Sunday, April 14, 2013

Stealing Harper teaser #6 (by Molly McAdams -- Release date June 4th)

“I can’t trust you, Chase. Especially after this.”

“Harper. We. Are not. Breaking up. I was going to propose to you after graduation tomorrow!”

She looked at me with a pained expression. “We need to. You obviously still want to live your old life, and I need to not have to worry about what you’re doing when I’m not with you.”

The fuck I do! “I don’t want my old life! I don’t want anything without you! You are my everything, Harper. You and our baby are my everything.” She was leaving me, my world, my heart—was leaving me. Sobs tore from my chest, and my head dropped into her lap as my body shook violently.

“Maybe sometime later, after you’ve had a chance to think about what you really want, we can give us a shot again.”

My hands tightened into fists around her shirt in a pathetic attempt to somehow keep her with me. “Princess please, please don’t do this. I can’t lose you.”

“You don’t have to,” she whispered. “We can remain friends, you can be at all the appointments, and I will continue to live here if that’s what you want. But, Chase, you have just shattered my heart over what will probably only be one night with Trish. Because of that, I can’t be yours right now. I can’t be the naïve girlfriend at home with a baby while you’re off with other women.”

“I won’t be, I only want you.” God, if I had a selfless bone in my body, I would have told her she’s right and let her live a life she deserved. She needed someone like Brandon, someone who would take care of her even after we screwed him over. Not me. Even without trying, all I do is hurt her. She deserves so much better than me, but fuck, I can’t lose her.

“It’s going to take a lot for me to believe you again, Chase, but I’m willing to give you the opportunity to earn my trust again. We’re going to have to start over as friends, though.”

“I don’t want to be your friend, Harper!”

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