Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Scattered Colors by Jessica Prince


The use of the phrase life is hard has become so diluted, so overstated through the years that when someone hears it the words go in one ear and out the other. The impact is no longer there. The meaning, the importance of that phrase no longer holds any water with those it's spoken to.

Freya Linden's life became hard at the age of seventeen, the summer before her senior year of high school. The bright colors of her life faded into black and white, a colorless shell full of loneliness.

Until she met him.

Parker Owens breathed life back into her world. With him she began to heal. But happiness isn't a guarantee. Sometimes opening yourself up only leads to more heartbreak. The person she thought to be her saving grace shattered her completely.

Her story isn't a pretty one. The bumps in the road were monumental and infinite. But it's her story. And the one thing that holds true is this: despite the hardships, she made it through to the other side.


Right from the beginning this book will entertain you - it will bring you to tears. As you read this book about Freya and Parker and you may think life sucks for them.
Freya and Parker are desperately trying to keep the pieces together after tragedy and loss and grieving for that loss. Two young people raising their parents (so to speak) their parents can’t get over the loss.
These two people have no color in their young lives its simply black and white, until, well they fall in love. Until… well I am not going to tell you.
Two years later and Parker’s Mother lands a bombshell and Parker realizes that his relationship with Freya is salvageable. He knew it would be hard to apologize to Freya, but he has to try.
There are parts of this book that will make you cry and parts that will make you laugh!! “wakey, wakey. Hands off snakey”! this is said while Freya is having the hangover from hell!! I am with Freya here, I am pretty sure that isn’t how it goes!! insert laughter here by Piper. Not forgetting the "breath from a homeless man’s fart"!! "Armageddon has begun". (want to know what this is about? then read this book)
Jessica Prince is an author that will make laugh and make you cry. Read this book and let the Color come back to you, the color comes back to your world.
I have read other books from Jessica Prince and love her style of writing. If you love romance, tragedy and hilarious scenes, you will love this book.
This book ROCKS!!

This review was prepared by guest reviewer, Janet Fisher. An ARC was provided in exchange for an honest review.

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