Friday, September 18, 2015

Bad Romance by Jen McLaughlin

In this explosive novel from New York Times bestselling author Jen McLaughlin, a good girl falls for the ultimate bad boy: her stepbrother. Perfect for fans of Sabrina Paige, Caitlin Daire, and Krista Lakes, Bad Romance proves that passion can be so wrong it’s right.

Seven years in the army will change a guy. But after a shoulder wound ends his career as a sniper, Jackson Worthington finds himself back home, fighting a battle that’s all too familiar: keeping his hands off Lily Hastings. She’s still her rich daddy’s little angel, innocent, impossibly lovely, as squeaky-clean as Jackson is dirty. And she’s still his stepsister—forbidden but not forgotten, not after the soul-melting kiss that got him kicked out of the house at eighteen. He couldn’t resist her then. How the hell can he resist her now?

Lily is about to marry a man she doesn’t love, and commit to a high-stress job she hates, all to please the father who controls every waking moment of her life. On top of everything, her teenage crush is back, with a sleek, chiseled body and a trace of the rebellious boy whose lips sealed her fate. Jackson’s timing couldn’t be worse . . . or better. Because Lily’s all grown up, too. She’s aching for another taste. And for the first time, she’s ready to be a bad girl.


In Jen McLaughlin's Bad Romance we meet Lily Hastings and Jackson Worthington, step-siblings…

When Jackson and Lily met he wanted to hate her and she wanted him to love her.  She won out, from the first moment he cared for her, she was the light in his darkness.  As teens they only were able to spend a short time together after their parents married because Jackson enlisted in the Army but in that short time Lily fell and fell hard for Jackson.  While Jackson cared and really liked Lily he knew he could not persue anything with her, I mean she was his step sister, right.

Jackson's mother has been married over and over, Lily's father lost his wife but he is a controlling jerk and always was.  He tries to force Jackson to be something he is not, Jackson knows what he wants out of life and that is to defend and serve his country, he feels this want in his bones and he will not be swayed.

One day Mr Hastings pushes too far and Lily saves Jackson from his wrath.  One thing leads to another and Lily throws herself at Jackson, he knows it is wrong but it feels so right.  He also knows if he is caught he will be sent packing and secretly hopes for that.  It takes all of 10 seconds for his wishes to come true.  He was right, he was kicked out, he left without looking at Lily and broke her heart.  She loved him, he didn't know that but she did.

Seven years later Jackson is back, he never contacted Lily even though she wrote him for years after he left.  She was the only person he cared about other then his brothers.   But right now he is in a bad place, see he was a sniper and a good one but he took a bullet to his shoulder and he can no longer do his job.  The army sent him home, sent him home to heal and to see the Army's local psychologist.  He is at a bar and he sees this blonde dancing and having a great time, she is the first girl to make him feel anything.  He plans on getting to know her but then she turns and it is none other then his step sister Lily.  He can't believe what he is seeing and he just sits and wallows in his own pity and continues drinking.  A little while later a guy doesn’t seem to understand no, he is pushing himself on Lily and Jackson loses it.

Lily doesn't realize initially it is Jackson, then he talks and her world is shaken to the core. She makes him let her drive him home he does everything he can to push her away but she is the same Lily he always cared for.  She pushes her way back into his life and he feels he owes her for how he left and never looked back.  Even though she was all he thought about Lily doesn't know that.  So when she asks him to move in with her, he feels he has to do this for her to make her happy after everything he put her through as kids.

This story was a good story, I felt Jackson was a little to back and forth in his head, he knew what he wanted but couldn't have.  I guess my philosophy on this is they weren't raised together, they  are at this point 25 and 22 and they lived together for about 3 months as teens.  I don't think there is a huge deal with them falling in love.  His thoughts were definitely on the taboo side and I do get it hearing she is my step sister but really they aren't blood and the time spent together as a family was very short.

Lily I loved but I could have knocked her out a few times with her loyalty to everyone but herself and Jackson, she could see what she was doing to him and that didn't deter her to put him first.  He was swoon worthy when he finally came around and realized they needed each other.  Lily took a little longer to understand she can't save the world and she needed to cut the cord with Daddy.

All in all it is a lighter good quick read that I would recommend with a solid 3.5 stars.

This review was prepared by Heather McLaughlin. An ARC was provided in exchange for an honest review.

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