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The Forever Love Series by Chelsea Landon and Megan Smith

From the lights of the field, to the curve in the road, one shattered breath leaves friendships forever altered.

The Forever Love Series will submerge you into two novels intertwined together where love and loss can break you down, tear you apart, and even last forever, if you’re willing to let it.

After a celebratory night for six friends on the cusp of adulthood ends tragically, they’re left learning how to carry on. Years later, through their own struggles and accomplishments, each is left suspended by fears that encase them with such an intense blinding light, and a horrific soul-stealing darkness. Can they find their way out of the intricate web of guilt and deceit? Can they grasp the light amongst the shadows of what they used to be... and manage to be who they should become?

Sometimes the only way to heal is to face the fear of forever.

Forever Dark:

In Forever Dark, a novel by Chelsea Landon, you’ll spiral through life’s twists and turns of Cash Bryant, humbled quarterback, living his dream on the brink of fame, and Madison Thomas, a girl who shares the burden of the accident and destined for failure. Two people torn apart by tragedy; fearing that letting go will sever their remaining connection.


This was the first book that I read of Chelsea Landon's and I have to say, that I loved it. These two books can be read as a stand alone, but I suggest you read both, Forever Dark and Forever Light.   Both books are about six teenagers whose lives were changed from one night... one horrific accident, and none of them were the same afterwards.  Two of them are struggling with guilt because they feel as though their actions caused the accident. 

In Forever Dark, Madison struggles with an addiction to try and cope with the guilt that she feels for the accident.  Madison had it all in high school.  She had an amazing boyfriend, Cash who would do anything for her, but after the accident, Madison did everything possible to push him away.  When the two went off to college, Cash was still in love with Madison, but Madison continued to push Cash away.  Seeing Madison struggle with her guilt broke my heart and seeing the pain that Cash went through pretty much gutted me.  

Everyone that night was struggling with the death of their friend.  But they were all coping differently.  Madison turned to drugs, Cash and Madison's twin, Macy turned to each other to help get them through their loss.  But after that night, it was as if several people died, rather than one.  Three of the friends were in self destructive mode, their lives were spiraling out of control.  Cash would stop at nothing to help Madison, even though her actions were slowing killing him everyday.

Cash and Madison had a connection that some are lucky to have.  Just because circumstances had their lives on different paths, they still loved each other.  Madison was in a very dark place after the accident, she just needed to be guided out of the dark.  She needed to know that she survived that accident and her friend would not want to see her continue to live the life that she was living.  Will Madison allow Cash to help her?  Will Madison see the light, and leave the dark path that she is on behind her?  Will Cash stand by Madison no matter how hard she pushes him away?  Can Cash and Madison's love withstand this?  Can the two of them forgive one another for their mistakes?

Cash is a total sweetheart.  Chelsea created an amazing character.  Madison pissed me off throughout the book and I wanted to smack her upside her head.  She had an amazing boyfriend, and he deserved so much better than what she was doing to him...  BUT, because I fell in love with her prior to the accident, I knew there was a chance that she could possibly redeem herself.  I was just hoping she came out of the dark in time...  before she lost it all.

Forever Light:

In Forever Light, a new novel by USA Today Bestselling Author Megan Smith, you’ll meet Landon Hayes, an all-star wide receiver who is spiraling out of control after that one fateful night, and Macy Thomas, a college sweetheart who is shy and afraid to come out of her shell since the accident. When the heart-breaking reality sets in, can they find their light or is the past too dark to find their way?


Forever Light is the second book in this series, however you do not need to read both to understand it.  I do recommend you reading both though, because they each tell the story of two separate couples and how they were coping when their lived changed by one tragic accident.  

In Forever Light, you will see the struggles of Landon and Macy.  Landon was quite the character, always the party goer.  Landon and Madison, Macy's twin blamed themselves for the accident, for the death of their friend.  Accidents happen, but the two of them began to self destruct when the guilt from that night began to cripple them.

Landon and Macy were together for years, but after the accident, Landon was never the same.  Yes, Landon loved Macy, but their relationship was hanging on by a string.  Landon was self destructing and was sabotaging his relationship with Macy.  He didn't think he deserved to be loved, and he began to push Macy away.  Landon became an addict and would try and mask him pain with drugs and alcohol.  He and Madison both blamed themselves for the accident, so the two of them seemed to have a bond that no one else understood.  Landon did some things that I myself would not have forgave him for, but Macy did. 

Macy truly loved Landon and she knew that he was struggling with the guilt from the accident.  No matter how shitty Landon may have treated Macy, she couldn't walk away from him.  She knew he was a good person, he was just lost.  She was trying to lead him back to the light, to the person who he once was.   The only problem was, Landon needed to realize that he needed help.

All of the survivors from that night were trying to cope with the loss of the friend.  Cash and Macy not only lost one of the friends that tragic night in the accident, it appeared that they lost Landon and Madison as well.  Landon and Madison never stopped to look at it from Cash and Macy's point of view.  Macy lost the most that night, she lost a friend, a sister and her boyfriend.  Will Landon get his act together before it's too late?  Will Macy stand by Landon and help support him along his way to sobriety?  Will their love get them through this?  Will Landon realize that he deserves a life with happiness, a life without guilt? 

Despite some of Landon's mistakes and lack of better judgement, I fell in love with him.  I have a soft spot for the cocky athlete.  I was routing for him to get his act together, and I could only pray that Macy wouldn't give up on him.  The two of them survived that night for a reason, and their friend who lost their life would not want them to continue on the path that they were.  Their friend would want them to live life to the fullest.  Landon needed to see the light, to leave the dark path that he was on in his past and look for a brighter future. A future with Macy.

I highly recommend reading BOTH Forever Dark and Forever Light.  I hope that both authors continue with these stories, I would love to see what the future holds for this group of friends.

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