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This book has spoilers in it if you haven't read the By A Thread series yet, you may not want to read the synopsis. This is a companion book to that series and I highly suggest reading it first. 

Have you ever been involved in an epic love story where you wound up alone? Have you devoted yourself so completely to someone that you lost yourself in their abyss?

Patrick Greer spent the past five years revolving around El. He fought like hell to not feel the emotions for her that were hidden deep in his gut, until he couldn't anymore. He was so sure of them, of her, of what they were to each other, until he wasn't.

Patrick couldn't even imagine the things he'd done for her, with her and to her. El broke him.

He was a liar, a friend, a lover, a fixer, a runner and a killer.

Now he had to figure out who he was without her.

*There are adult situations, tons of cussing and you may enjoy this book with an adult beverage.


“You’re holding her hand because you want to; she’s holding yours because she needs to.”
This is a companion book to the By A Thread Series (By a Thread, Tension, Seamless) so in order to understand what takes place in this book, it is highly recommended that you read those books before you read this one.

I went into this book not liking Patrick at all. I despised him. Better yet, I hated him for taking advantage of Stella during one of the weakest times in her life.  I didn’t always hate him. There was a time where I liked him, I honestly did. But I made RL aware of my feelings towards him and she tried to reassure me that my feelings for him would change drastically after I read this book. I didn’t believe her. There was no way she would be able to change my mind. OMS! She proved me wrong! Completely wrong!

We get to see what went on in Patrick’s head from the very beginning of By A Thread as he tells the story from his POV. He goes as far back as how he became friends with Jaimie and how he told him not to do it. The more I read the book, the more I understood Patrick’s actions and why he did what he did. Yes, he hurt people, created years’ worth of lies, did a lot of fucked up things that will probably haunt him forever,  but one would do everything in their power to protect who they love and that’s exactly what Patrick did for Stella. He truly loved her unconditionally.
“I wanted to believe that you and I could figure out a way for us to be together, but now I know that’s impossible. Can we love each other and not be with each other?”
“I need you to let me go.”
Millie got the shitty end of the stick in this situation. She loved Patrick while his heart truly belonged to another. I felt bad for her. I really wanted him to just let her go instead of leading her on. Thank goodness Patrick had Billie and Jesse there to keep his head on straight for him. Stella chose George and Patrick needed to realize he needed to move on. Stella would only bring him down. Patrick just pours out his emotions and doesn’t know how to move on since he’s only ever loved Stella all those years. He did everything for her and because of her. My heart can’t just help but break for him. This is where I start disliking Stella for hurting Patrick after all that he’s ever done for her. He did everything because he loved her and she didn’t even chose him.
“She’s the wire and you are the bolt cutters I needed.”
I told RL that Patrick needed to find himself his own girl that isn’t Stella. Thank goodness he got his HEA! After all that poor guy he went through, I’m glad he found happiness in the end; someone who truly understands him. I just wish I had more about their love story though..yes, I’m greedy, I want more. Another fantastic job by RL. You did a great job making me fall in love with Patrick just like you said I would. Although this seemed a little tougher for me to read because he had to endure more secrets than anyone. I need to get some musubis to you some day as well. Maybe that will convince you to write Billy’s story a little faster….

The funny thing about endings is that they’re always the beginning of something…

I received a copy for my honest review.
This review was done by Jenn.

Excerpt 1
"Stop, man," Jesse said as he parked the car in front of Patrick's new place.
"I've only lived with you for a few months, but even I know that look."
"What look?"
"The look like someone kicked you in the fucking ribs," Jesse answered and punched Patrick in the arm.
"I look like someone just kicked me in the ribs?"
"Pretty much." Jesse walked in the propped open door. "Nice place, man."
"Thanks. I don't need much."
"I know you wanted to get out on your own, but you could've stayed with me for awhile."
"I appreciate that, but I've imposed for too long."
"No imposition, man. I had fun having you around. Didn't cramp my style at all."
Patrick laughed, they'd had fun everywhere they'd gone for the past couple of months. "Glad I didn't cramp your style."
“No, really,” Jesse said seriously. “I need a good wingman that’s not a football player.  We’ll definitely have to hang out after you move.”
“Well, you are my only friend here so far, so I guess you’ll do.”  Patrick laughed. He was glad he had someone he could count on in Atlanta, who knew everything and he didn’t have to be too open with.  He wasn’t good at sharing and stayed to himself mostly.  Patrick had plenty of acquaintances, but he could count people he considered friends on one hand.  He felt lucky.  Jamie had no friends.  Patrick put that thought away immediately. Jamie managed to invade his thoughts when he was least expecting it these days.
They shook hands and Jesse pulled him in for a one-arm hug. "Yo, you need to let all this stuff with Stella go."
"I know." He nodded. "I just can't seem to get past it. I'm so mad at her."
"You need to choose forgiveness,” Jesse instructed solemnly.  “You both did what you did.  It's in the past. You staying mad at her is your way of hanging on to something that isn't worth hanging on to."
"She's worth it," he almost whispered.
"Yeah, for George, not you,” Jesse said firmly.  “She's not yours to hang on to, man."
"But that's the part that—"

"I know." Jesse slapped Patrick’s back. "That's the part you need to let go. Y'all fucked, it was good. You loved her, she loves you in her own way, and it’s fucking tragic. It's not going to happen. She's having George's baby, they’re married. It's done. Nothing else for you to do." 

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