Monday, January 12, 2015

Snowflakes & Fire Escapes by J.M Darhower

Snowflakes & Fire Escapes by J.M Darhower 

Cody Moran and Gracie Callaghan wanted nothing more than to escape the life they'd been born into, but it's the kind of life that doesn't like to let go. A story of love and heartache spanning the streets of Hell's Kitchen to far, far away, where it doesn't snow. 


JM Darhower knows how to write books about the Mob.  I wasn't sure what this story was about, but the synopsis intrigued me.  Cody Moran and Gracie Callaghan wanted to get out of Hell's Kitchen in New York. They wanted out of the lives that they were being forced to live.  Gracie's father worked for Cody's father, who ran the Irish Mob in Hell's Kitchen.  It was a life that neither of them wanted for themselves. But sometimes we don't get to choose what we want in life.  Sometimes when we want something, we can't always have it. 

Grace and Cody were in love.  Yes it was teenage love, but they loved each other fiercely. BUT things aren't always that easy.  Love cannot always get us through things.  Gracie is faced with some tough decisions and she can only pray that the ones she makes, doesn't cost her her life... or the one man that has always held her heart...CODY.

This was a great quick read.  I wish it was a full novel rather than a short story.  I definitely wanted more of this story.

Great job and I have to tip my hat to the author again for nailing yet another mob book.


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