to the warnings that Logan had given you?

“I’ve thought about it. And I understand now. Logan was being a good friend. He and I are definitely on better terms.”
Luke snorts.
“What? We are.”

Luke, did you ask Logan to keep an eye on Reese? 
Reese rolls her eyes. “Could’ve handled myself just fine, but I still love you.”

Luke, at the end of Resisting Ryann, we were heartbroken to see the way Reese reacted to your romantic rooftop dinner. What went through your mind when Reese reacted the way she did toward you?  Did you think you lost for her good that night?

“Broke my heart too,” he sighs. “Yeah, I thought I lost her for good.”

What exactly did you feel when you found out she was seeing Sean?

“What did I feel? Felt like I wanted to kill him. Felt betrayed on so many levels, yet I felt like I deserved it.”

Reese, knowing what you know now about the turn of events with Luke, his father and your father, would you have handled things differently?

“Oh for sure. There are so many things I would’ve done differently. It’s something I don’t really like to think about.”

How are things now?  Do we think there may be more babies in the future for the two of you?

“Babies?” Luke replies. “Well we’ve got Story.” He rubs Reese’s belly with a proud grin. “And she’s pregnant again. I’m bettin on twins.”

Her mouth drops. “You weren’t supposed to say anything!” she blushes.

“Sorry. Couldn’t help myself. I’m excited.” He kisses her, and it looks like all is forgiven.

Congratulations....  We are so happy for you. 

The readers fell HARD for Luke. He is absolutely swoon worthy, and we’re all sad to see the series end. Can the two of you give tell us something about the other that we don’t already know. Give us a little secret about the other.

“She snores,” Luke says.

Reese rolls her eyes. “He steals the covers like a girl.”

We'd like to thank you for stopping by. We can only hope that Alyssa gives up a little more of the two of you in the future. We would love to see if there will be twins in the Ryann household. Maybe we will even see a little more of Gia and Logan.

Be sure to check out Luke and Reese's story in Raising Ryann, Resisting Ryann and Breaking Ryann....  He sure is HARD to RESIST..  Look at him.... (Heather winks at Luke and whispers, You are one lucky lady, to Reese.

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